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  1. Nope, Spelling correct!. You lot are lucky, I've been suffering gout in both hands and typing has been painful. Worst case of gout I've ever had. Left foot, left knee, left elbow and some knuckles on both hands. Still, getting over it now. I've been back home now since last Thusday. Sorry I missed you Jay, I forgot which boat you were on which didn't help. Now! Down to business. So Some smart **** has named his make-up firm after the daughter of Chaos, the Greek goddess who personified a void! I suppose they looked into it but it does make you wonder. It is of course the perfect name for any boat I own. As far as it being me what's doing it... Nah,,, you couldn't make it up... well I suppose they could! Oh yes, just as a footnote, when I purchased a small dinghy, I registered it with the BA as Nyx II. The paperwork came back as "Nyxii" Needless to say, when I bought my other dinghy, I named it Nyxii II.
  2. Me! Me! Me!... My turn. My turn. It's my turn now... Me! Me! Me!
  3. No more than the leaf blower he took.
  4. I know the risk is slight, but were you to receive a phone call from 'your bank' and they tell you your date of birth just so you can be sure they are who they say they are....
  5. Not Thursday but Wednesday I was. I had to come home Thursday so left before it opened.
  6. Yep, and Vaughan was getting his bus pass.
  7. Bloody kids !! Well happy birthday to the pair of you
  8. I'm sure Zebra's can swim, I have it in black and white somewhere.
  9. He tried pushing it, but found dragging it was easier.
  10. One can do that with a lot less effort, it's called "drowning"
  11. Putting to one side for a moment Tom Lehrer's solution for pigeons, this matter should be put in the hands of the BASC (British Association for shooting and conservation, and not the British Association for Slaughter and Carnage as I first thought.) Those in Natural England shouldn't have the responsibility to wipe their own bottoms let alone all the other issues for which their lack of knowledge is glaringly apparent. I find few saving graces for that particular quango, it seems intent on proving itself inept at everything it was designed to stick it's grubby little finger in. Though I might be bias!
  12. It was the spelling Griff. Luggered if I can think of it being anything else.
  13. This is a tricky one. It is almost inevitable that someone who regularly sets quizzes will develop a style and a level of difficulty, it is equally as near inevitable, that those who regularly compete in quizzes will do well as they seem to learn how to remember trivia. Consequently those people will be at a considerable advantage. Also, there are people who don't particularly enjoy quizzes but join in because it is a group activity. The objective of any of these group activities is to get people to mingle. Personally, I'm not sure how effective quizzes are in fulfilling that aim. We all know and respect Mike's quiz writing skills and I'm sure everybody hopes that he will not take comments made here as personal criticism, it is the concept of the quiz itself that is under question. Having said that, it is all too easy to question the value of something, but much harder to come up with an acceptable alternative. What we need now, is suggestions for next year. Ideas for mingle making activities. If there is to be another quiz next year, I might perhaps suggest that members send Mike between 1 and 5 questions, Mike to assess a points value and select the questions that he sees as being the most fun and entertaining. Just a thought!
  14. Timbo, All things being equal (which they never are) I hope to get up to Nyx on Thursday.... Oooh, that's tomorrow... For a couple of weeks. If you're on the water, give me a shout, we need to do some urgent hostelry quality control.
  15. My boat "Nyx" used to be called Grey Goose IV. I just changed it by going into the nearest pub to it, having a few beers and promising the boat I'd get round to telling all the pubs her new name in due course. (now it seems I've got to go round all the pubs again and tell them that some people think she's called "Loos")
  16. I see the perceived "revenge value" of that FTM, but sentimental value is something that one develops over the years. Youngsters have little or no understanding of it. To hit their "Oh no, that's not fair" button will take the removal of something they really value. Access to facebook, twitter and the rest of the mobile social network, seems to me to be the one thing treasured by the vandal age group. Closing down and deleting the history of their accounts might work if my "invention" is unviable
  17. Ooooh look... ... A "Bow and arrow" ^
  18. I didn't want to hijack "The Q'"s thread regarding model railways, so have started this one. Those that have read that thread will be aware of a really bad occurrence of vandalism, and I have plagiarized one of the responses as the title here. The question I'd like to put to you dear reader, is what punishment actually fits the crime, and do any members have any ideas fore new punishments that are, in particular, appropriate for the younger generation. One reason I ask this is that I have an idea, dependent on modern technology. Would it be possible to develop a transmitter that has a range of no more than 12 inches that blocks the radio waves from (or to) cordless devices. This device to be worn as a bracelet like a watch. It's purpose would be to remove the ability to use mobile phones. The only internet available to them would then only be corded internet computers.
  19. As it looks like I might be on the broads on race day, I'm thinking of finding a spot to watch the chaos unfold. I just haven't decided where yet!
  20. Very approximately speaking, what is the draft of a traditional broads sailing boat? or indeed a Norfolk wherry, Albion say? How does that compare with a single keeled Westerly or a Pegasus? We read much about people buying the wrong sort of cruiser for the broads, would it be so unreasonable to suggest there might be unsuitable yachts?
  21. It is purely that statement where we disagree. If you meant just on the broads, then I might be on thinner ice as it being a holiday area and family friendly pubs selling food are likely to be more popular than those catering for an adult clientele. I'm sure we would also disagree with what we perceive as the reasons pubs are struggling these days. I know my views are unpopular on this, but the popular view has the ruling voice, and the pubs are still closing !!! Such is life.
  22. Sorry Alan, you are wrong. I regularly drink in pubs that don't do food. They are fairly busy, frequented by people who don't want to sit there watching the general public displaying appalling table manners, watching young children masticating open mouthed and seeing plate loads of half eaten meals being taken back into the kitchens for disposal. Yes these pubs are in a minority, but they can, and do exist.
  23. Not this time Jay, This will be a real "chill out" trip, pushing my luck on a few BA 24hr moorings, and some wild ones.
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