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  1. We have to cast our minds back and recall why the BA discontinued the toll plaques in the first place. Wasn't it something to do with a cock-up on their part involving ink which ran in the wet? Why, now, are the BA having to fund expensive twice-yearly verification activities (no doubt out of the Navigation budget) and we boat owners having to perform cartwheels to accommodate the consequences of that cock-up rather than have the BA address the root cause of the problem?
  2. Looks good to me too. Thanks Arthur.
  3. Louise, the previous Horning butcher retired 2 or 3 years ago. Tavern took over the shop after that. Make sure you ask for the real pigs blood stuff. They may well do a cheaper variant made with dried blood and you don't want that.
  4. I don't see Country Treats of Horning on your list. The food is good, cheap and plentiful. I particularly like their breakfast baps. I must admit that when boating, we tend to make our own. Bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes served with toast and a large mug of hot tea..We tend not to have sausages but I have recently discovered the black pudding from Tavern Tasty Meats at Horning, which is made using fresh pig's blood and is absolutely delicious. For convenience and ease of washing up. we cook most of the items in the oven on foil-lined trays. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to cook so we tend to have it as an early lunch rather than a breakfast. Other black puddings are available from numerous outlets but these are the best I've had for a long time. Even Mrs O likes them and she is an avowed black pud hater.
  5. Our 15 year old Garmin still works perfectly.
  6. We took the bulbs out of the original light fittings on our boat and replaced them with LED panels or, in the case of the berth lights, direct LED replacement bulbs. No difference in external appearance, little difference in light output or quality but with much less drain on the batteries.
  7. To put it plainly, so as not to confuse anyone else: SteveO = old and knackered. NikO = knackered so no tugging for us :)
  8. My dicky knee, dicky ticker and suspected hernia rule me out I'm afraid.
  9. And the clear winner of this evening's quiz was Paul, who will be QM next Friday. Congratulations!
  10. NikO is QM this evening. Topics are as follows:- 1, NORFOLK MISCELLANY 2. ENTERTAINMENT 3. HERBS & SPICES HALF TIME BREAK AT AROUND WINE 0' CLOCK 4. PLANTS 5. ANIMALS 6. GENERAL MAYHEM WE WILL START AT AROUND 8.30PM - ALL WELCOME. http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ Enter your username and press ENTER - NO PASSWORD NEEDED.
  11. OK I have read it again and it was a bit harsh of me. I stand by remarks regarding the crossing of Breydon but would be grateful if one of the mods with better editing powers than me could remove the last line of my previous post. Apologies and thanks.
  12. I never realised that taking your boat across Breydon was necessary in order to prove that you have got proper boater's "cojones". I have crossed it many times but now find the stretch between Stokesby and Gt Yarmouth, across Breydon all the way up to Reedham or down as far as Herringfleet extremely boring, so we tend to avoid it. If I was a hirer, I would question the wisdom of spending 2 days of your precious holiday looking at mud banks and counting ruined windpumps when you could be exploring the delights of the Northern or Southern systems.
  13. Thanks Mike. We are back home now and Nik will be able to run her quiz next Friday. I will post topics when she tells me what they are.
  14. We've been through the Wroxham Bridge roadworks a few times in the last couple of days and didn't experience significant delays. This lunchtime though, as we drove out of Wroxham. there was a queue coming into the village from the Norwich direction which stretched all the way back to the railway bridge. My heart goes out to anyone who was stuck in that.
  15. SteveO

    Subsiding House

    Definitely in Horning. I heard that there was a grand piano in it at the time. May have been at the end which sank. if not, I wouldn't mind betting that it is now.
  16. There used to be a pair of black swans at Salhouse, but I've not seen them for several years.
  17. A mandarin. Saw him on Horning Staithe on Thursday.
  18. Oh dear I don't know how to say this, but the lure of Norfolk has overcome our sense of duty and Nik and I will be heading North on Wednesday for a few well-earned days afloat. We are unlikely to be back in time for Friday's quiz on the 29th, which Nik was supposed to be running. She will be able to resume normal service the following Friday (5th April) but, as things stand, there will be no quiz on Friday. Of course, if anyone would like to step into the breach with another offering, they would be most welcome.
  19. Green with purple lid - recyclable bottles, cans, plastic containers. Green with green lid - Landfill waste. Green with brown lid - garden waste. Black tote bin - paper and cardboard. Small green bin with "lockable" lid - food waste. What really annoys me is that when we go to different parts of the country to visit relatives or house-sit, everywhere seems to have different rules about what can be recycled, what can go together and what needs to be segregated.
  20. Local variation. This was the St Anselms version.
  21. A sol-, a sol-, a soldier I will be Two pis-, two pis-, two pistols on my knee For cu-, for cu-, for curiosity We fight for the old count-, fight for the old count-, Fight for the old country!
  22. The boy stood on the burning deck, Eating a twopenny Walls, The wrapper flew up his trouser leg, And paralysed his nether regions.
  23. Hmmm. Famous Tims. The only one that comes to mind is Tim Nice-But-Dim off Harry Enfield. Isn't Roald Dahl that Indian lentil soup? I'll get my coat now.
  24. I looked in at just after 9pm and you'd all gone to bed. Lightweights!
  25. Our son-in-law had a combi system but, when the boiler died, he replaced it with a conventional condensing boiler and a very large hot water tank. This, sadly, has taken some of the pleasure out of my visits as I no longer hear his shrieks and curses when he is showering and I inadvertently open a tap
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