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  1. Indeed all do. Where they differ from the Broads Authority is that they all have a number of directly elected members, whose position can not be challenged, overidden or in any other way influenced by their CEOs.
  2. Locally boating is important to many . Nationally it's small beer. Just like walking and climbing in the Lakes.
  3. I fully agree ! If I may draw a parallel - imagine if you will measures were afoot to stop another minority activity - say Morris dancing. Harmless, only of passing interest to most. Do you think the wider public would want to get involved? Yet just like boating, it's part of our heritage !
  4. Surely the BA's Planning team would know all about signage, planning rules etc ?
  5. Road signs being cleaned in Norfolk would be a novelty
  6. The thing that saddens me more than anything is the way the Palestinians are being treated right now . Google (other search engines are available) 'Nakba'. Will we hear anything at all about May 15th ?
  7. My next door neighbours are holding a joint party for Chinese New Year and Burns Night, calling it Chinese-Burns Night. He wasn't so keen but she twisted his arm.
  8. As it is to note those wo appear to wish that this whole area wasn't being discussed...
  9. Wash is the disturbance left behind a vessel. Have another look at that picture
  10. A huge ammount of work is required if we ar all going to drive electric, the least of which involve range and cost. The grid simply couldn't deal with it ! "The UK is unprepared for the expected surge in demand for power from the electric car revolution and could face blackouts and power cuts unless action is taken now, an official report warns." https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/electric-car-surge-exclusive-power-cuts-national-grid-overload-1366304
  11. So is that 'Members only' - or not ?
  12. Were we not previously told that this thread had been moved to 'members only', while the mods considered it ? Has it now been returned to the main forum ? If so, I've missed any notification to that effect . It's getting more and more confusing !
  13. It would appear ( as far as I can tell) that Tom is not a 'Full member. Therefore he will be unable to see posts on this thread, now it is in full members only. Unless of course he has been granted exemption from '50 posts'.
  14. I have just revisited every post on this thread and also am unable to detect the slightest hint of a breach of TOS or abuse . I can only conclude that the majority of the views expressed run contrary in some way to those of the Moderation team or that pressure has been applied rfom somewhere else. In either case it's regrettable at best.
  15. That's capitalsim ! A lot of people like that - apparently
  16. Poppy

    3 Rivers Race 2020

    Yes. Thurne Mouth Regatta is ALWAYS on the Bank Holiday week end. The TRR ALWAYS is on the week end following. As for the Forum meet I've no idea.
  17. Poppy

    3 Rivers Race 2020

    Unless the Forum meet coincides with the Late May bank holiday.... No
  18. https://www.edp24.co.uk/features/wherry-albion-the-norfolk-wherry-trust-and-roy-clark-1-6450823?fbclid=IwAR3P0pOPcKopmX5Sqxmykdgia0CBac4CpGhxy7wO8BAXL0-yXHVqq5sxyzY If you don't already have a copy of this definitive book in your collection, buy it now. It's been out of print for many years and is a thoroughly good and interesting read.
  19. Another classic example of why the BSS should not be simply advisory but mandatory with respect to 'mains' installations !
  20. There is certainly money to be made out of firewood. It would also help with restoring the cultural heritage and true Broadland landscape.
  21. 45 MINUTES ???? On more than one occasion I'v been asked at the Upton basin " where's the pub then ?" When told its about a 5 minute walk my reply is grreted with a horrified " WE'VE GOT TO WALK ?". They then turn around (eventually ) and head off to somewhere where walkin isn't part of the itinery .
  22. One of its attractions .....
  23. I knew I had this somewhere in the recesses of my hard drive. This is an extract from The Blessed Authoritie's 'communications strategy'. " NAME AND STATUS 4.1 The Authority’s name and status has been the subject of much debate and some confusion. However in his letter dated 2 September 2006 the Minister for Biodiversity, Landscape and Rural Affairs, Barry Gardiner MP, confirmed that the Broads has an equivalent status to that of a national park and that the Authority is a full member of the national park family – as well as having ‘an important extra responsibility as the third largest inland navigation authority in the UK so that the Broads is in some respects a ‘national park plus’’. 4.2 The Minister was unwilling to support changing the name of the area to the Broads National Park, because the Authority is not able to accept the Sandford Principle which has been incorporated into national park legislation. This states that where there is any conflict between conservation and recreation interests greater weight should be afforded to the former. It would be inappropriate for the Authority to adopt this principle because it has three purposes rather than two, and the Broads Act requires that these be managed in a balanced and even-handed way. 4.3 Therefore staff should therefore bear in mind the following:  the Broads has status equal to a national park;  the Authority is a member of the national park family; and  it is not possible to formally change the name of the area or the Authority to that of a national park at the present time, because the Authority is not able to accept the Sandford Principle. 4.4 However as a member of the national park family it has been accepted that we can informally refer to the area as a national park, verbally or in writing, and staff and members are positively encouraged to do so. For example references to 'the Broads and other national parks’ or ‘the national park area’ are appropriate. There may be occasions, for example when talking face-to-face to visitors in information centres, where verbally using ‘the Broads National Park’ may add clarity to the discussion and is therefore acceptable, although use of ‘the Broads National Park’ is not to be used in radio and TV interviews (or in any written form). However if other people choose to refer to the area as a national park, we should not discourage them to do so. 4.5 When using the name of the area and the organisation in formal written documents such as letter headings and bank account details always refer to ‘the Broads’ and ‘the Broads Authority’. The only occasion on which Norfolk and Suffolk Broads are referred to jointly is in the title of the 1988 Act. 4.6 The main point is that while we are keen to stress that the area's status is equivalent to that of a national park, where legal precision is required we need to make it clear that the Broads is not a national park. In case of doubt simply refer to the area as 'the Broads'.
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