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  1. British cars in the 70's were, but then most mass produced cars were rubbish in the 70's, now days they are as good as any other.
  2. Welcome Paul, nice boats, what will you go for next, cause that is boat ownership.
  3. Your friend could try wax, i would slap some grease on it.
  4. You will need it in spray form to get it in the concealed areas of the hinge.
  5. Glad you managed to get out on the water after such a rough winter, enjoy the magic of a 6 year old.
  6. I have a recent woowoo phone, not had any problems, yet, google gave a 90 day extension to any changes to the licence for woowoo. I suspect there will be negotiations going on. I have had samsungs for years without any problems.
  7. You looked like you were doing a good job of cleaning
  8. Hose and broom already in use
  9. I know 5 , who wants me on their team
  10. Very sad news, he was a real fighter and a great mentor to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.
  11. I made a big fuss, but that was based on the fact they were wrong and caused damage.
  12. The hallmark of many Quangos
  13. I wonder if the Rangers and Head Ranger were allowed any input into the original purchase decision or it was just independent experts who decided. It worked out well, not. Guess it might be time to ask those who will use any replacement what they think..
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