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  1. Well why else would they sell spare parts? :-)
  2. 'Orrible I agree, BUT is it globally speaking, dangerous? If we recycle these plastics, does that recycling create the climate changing by-products we are all so worried about? In short, does solving one problem exacerbate another?
  3. I think some perspective is needed here, even though Mark's "earning a living" comment was undoubtedly made tongue in cheek. This is a great forum, but even if one took the total number of people who belong to Broads forums you would find it to ber a small minority of those who own boats on the broads. Not everybody likes computer forums. Even facebook probably only covers a minority. No, Calls for advice or assistance will have a minimal effect on broadland businesses with plusses outweighing minuses anyway. Were this not the case certain things would be different. J Packman would be quivering in his boots. Businesses would be fighting to get Forum patronage, and local Councillor's would be securing their re-election by replacing waste facilities. We are but a very small voice in a very large choir. An enjoyable voice, a constructive voice, even a wise voice, but still just a small one!
  4. Of course MM, I should have realised, the Worlds satnav system has been reprogramed to show the Broads as a full fledged National park. Who on earth could have committed such a dastardly deed ??!
  5. I wonder if this is linked or just a coincidence. I had to go somewhere on the 12th of this month and needed to use my garmin (a baby at just 14 years old.) It got me where I wanted to go ok but shortly after couldn't find any satalites. It was out of touch with the satalites for about half an hour but suddenly found them again and seems to be working fine ever since. Was it doing the download?
  6. MauriceMynah


    Isn't it just! :-)
  7. MauriceMynah


    I don't live on the broads (sadly) so how the merry whatsits could I know for whom I should vote (assuming I don't have Peter telling me who!)
  8. An alert to sexually explicit material in a book.
  9. You do so with my blessing Jayfire old chap, as long as it's a pint of good British beer and not half a litre of Eurofizz.
  10. Hi Chris. As you cruise into Sutton, the moorings are on the left. The first one you come to just has a path and a hedged fence. you then pass a small private moorings dyke before arriving at the other 24 hour mooring on the meadow. I can't remember which is Sutton staithe 1 and which is 2, but those are the moorings you asked about.
  11. I'm trying to think of things I have done, and things I can do to reduce my plastic usage. I already use fabric shopping bags, and buy my vegies loose. It annoys me that they cost more loose than pre packed.at Tesco's. What other suggestions do you all have?
  12. Yes I agree, however what it didn't say was Who in the world has to change, What it is they need to change or how they can do it. We can all be harbingers of doom, but it's unlikely to help.
  13. The protesters may well have a point, but they've made it now and to carry on with it will not help their cause. I do find myself wondering what I'd find if I were to go through their rubbish bins, how much "single use" plastic will be found there. It is not for government to tell us what to do, but to advise those who wish to make changes how to. It is for each and every individual to consider the data available and to react according to their beliefs. It is for industry to react to the demands made by the consumers. However, It is that "available data" that I have a problem with. How much of it is driven by politicians as opposed to people who actually know the facts. Please let me take "the Electric car/Hybrid car/Diesel car/Petrol car" as an example. We are told much, but how much of what we are told is true if ALL the factors are taken into account. are our concerns Global or local? It doesn't help the world if we use renewable natural resources here in the UK if as a result China has to generate 10 times the electricity to facilitate this. Given the governments "U" turn on diesel I ask why I should believe them now while they tell me to buy an electric car (with 25% VAT). I watched Attenborough's climate change program the other day and found it high on emotional rhetoric, low on advice and information. I shall don my tin hat and await your views.
  14. Richardsons, ..................Fancy Free, Broadlander, Ultima Brinkcraft………………………..Brink of Eden, Brinks Sandra Ernest Collins...……………...Silver Emblem, Diamond Emblem(Many times) , Royal Emblem Moore & Co...………………….Glenmore Royalls……………………………..Royal Sovereign (Many times) , Royal Siesta, Royal Ambassador (Many times) , Royal Diamond (Twice).
  15. MauriceMynah


    This sentence sums it up really, but I suspect not in the way you might have hoped. There are strong arguments to support the view that those who use the Broads the most should pay the greatest, while there are others who would maintain that all boaters should pay the same irrespective of size or power source of the boat. I won't try to list all the options, but I would imagine there could be half a dozen or so, each having a further half a dozen versions. Each and every one will be called "unfair" by supporters of the others. It would be unreasonable to bounce between some or all of them from year to year so one has to be selected. One has been. It's the one we have. Now for the "representation". This sounds very much like another call for the BA to be an elected body. For reasons stated in the past, this cannot happen, mainly because nobody can actually come up with who the electorate should be, or to put it another way, who does the BA represent? Equally, it might be said that the BA is already an elected body, in as much as it is a government formed quango, and that the government is an elected body, thus it must be representative... well of something even if nobody has any idea of just what! Taking the road fund licence and other forms of tax, nothing is really comparable with anything else. The only things they all have in common is that they're all unfair and everybody pays for things they never use. For an example, see "Boat tolls" . Finally (well on this post anyway) the "Toll from anniversary" concept. I for one see nothing obviously wrong or unfair with that, but maybe the BA does, so maybe there is a good reason why the BA keeps it as it is.
  16. MauriceMynah


    Just to add, it is the boat that is tolled. That toll is transferrable to the new owner. Just like Car tax used to be.
  17. MauriceMynah


    Yes, No! Sorry a bit glib there. Yes I do know, and No, there is no refund.
  18. MauriceMynah


    ECIPA, It was not my intent to use "scare tactics" but to put a point as I saw it. However, that aside, I think my problem with a change of this nature is best sized up with the expression "The devil is in the detail." Whether any toll price rise would fairly reflect any loss in revenue would be a different issue. Perhaps we could look at history to help form an opinion on that. So often these days, changes are made to regulations somewhere, only to find that those changes had unintended results. It is very rare for such a change, if it is going to address a problem, not to create other problems especially when there are people about ready to capitalise on any opportunity. Nope, sorry ECIPA, we will have to agree to disagree on this one. As to Griff's point about what the BA spends money on, that is an entirely different argument
  19. MauriceMynah


    To ECIPA, It occurs to me that if a system exists that saves the boater money, then whether or not it's fairer, it still means that the BA lose money. If the BA lose money from toll payers, it will recoup it by a toll increase. If you want to hand the BA a genuine excuse for a raising the tolls rate, that's all fine and dandy, but it seems to me that the overall cost to those who suffer from this "unfairness" will be lower than those who will have to pay for it's removal. You tell me that there are things called 'computers' which could handle such a change. Might I make so bold as to suggest that there are things that will find ways to abuse such changes. They're called 'People'. :-)
  20. MauriceMynah


    This is a subject that often comes up with the cry "Not fair" but I tend to think of it this way... The more simple the system is, the cheaper it is to run. Also being very simple makes it harder to abuse, again keeping the price down. There are those who would look for loopholes and try to get away without paying, or just paying for a few months a year. The broads exist 12 months a year, work needs doing 12 months a year. if you make it cheaper for some, the others have to pay more. Whatever system you use, someone will, with good reason, find it unfair. so my vote goes for the cheapest unfair option, the one we have.
  21. There are few things in life nicer to look at than a freshly cleaned "pring"
  22. It's always 'South to North' I get wrong and end up thrashing the tide past the yacht station.
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