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  1. What a fantastic weeks fishing. Over 460lb of fish between 3 of us. Highlights Pike to 20lb 14oz(12 caught we only throw out deadbaits as we dont target heavily as we like coarse fishing for bream). Bream upto 5lb Rudd to 1lb Perch to 2lb 6oz & even caught a Tench 1st one ever in 12 years & it was a cracking 4lb 4oz.Roll on next year
  2. Just had a week on a boat. 3 people n pulled out 12 pike between 6lb 3 n 20lb 14. All bar 1 on a roach deadbait & other 1 spinning. Not bad to say we mainly coarse fishing n just put a rod out for pike as a bonus.
  3. Thanks Gracie. Love a fight with a big Perch on light float tackle they really test you & the rod.
  4. 3 brothers coming down for a week fishing the northern rivers. Wondering if any one got any updates on how its going, we will be looking to fish around Salhouse broad & near Horning night fishing if dry & bream about lol. Thanks in advance for any updates & info provided.
  5. Must agree with Robin people who leave rubbish on the banks(i filled 2 black bags last year). Also people who seem to think they must race everywhere.
  6. Just back home after 2 weeks on the bigger version Broadlander. It was an amazing boat so your slightly smaller version will be amazing i am sure. We booked Broadlander in 2013 for 2014 holiday & was going to change to Broadway when it was built but it would have cost about £300 more for the smaller boat so toughed it out with bigger boat & only 2 of us on it. Middle cabin gave us loads more storage for clothes & my fishing gear so we didnt really use much of cupboard space. Boat was nice to drive especially with GPS to manage speed. We did find it a bit heavy on the fuel but we did pop heating on a bit in evenings. Im sure you will have a great holiday on a lovely boat.
  7. Well we had a cracking week over 250lb caught over the week between 2 of us & fished in 5 different spots, some were better than others. AJB fishing tackle at Ludham bridge kept us stocked with maggots,casters & worms. Best fish Perch 3lb 9oz Pike 12lb 12oz & 18lb 8oz, Bream 5 between 4lb 2oz up to 5lb 2oz.
  8. Robin thanks for sharing your trip. As always great to see the broads & here your perspective on life & things. I liked how you spread the videos out one every few days so it made it closer to our holiday (5 weeks) when we got the last installment. Great boat review & when Barnes & the other boatyards watch it they might improve this all similar boats in the areas you mention eg driving seat & canopy. Which is always great for the customer.
  9. Strange how some baits work in certain areas & not in others. Me and my are brother down in 4 weeks so we are getting giddy plus buying loads of bait. All the usual stuff maggot/caster/corn/worms & bread. Then bags & bags of groundbait & a sack of crumb, hemp & molasses plus a few other bits that might help. Then week after im back with my wife & bringing all the same stuff just a little bit less of it all. Only fair i make room for her clothes lol.
  10. Glad you had a great time & happy anniversary. Hope you managed a little bit of fishing when not sailing the love boat lol
  11. Yes the Stalham high street butcher R A Cawdron its called is great as well, we usually get top up of bacon n sausage when we get to Stalham mid holiday & also fillet steak when we having a treat for tea.
  12. I received a message from AJB its still there so life will be easier when we need maggots etc. Yes they have a great range & they are so handy to get to & last year we had no issue with the bait it was always fresh. Thanks for the messages. 6 WEEKS AND COUNTING
  13. Does anyone know if the tackle shop is still open, we used it last year & it had a good range of tackle & was really handy for where we were fishing. Also does anyone know if it has a website. I looked on google but doesn't seem a lot of info on the few links it brought up. Many thanks for any replies.
  14. 8 weeks on Saturday we will be popping in for bacon & sausages. Cant wait
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