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  1. psychicsurveyor

    Need Help Please

    Or wait for high tide if you can .
  2. psychicsurveyor

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    In the real world you produce a business plan first, if it is not viable you don't proceed. In the real world we spend our own hard earned money, that is the difference between reality and a Quango.
  3. psychicsurveyor

    Licence For The Tidal Medway?

    "If the boat is being kept on the tidal river all that is needed is to pay Peel Ports for a licence, there is a dedicated team at Sheerness, if it is taken into the non tidal part you pay the E.A. for a visitor pass, no BSC required for a short visit" More info from club members.
  4. psychicsurveyor

    Licence For The Tidal Medway?

    Apparently you require a Peel ports licence to moor on the tidal river Medway.
  5. psychicsurveyor

    Licence For The Tidal Medway?

    Response from the local cruising club, hope it helps. We came from Rochester to non-tidal and only needed a licence and BSS after we’d passed through Allington lock. We got a temporary license at the lock, 7 days and BSS later when settled in a marina.
  6. psychicsurveyor

    Licence For The Tidal Medway?

    If you use or keep the boat past Allington lock you need a licence. Below the lock you don't. You have to buy a visitors toll at the lock as it is manned. Allington marina may require one as a condition. I would find another marina if that is the case.
  7. psychicsurveyor

    Brundall From The Air

    Brooms are still building new boats and expanding the hire fleet. They are building new Explorers at the moment.
  8. psychicsurveyor

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Does the front wheel fall off
  9. psychicsurveyor

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    You don't look old enough to be driving
  10. psychicsurveyor

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Robin, you have never driven until you have driven an Austin Allegro
  11. psychicsurveyor

    Old Woodies

    Having seen a post by Janet Anne on the imminent destruction of a wooden boat, I have a question? Is any timber salvaged for use on other restorations and repairs ?
  12. Brundall sunset.
  13. psychicsurveyor

    Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019

    Covergirl and Moneypenny seem to be out a lot, they are not pretty and are priced at the top of the range.
  14. psychicsurveyor

    Smart Meters

    It makes me laugh when I see the adverts saying a smart meter can save you money, NO, turning things off saves you money, the meter only shows how much.

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