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  1. MauriceMynah

    Never Ending Story

    Is "Cooker evasion" an offence?
  2. MauriceMynah

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Sure am Griff, sure am.
  3. MauriceMynah

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    I wonder which one they're going to call "Crab Nebula". It'll be the one that's 12' long but with a beam of 40'.
  4. MauriceMynah

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Interesting. What are they called (so I can look them up) What sizes aree available and at what price. There's a job I'd like to do on Nyx that something like that would do nicely.
  5. MauriceMynah

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    did anyone watch it? What's the view?
  6. MauriceMynah

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    Fairy Nuff
  7. MauriceMynah

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    "I wouldn't belong to any club who'd have me as a member." (Groucho Marx) English Nature or natural England is not an organisation I have any faith in.
  8. MauriceMynah


    I had a mouse on my boat once. All he did was leave s $h1t review on Trip Advisor.
  9. MauriceMynah

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    Having googled a few things, I have found nothing in the least surprising, but then again, I don't know what you were looking at, nor do I know what your previous thoughts on the subject were. Generally, the Google results suggested that second hand smoke isn't good!
  10. MauriceMynah

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    Those two points I too noticed … and had a little chortle. Rubbish. Nyx is well known for being a very green boat. I enjoyed it, allowing for the points Martin (Malanka) raised.
  11. MauriceMynah

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    The smell is a completely different issue, and perfectly valid, but there will always be those who hide their personal dislikes behind the shield of health hazards.
  12. MauriceMynah

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    ECIPA, You're quite right matey. My comment was just a playful prod at Marshman, one he quite rightly totally ignored.
  13. MauriceMynah

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    Vicious circle. Fewer shoppers leads to fewer shops which leads to fewer people out and about, leading to fewer pub customers. Bad move all round.
  14. MauriceMynah

    Horning Village Car Park ( By The Swan )

    What does Packman think he's doing???
  15. MauriceMynah

    The Rights And Wrongs Of Rights Of Way

    I remember many years ago I used to drive down to Devon for holidays. Initially I'd see how often other cars would give way to me on the narrow twisting country roads. It didn't take very long for me to realise that it was far more relaxing and friendly to give way as often as possible with friendly waves and smiles. I suspect boating on the broads is the same. Newbies comer along and try to use their "rights of way" wherever they can (whilst pushing their luck a bit with sailies, but after a while learning to relax. I have been boating in one form or another since I was ten, so can't really remember when I started "chilling out" on the water, but I do realise that this "chilling" doesn't come quickly or easily to someone who spends most of his life driving a car either aggressively or defensively, working for perhaps a less than easy going boss, and returning home to the domestic stresses to be found there. Those of us who have boating experience, know and enjoy the pleasures of giving way, assisting others, and generally living life below the speed limits. Sometimes I think we need to have more patience for those still getting the hang of it.
  16. MauriceMynah

    Yippee! Booked Our Broads Holiday For June/july!

    I've tried that, but it's a bugger when your self employed,
  17. That's very naughty Vanessan, very naughty indeed. You know we have to watch out for Jenny Morgan's blood pressure.
  18. What would one expect to hear? "Don't be so fussy. You liked mouse yesterday!"
  19. MauriceMynah

    Domestic Water Pump

    Just as a pedantic point, Potential trouble are my two middle names. :-)
  20. MauriceMynah

    Belvedere (wroxham) - 1930’s

    There's a cream for that. :-)
  21. MauriceMynah

    Domestic Water Pump

  22. MauriceMynah

    Domestic Water Pump

    If the pump is the problem, What would be the effect of putting a second pump, (electrically switched not pressure switched) by the point of delivery and a non return valve?
  23. MauriceMynah

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    Only for 4 years of my life have I lived in a house here nobody smoked, which is, I suppose why I don't notice it.
  24. MauriceMynah

    A Real Treat - Sherz And Linz 2018 Boat Trip

    It seems that there are few things that carry such "hard line" views but smoking is certainly one! Without wishing to inflame any tempers, I have to ask what the "health implications" are for a person of any age to be in a confined area where someone has smoked over a couple of hours ago. Personally I would have said "none at all". It is these over-reactions that de-value genuine concerns and real dangers. Sorry if this seems an attack on you Hylander, but I have to take issue with your assertion... " let alone the health implications for kiddies if they were the next family on board."
  25. MauriceMynah

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Dave and welcome. Just one piece of advice, Don't hire "Swan poo" you will understand why the moment you step in it. Sorry, … You'll get used to me... eventually!

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