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  1. psychicsurveyor

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Were your ears burning Bob
  2. psychicsurveyor

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Not me, or Whitey, but I know the man who does. I had trouble in a inflatable a few years ago
  3. psychicsurveyor

    Ant Warning!!!

    Definitely not, We all know he is 5*
  4. psychicsurveyor

    Ant Warning!!!

    And his Master had another staring role for Cuprinol
  5. psychicsurveyor

    Ant Warning!!!

    Don't make such a fuss, It's only a small pr#ck,
  6. psychicsurveyor

    Our New Car

    I had a Honda Legend coupe and a couple of Integras. Also had a HRV, that was an odd one.
  7. psychicsurveyor


    Always. Not a job I would want to do.
  8. psychicsurveyor

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    I have an Richardsons Calypso and an ex Topcraft Topliner. I had thorough surveys on both. The Topliner was in excellent condition with a very high standard of fit out. It was sold as the yard was closing at short notice but hadn't been left to deteriorate. The calypso was good as it had been in private ownership for 7 years before I purchased it. Just go into it with your eyes open and be realistic about what you are getting.
  9. psychicsurveyor


    If you are using Captain Tolleys make sure you put something under where it leaks is it can run through until it fully seals.
  10. psychicsurveyor

    Ant Warning!!!

    Indiana Jones and the Trial by Sea
  11. psychicsurveyor

    Now And Then

    Modern propaganda
  12. psychicsurveyor

    The Broads National Pike / The Answer Is! I Really Don't Know!

    It was, and cost a fortune and was a vanity project, now it has commercial success after being taken ever by private enterprise.
  13. psychicsurveyor

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    I am one of those annoying people who never gets bites even when everyone else is under attack. I have never been stung by a wasp or bee. Twin brother and sons are the same. My mother in law says its because I have bad blood , just going to turn her electric chair on
  14. psychicsurveyor

    Pontoon Floats.

    Here is one for the technicality minded. This is at the marina in Kent. A middle section of a long run of the floating pontoon has started to accumulate rainwater via fixing holes on the top surface. The floats are about 1.5m x1m and are about 12 years old and are in good condition. The void is filled with blocks of polystyrene and the whole float is sealed. The floats have to remain in situ although the decking can be lifted. I have a theory, what would you do to remove the water that has ingressed, before sealing the offending holes.
  15. psychicsurveyor

    Pontoon Floats.

    I was thinking along the lines of a tank pump out. Seal a tank adaptor in the top with a small vent hole and use a pond vacuum. Any thoughts.
  16. psychicsurveyor

    Into A Flap With A Flappy Thing

    No but there is always the forward torpedo tubes.
  17. psychicsurveyor

    What Flower Is This

    I have a lot of them down the side of the drive, Matron says they are Crinum, part of the amaryllis family. Cut the flowers when they finish and cut to the ground in winter..
  18. psychicsurveyor

    Moorings Going South ?

    Brundall gardens have mostly pontoons in the narina, from a fixed bank it can be a challenge to get onboard.
  19. psychicsurveyor

    I Hate.....

    You have heard about my 2 dyslexic sons then
  20. psychicsurveyor

    I Hate.....

    The term, Chairperson.
  21. psychicsurveyor

    Fishing On The Norfolk Broads

    And that is the difference between the Forum and Facebook.
  22. psychicsurveyor

    Heatwave, I Wish It Would Cool Down And Rain Soon.

    As normal for F1 in Hungary, sweltering hot all morning and just as qualifying starts the heavens open and thunder and lightening fill the sky.
  23. psychicsurveyor

    Reedham Ferry

    A 4x4 driver but not arrogant, or foolish enough to class everyone as the same.
  24. psychicsurveyor

    Reedham Ferry

    Apparently none are considered to be arrogant when we are called upon in snow, ice and floods. We are the best thing since sliced bread (available from you local 4x4 owner free of charge together with milk, percription collection and taking nurses to and from work ) .
  25. psychicsurveyor

    I Hate.....

    The official spokesperson who peppers every sentence with, "you know", NO, I am listening to you because You are supposed to impart information in a clear and concise manner to me. If I knew I would not be wasting my time listening to you mangle the English language.

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