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  1. And who knows, some of 'em might be able to get under 'that' brige
  2. I can't see anywhere where anyone said that it wa 'huge' Marshy. Worrying in the quality of staff who have moved on, but not 'huge'. In any organisation it is people with knowledge and experience who instil a positive culture within it.
  3. That the Broads wasn't one ?
  4. Could be - but they did know a lot about the Broads and boats of all descriptions.
  5. I personally know some fine 'Broadsmen' who have applied and not got to the inteview stage...... I wonder why ?
  6. I find the rangers generally wave before I do, and have a broad smile - but then I'm usually to be found at the helm of a flappy thing
  7. The problem is that this Forum generally represents a very small proportion of Broads users and Toll payers......
  8. Not what I heard - from the inside !
  9. 1. Why would Grandparents not be included ? It's not uncommon for us to look after the Grandchildren. Why should we not be able to use P&C spots when they are with us ? 2. There will be circumstances where the accompanying children will not be those of the driver for good reason. 3. You don't want to go there
  10. Then perhaps a walk from the remote and less crowded part of the car park would be beneficial
  11. You can now download this notice for future use..... https://manbehavingdadly.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/VDS-Awareness-Leaflets.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3YxSHPNfz9_-83AHQguccD1rA7sfZJqs2rzaf6Z5qBQXeVG1bXNsPzTec
  12. I'm off to Tesco's soon with 3 year old grandson . Inevitably there will be no p+c spaces as our betters need them for their X5s, Range Rovers etc Or are too prcious about their car and can't be ar**d to park away from the rest of us....
  13. I want to talk to you all about a very serious illness that affects thousands of children all over the United Kingdom - Visibility Deficiency Syndrome. While normal children can be seen by fellow members of society, children with VDS struggle with a cloak of invisibility that makes it impossible for others to acknowledge their existence. The owner of this car just parked in this parent and child space and walked off with his children close behind. It was clear that they all suffered from this terrible illness. People are always so quick to judge, but until you have walked a mile in his shoes you’ll never know their pain or agony. There are no common genetic factors for parents who end up having children with VDS. For some reason, it often happens to adults who own Audis, BMWs, Land Rovers, or souped-up, sporty Ford w**kwagons like the one pictured here. So the next time that you spot someone walking away from a car that is parked in a parent and toddler space, seemingly without any children, just stop for a minute before giving them any abuse. Let’s raise VDS awareness.
  14. I think the BA might have a fight on their hands in that eventuality.....
  15. The Thurne Mouth Regatta has been going on for many decades, and it was a clause in the lease with the land owner when the BA had the Thurne Mouth moorings that they would be closed to the general public for the week end of that event.
  16. Poppy


    They were of a different design in the past . Take a look at these https://www.marthamboats.com/hire/motor-cruisers Then compare them with these https://www.marthamboats.com/hire/motor-cruisers The width of the cabin is the issue with 'arched' bridges like Potter and Wroxham.
  17. Poppy

    Mooring Advice

    This may prove useful. As you will see, Horning is 4hrs 30 min from the sea at Yarmouth, Stalham is even further. Even Brundall is nearly 4 hours.
  18. Poppy

    Mooring Advice

    Sounds like this may be more like you are looking for. https://www.reedham-marina.co.uk/
  19. If you are refering to the piece by Paul Savidge then I agree - an excellent piece and quite revealing in its content.
  20. The last public toilet on Gt Yarmouth seafront is to be decommissioned. A BT spokesman said “people nowadays prefer to hold a mobile phone in one hand and urinate in the gutter as they stagger down the road. The men are just as bad”.
  21. Poppy

    Heading South

    We had a very similar experience in Reedham. Having walked up fron the quay it was 1. 15 pm ( They closed at 1.30) "Got a few chips left and a couple of sausages". We wanted fish and chips. " Not frying anything else today" he replied. Needless to say we've never been back - nor will we. !
  22. The turtle can breath through its bum, Humans have not yet reached this stage of evolution, although politicians have learned to talk through it.
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