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  1. psychicsurveyor

    Beware The Yare On The 31st May

    Just as well with half of Norfolk watching
  2. psychicsurveyor

    Tudor Reformation

    Really need to get Timbo afloat and occupied, The Devil makes work for idle hands, Who knows what he might get involved in if he isn't afloat
  3. psychicsurveyor


    I like this, surprised no one has sent it to me.
  4. psychicsurveyor


    Ok, I am tired, it is the end of the week, I have six more big sleeps before I am afloat. Give me time and I will come up with a really good explanation for my inability to solve this problem. I can't even google it. I admit I did laugh at your jokes, well one of them.
  5. psychicsurveyor


    After careful consideration, I have decided I don't want to know how to achieve nuffing in a box The paint is nearly dry, in fact it is tacky, just like your jokes Jayfire Even if you lot explain how to achieve nuffing, I refuse to read it., honest. Can it be achieved on a mobile, not that I care of course.
  6. psychicsurveyor


    My brain hurts most days, you are not helping, I might read the jokes instead.
  7. psychicsurveyor


    You would be surprised at the things I can struggle with. Nuffing is beyond my ability to achieve nought.
  8. psychicsurveyor


    If you can't beat them, cheat
  9. psychicsurveyor


    When I have nuffing to do I will work it out. In the mean time I have some drying paint to keep an eye on.
  10. psychicsurveyor


  11. psychicsurveyor


  12. psychicsurveyor


    Sorry, make that 5 smartarses
  13. psychicsurveyor


    This just proves 4 x nuffing = four smartarses
  14. psychicsurveyor

    Tudor Reformation

    Another stunning boat, Although I trained as a specialist timber surveyor many many moons ago I don't think I have the skill , patience and time to achieve what you guys and girls do. Hats off to you all.
  15. psychicsurveyor


    Am I the first one to try and do a post with nothing in it, You can't.

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