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    My suggestion was directed towards reforming the Navigation Committee. Direct election votes for all property owners within the BA Exec. area for the main authority perhaps? As for anglers and twitchers, they pay nothing directly to the Broads. I've long held that they should!
  2. Poppy


    Simple. One vote for each Broads registered boar owner. New to the broads adds the right to vote, whilst leaving the Broads or giving up Broads boating immediately disenfranchises the individual.
  3. Poppy


    Without wishing to delve into politics, that is untrue of the current Government !
  4. Poppy


    I paid my toll by phone this morning. I would have preferred to have paid on line by BACS, but is appeared thet The Blessed Authority insist that people 'register an account' before doing so. I can think of no other organisation where I have to do this. When will their IT department move into the 21st century?
  5. Poppy

    River Bure

    Posh holidaymakers up from London call it La Thaams.
  6. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/council-under-fire-over-sand-martin-nets-1-5983138?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social_Icon&utm_campaign=in_article_social_icons&fbclid=IwAR1tL6jLW88HpqV8E95BUA__5SuqgJwSSmxY_uKXeTw5Yixj_mMVWXgL2SI "North Norfolk District Council put the temporary netting up on cliffs at Bacton to deter the birds from nesting during work on the Sandscaping project, which will see 1.8m cubic metres of sand put on the beaches to protect them from erosion. The council said Natural England approved the nets and the RSPB had given advice." Natural England, on Radio Norfolk have said that they have no system for approvals. The RSPB are saying that the Council has not followed the advice they gave ! The Relevance of this to the Broads ? Well, the sand martins from this colony are regularly seen feeding over Barton Broad and elsewhere. Video on BBC Look East last night of the birds hanging on to the netting, seeking a way through to their nest burrows was, to quote my wife 'heartbreaking'. I had to agree.
  7. I couldn't possibly comment
  8. Some sailies get most put out by some stinky helms who appear to behave as if they know everything some of the time. As I have said earlier , I invariably attempt to advise MoBos where I would like them to pass - for both their and my greatest convenience. It is most irritating when this is ignored. It's a pain when the stinky appears to be acting out of inexperience or is having a 'pass t' bicycle clips muther' moment, but it's downright bloody annoying when the other helm is well experienced and is apparently being downright bloody minded !
  9. Classic? - or not?? Her hull and decks are fibreglass, the rest is wood.
  10. The wind can be considerably influenced by what's on the bank - even reasonably tall reed beds will have an effect. In such situations we prefer to get away from the windward bank - about a third of the way across is the advisory distance. Then there are currents/tides to consider. The tide will always be stronger on the outside of a bend, so if we are 'punching ' a foul tide under sail we will attempt to hold the inside where its effects are less noticable. With respect to 'indication of intent' I will always try to give this. If a yacht helm points to you, and then points to either the left or right then THAT is the side he wishes YOU to pass . That may mean you crossing to the 'wrong' side of the river. Remember, there isn't an Armco barrier down the middle. It's really surprising how many sadly appear confused by this issue.
  11. Very good advice, worth noting. The way a sail boats sails are set can give the unwary a deap of information. For example, if they are pulled tightly in and the yacht is going across the river, it is likely to tack (turn) and come back the other way. Alwas pass behind - even if that means slowing for a moment or two. If they are well out from the centre line it is unlikely (but not certain) that the yacht is going ti immediately change course. Always try to be 'wind aware' as a motor boat helmsman. It will help you in many ways.
  12. That was done at home in the garage last week end.
  13. Agree entirely Steve, which is why I have ended ur with a 'composite' . Poppy's hull and deck mouldings are fibreglass, whilst coamings, cabin sides , spars etc are wood. Best of both worlds, but even the varnishing can be a pain. Another coat was going on today..
  14. Poppy

    Subsiding House

    Whatever is chosen, I hope it's nothing like 'the big pile' - or monstrosity - next door.
  15. Am I alone in finding 'drone' films more than a little overdone now? It doesn't matter where you look, TV, Youtube etc there seems to always be drone shots, as itf it's somehow obligatory. Once it was a nvelty, but not any more IMHO.
  16. I've been scouring the pages of the Excess, the Scum and The Fail this morning to see if they have slipped in a true story today, April fools day. Seems they haven't bothered this year once again.
  17. There are some who blieved in the 'Straight Banana ' story and other such tabloid 'squit'.
  18. A neighbour has an SLK. The folding roof stopped working. £1300 for a new electronic control unit and a shed load of hours labour to access the ond one and swap it.....
  19. Interesting news this morning. "Prime minister Teresa May has confirmed reports that the Government are looking at ways of introducing a higher rate fuel duty on electricity used for the propulsion of commercial and private vehicles. The U.K. Treasury is set to lose an estimated £3.5bn over the next five years as electricity, currently subject to 5% VAT increasingly replaces fossil fuels with tax levels in excess of 70%. Prime Minister Teresa May confirmed that she had already consulted cabinet colleagues about methods to identify electricity used as road fuel and enable fuel duty to be applied. It is believed that the Boris Johnson is the only one who has currently put forward any firm proposals. "I believe the best method would be to colour Electricity used for road fuel in the same way we have done with Diesel for agricultural use, a system which has worked well for many years" he said. "We all know normal electricity is blue, perhaps that used for road fuel could be coloured green?" Meanwhile Michael Gove confirmed that discussions were "well underway" and that replacing the lost revenue is one of government's main priorities for the remainder of the current term. When asked if this could effect any other forms of transport he added "I think Boris (Johnson) has the best ideas on this yet, and especially like his thought on colouring propulsion fuels. If this is successful with electricity we may be able to move it into other forms of transport, such as differently coloured wind for the propulsion of sail boats"."
  20. Today is 1st April 2019. I'll say no more.
  21. No, I was somewhat confused, having not followed the full thread.
  22. Upton? Where there? I'm pretty sure there's no room in the basin, in addition there are no pump out facilities.
  23. I doubt that Robin is old enough, but we have both cars insured with Saga. It's said ( and it's true) that an insurance policy is only as good as your claims experience. Some years back we were hit by a Romanian registered lorry, who's driver was also from that country. The lorry's insurers denied all knowledge and thus liability, as did his employers. The issue went on for some time, but Saga not only got my 'excess' back, but since we had renewed in the meantime, they refunded spontaneously the difference in premium that I had paid due to the unresolved incident. I am a member of 'GEM' and they offer an uninsured loss recovery service . I contacted them when things appeared to be a trifle slow an they said that they would be happy to take on my case, but that they would not be able to better Saga's efforts. They described them as the terriers of the insurance industry https://www.motoringassist.com/
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