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  1. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    After going through the BA complaints with no joy this is now being taken up with The Local Government Ombudsman who i have spoken to this morning. they will contact the BA within the next few days
  2. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    He did draw the line when the Otter comes calling.
  3. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    Our cat loves the boat and all the wildlife, he's my best mate.
  4. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    The fees normally start from 27 foot minimum thats why it's not fair. your 32 foot boat will be going up in toll. i have a 30 foot boat behind me and his has increased as well.
  5. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    I love Norfolk and enjoy boating here but i am now thinking of moving to the south coast. it's not about the money it's the principal.
  6. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    If your fuel bill at home went up by the same amount the Government would step in and stop it or you change suppliers. we cannot change The Broads Authority they think their God and need to be stopped.
  7. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    Yes i know that and thats good, but i will not pay 18.5% extra, i have offered 2% and that's fair
  8. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    I have spoken to my MP and also Andrea Leadson the secretary of state who has advised me to talk to The Local Government Ombudsman this i did and he told me to go through The Broads Authority complaints procedure then they would get involved. i am at stage 3 of their complaints procedure and am awaiting their final answer. i have offered The Broads Authority the same toll as last year with a 2% increase for inflation but not 18.5% which they are putting it up by. i do fully understand that smaller boats pay too much but they have access to the whole system, i have access to less than half. i am not moaning about the access i have as i knew this when i got the boat but i am not paying through the nose for it. i urge all boat owners that read this to complain the same only together we can change the rules. if you need any info please message me and i can let you know
  9. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    i have just written to my MP and complained but i am not holding my breath.
  10. GoneRoaming

    Toll Restructure For Broads

    I complained to The Broads Authority and got this reply Dear Mr Blows Thank you for your email, I will pass a copy to our Chief Executive for his information. I can confirm that the toll for Gone Roaming will rise by 18.5% in 2017 to £565.40. Yours sincerely Bill Housden Collector of Tolls
  11. GoneRoaming

    Toll's, is the policy unfair or even illegal?

    We could be possibly be in this same situation in the near future and I strongly believe the BA are acting illegally, you are in fact being charged twice and that to me is wrong. if I were to change my boat in January I would have to pay a new toll of £500+ and then another £500+ in April, so between April and January next year I would have paid £1000+ for the same boat. the only way to challenge this to me would be through the Courts if you want to go down that road. I would say offer the BA the difference, that is £125+ for the months January to April, then pay the full toll £500+ in April. if this was refused they would then take you to Court for their full amount and the judge would decide if they could charge you twice. I am sure it would turn out in your favour. this could also open a big can of worms as I am being charged for waters I cannot use as I cant get under Yarmouth Bridges with the new boat. Tell me your thoughts, I'll put my tin hat on.
  12. GoneRoaming

    Over the moon

    what a fantastic week end yet again, finishing with my best Rudd ever, just short of a pound.
  13. GoneRoaming

    Trev and Bob,s boating blog in pictures

    yes got all that. we will be here at that time give us a shout and come onboard for a drink. this is a very good and friendly marina. so much better than the pondorosa where we were. all the best Tony
  14. GoneRoaming

    Trev and Bob,s boating blog in pictures

    Hi There i think we are 4 boats from you KQ 41 only been here just over 2 weeks

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