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  1. No, not you, and it was a definite "snipe" though I can't find it now. It was not "holding the government to account" I think I agree with you about holding the government to account, but surely that should only happen if there were better options recommended to that government at that time. Hindsight should play no part.
  2. Just for old times sake I went back and read the first dozen or so pages of posts in this thread. It made interesting reading. Our attitudes were completely different back in late Feb early March... all except one who was already taking advantage of the virus to whinge about the government.
  3. If any elected government were to ignore advise that stated 1 metre is sufficient, it would be hung out to dry by it's whatsits. If that same government were to take the advice, and it proved to be wrong it would, once again, be hung out to dry by it's whatsits. Yet if that government were to take the new advice, and it proved to be successful, it would still be hung out to dry by it's whatsits, for not doing it earlier. BUT, if it dithered and did nothing, it would be accused of not having any whatsits. Or am I talking whatsits?
  4. Grendel, I ask this in open forum so all interested parties can see it. Would it be a good idea if the mods edited "is for sale" off the title of this thread?
  5. .Seriously though, I would expect there to be many factors to be considered when comparing countries. Before we blame anybody, shouldn't we make sure we are comparing like with like? Our culture is very different from some other European countries Might this affect the figures? We are for example more densely populated than either France or Germany. Could that skew the figures? I wonder what percentage of our population lives in urban areas, and how does that compare with other countries. As I say, so many differences> And what other country has an advisor brave enough to go out against his own advise, to check he was right? :-)
  6. There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.
  7. I know !!! I criticized your post too !!
  8. Lastdraft quoted the above and said... and FreedomBoatingHols said... Sadly the post I made defending my statement to which you and Lastdraft inaccurately refer has been removed. This means that you both may continue to attack the government, I however am not allowed to defend them.
  9. I'm not really certain who Piers Morgan is apart from some sort of celebrity TV personality.
  10. I think the government is doing as good a job as it can, and I for one am sick to death of people criticizing it's every move. I have no doubt that I shall be criticized for this post, but to be honest I no longer care!
  11. MM, I must protest! The very idea that a member of the sailing fraternity has any concept of comfort and/or family life is completely misleading. As is well known and fully documented, serious members of that strange society enjoy nothing more than getting cold, wet and living in cramped conditions. If they can add to that, living at a ridiculous angle whilst holding on to ropes for which they have odd names, their happiness is complete. Of course they don't like Westerleys ! That smacks of having some recognition of civilised behaviour. I have two further observations. Firstly If I ever own a sailing boat it would almost certainly be a Westerley, and secondly that someone called Maurice should have a thought, let alone a school of them.
  12. Your point about Sawbridgeworth is fair, I hadn't updated my profile when I moved back to Essex. Your second point just comes under the heading "Gallows Humour",
  13. Born in Essex, Live in Essex, Love Essex jokes. There is, and probably will always be, a place that just "fits" for stereo-typing jokes, be it the "An Irishman goes into a bar" or whatever. In Ireland "an Irishman" is, I believe, substituted with "A Kerryman". Sorry Jean, we will just have to live with it. Meanwhile, to get back on topic, I understand that the virus hasn't been detected on Canvey Island, where medical science believes it's terrified of catching "People".
  14. It's just not your day if you catch covid19 from a dirty life jacket!
  15. Amongst many others...Aram Khachaturian - Spartacus Adagio
  16. Why is it that an exchange like that always makes me ten times nosier than normal?
  17. Silent majorities are like that. :-)
  18. Ian, I apologise unreservedly. I have re-read your post and accept that after reading some of the replies I somehow inferred that you were suggesting some form of fund raising for the heroes rather than a "day of remembrance". two very different things. Whether a "day" is the best way I don't know, but I do agree that the efforts of the NHS is worthy of something. Perhaps a statue of Florence Nightingale on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square would be fitting, with a plaque explaining why it's there. There may be many ideas for tributes but I do agree with you in that there should be something.
  19. Poppy, You know as well as I do, that cucumber sandwiches are evil carriers of viruses where burgers ain't.
  20. Coach house? COACH HOUSE ????? The man's a ruddy land-lubber!
  21. Ian, I think the problem is in identifying who the heroes actually are, It is almost impossible. It's rather like the old adage about "which part of a watch is important" I am/was an antiques dealer. I am happy in that my not trading had such a miniscule effect , I was not one of the heroes and as such would have no claim on any charitable fund. My life is simple. But I think I am in a minority. It is so easy to refer to "key workers" but those working to keep those key workers equipped, fed etc. are also in their own way Key Workers though unsung ones. Those involved in supporting those unsung heroes are also up there in the list of those to whom we aimed our clapping. and so on and so forth. Capt. Sir Tom specifically stated that he was raising funds for NHS workers. That's fine (to a great extent) It's targeted. "Clap for carers" worked. Anybody who thought they were included were, and those of us who knew we were clapping for others only, clapped away happily. Heroes clapped for other heroes and some clapped just to be with other people clapping. It was simple and it worked. Bring money into the equation and BANG, the whole thing becomes a monster dividing views, setting one group against another. People would have to justify being recipients of funds perhaps at the expense of other heroes who may be accused of being less of a hero than someone else. I don't think it an unreasonable view to suggest that all those who self isolated, all those who obeyed the lockdown rules as they understood them, all those who made sacrifices and all those who did their best to help society are, in their own way, heroes. So, let them clap, and listen to those clapping them. And, when the clapping is done. sit back and feel good within themselves.
  22. I find myself wondering how the government is going to make any new liftings clear. Each time things change the "lock-down" rules become even more complicated. Obviously, being allowed to go to my boat and stay onboard is the big one for me, as it is for most boat owners. That of course is the same for caravan, second home, and campervan owners, but I am wondering how this relaxation will be worded, and how it will be publicised. I, as ever, will exaggerate by way of illustration, but I can't see Boris standing in front of a camera and saying live to the nation... "And now to all my rich friends I say, you can all return to your second homes for your holidays. It will be some time before the peasants can go back to Ibeza, but don't worry about them!" OK, in true context, boats, second homes etc. are luxuries, and at some point the government will relax the restrictions on using them. but will they make that relaxation clear, and if so how can they do so without leaving themselves open to party political attack. Now, I know that this last point is skating on thin ice re ToS but I hope it is taken as a genuine non party political issue.
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