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  1. Just do what I do, Let the B*****s go green. Its free and works just as well.
  2. All fish are protected Simondo, if only by the ineptitude of those trying to catch them. :-)
  3. No Pauline, That's what engines are for!!!
  4. Ahh yes, the RLM31 (or Senior 31, or even the Princess 32 of the same vintage) Again boats I like, BUT, did they ever do them with single engine, shaft drive and soft canopies? I would want all three of those options.
  5. Nah, We've already established the green is Nyx's fine patination.
  6. Perhaps I should cut down on the stuff I like on-board. I have to ask myself if I really NEED cut crystal sherry glasses as well as the matching wine glasses. The whiskey tumblers are a must as are the pint glasses. OK the decanter is a bit of a pointless luxury, given that it never stays full for long enough. 8 saucepans might be a bit of an overkill too, as well as the 3 frying pans, pressure cooker4 and cast iron wok.... etc. etc Yes I do need to down size a bit, but I had all that and a lot more on my 25ft Seamaster, having said that, I designed and fitted out the cabin of that one. I look onboard Nyx and see so much wasted space it makes me cringe.
  7. Well, curiosity got the better of me and I went to look over Jay. An interesting boat with both plus and minus points. Not too sure about it so I'd like to see others of that model. I also looked over an Ocean 30 with a small stern cabin on the starboard side. Not for me. I'll look over one some time without that extra cabin, as I like a nice big open planned cockpit. The thing I noticed on both craft was the lack of stowage space, far less than my 27 footer, which in turn is less than the 25 footer I used to own. Lady of Freedom seems to have larger windows than Jay, so I'd like a closer look at something similar.
  8. I regularly look at my engine. It's a red one.
  9. I'd have come to see you but I've broken down. Nothing major I hope, probably just the impeller, but I'm back at the pleasure boat. Things were all going well as I was crossing Hickling when I saw one of Marthams yachts being pulled off the mud mid broad but way outside the channel. The boat doing the pulling was I think, Marthams rescue boat, but it was struggling. I drifted up to assist and between the pair of us, we freed the yacht. Sadly, whilst all this was going on, my temp alarm went off so I too was being towed back to the pub. Hey ho! Am awaiting a friend of mine to replace the impeller and check everything else out. I checked the weed filters and they seem to be clean.
  10. Oh come on peeps, thread drift does that. I thought Cpt.Kevs post was a bloody good idea. I shall, in future refer to "Nyx and her wonderful green patina".
  11. Note to mods. I'me having trouble with this damned touch screen. please correct the title.
  12. I said a while ago that I wasn't going to make it to the boat for a while, now here I am, at just 6 hours notice sitting in the pleasure boat getting pie eyed on Nelsons Revenge. It looks like I might be up here for a month or so. ( hope you're feeling adequately jealous Griff) It looks like I'm stuck this side of the bridge while the weather is sh**, and the damned Hickling regatta blocks the waterways, but after that I'm set loose on the rivers ready to wreak my own kind of havoc. Now, I'm not good at logging on to this 'ere internet thing while I'm on the boat, but if anyone wants to meet up, Mike (Camelion) or Timbo (god knows what he's calling his wreck at the moment) have my mobile number. Hope to see loads of you out and about, though I am staying north.
  13. Thanks all, Yes, that does make it a contender. If I understand Expilot correctly if I remove the pulpit rail (I'd do that as I hate them) and the fixed helm seat (I'd do that too cos I hate fixed seating in the cockpit) I would need 6'8" That just puts it within limits for a good example of the model. Grendel, I hickle as and when I can but only if it doesn't frighten the otters. I'm not entirely without feeling you know.
  14. I have been looking at Lady of Freedom, I believe it's an Alpha 31 aft cockpit. I'd very much like to know what it's chances are with "that bridge" it looks like another boat to put on the 'interesting for me' list. Expilot, what say you? and Freedom boats, what say you too?
  15. That is as I understand it Jay.
  16. No, we never know when you're going to be unpredictable!
  17. I have to admit that another seal would have been my best guess, though I doubt that would have been the view of someone who loves seals.
  18. I however never let my brushwork show. I call it "varnishing without trace"
  19. Paint the new varnish straight over the old stuff and call it "part of her character"
  20. The original post states that this was a dog attack, yet nobody witnessed it (or so it seems). How do they, or we, know for certain that it was a dog that attacked?
  21. Well it's cleaner than Nyx !!!
  22. Ahhh the beauty of GRP shows itself again. That's a story that's ringing bells somewhere in my memory>
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