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  1. Hi Robin, been reading this thread and it is becoming very clear you are quickly coming up to speed with the salty way of life. I am very surprised a company such as Trader have installed mild steel fuel tanks, I really thought these were a thing of the past. As others have said it is a good decision to get a professional fuel polishing company in. When we bought Eighth Day Sealine S42 we were very lucky that the previous owner had had all three tanks cleaned and fuel polished a year before our ownership. When this was carried out they cut several large inspection holes in the top of each tank in between the baffles to ensure all crud was removed. Earlier this year I was talking to a guy from a fuel polishing company who was cleaning fuel and tanks on a large boat in our marina in Ipswich, he told me the biggest problem with diesel in the boating world today is biocide diesel due to degrading within a time scale as short as six months. (Much the same as petrol). Biocide desiel is fine in cars and trucks on the road as they tend to have high turn over of fuel, however with boats, fuel sits in the tanks for months, even years without being used. Apparently, this is more of an issue with modern comman rail Diesel engines with electronic management, sensors read the quality of fuel and if not satisfactory they go into limp home mode. Unfortunately, many marinas are now buying in biocide fuels, luckily where we moored at ipswich they were aware of this issue and only brought in non biocide desiel. Although they did say it is now becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Col
  2. We would love to join you all. Happy Jax 3, Jack Snipe, Col & Lou. Mooring for Saturday night only please. Col & Lou
  3. After being salty side for several years we have now returned to the Northern Broads. We have recently purchased a 1966 Bondon Elysian classic broads cruiser and have named her Jack Snipe. (No, not Happy Jax 4). And yes she will fit under all the Broads bridges. Its been a while since we have been on the NBN, I think our last involvement was back in 2015 when we hired a Boat from Rico’s and attended the meet at Salhouse. Myself and Lou are really looking forward to getting back on the rivers and being more involved with the NBN. Col
  4. I will be down there on Wednesday Neil, working with Luke on the Marine Teak stand. pop in and say hello.
  5. Just a reminder the Anglia Afloat boat show at the Wherry Hotel, Oulton Broad. Tomorrow. Saturday 1st Feb 2014. http://www.angliaafloat.co.uk/news/don_t_miss_the_anglia_afloat_boat_show_1_3135137
  6. Happy New Year to everyone on the NBN!! Here's to a great 2014!
  7. Well done Mark, excellent draw! Thanks to Jack and Harry and the cat for the support. :clap
  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all on the NBN.
  9. Richard told me they were fully insured for flood damage that is why I am surprised it is taking so long. Although I had heard somewhere previously they could not get insurance due to previous flooding. Point taken Mark regarding drying times, although 3 1/2 months does seem a little excessive. I am not sure if it a managed pub or privately owned but either way I do hope they get it sorted and up and running soon.
  10. I was talking to Richard last week and he said it won't open until next March. This does surprise me though, why so long? Weatherspoons in Lowestoft were open again after being 2 feet under water two days after the event.
  11. Looks like St Olaves taken from where Johnsons yard is now.
  12. Better get some additional lines on the boat then! Not good.
  13. I would expect these engines to run at a temperature of between 80-85degC, 40degc is far to low. I think you will have to bite the bullet and get the thermostat housing off.
  14. Hi Ian your engine will not run efficiently at 40degC, as Clive has stated it is most likely your thermostat, you may find some debris has caused it to stick open.
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