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  1. Just reading this on the patio and looked up, The trusty K4 is out ready for cleaning a 90m2 patio tomorrow. It has been in use yesterday for the boat, It will happily run all day without without a problem. After 5 years the pressure is as good as new. Buy cheap, buy twice
  2. The fact the BA have the role says a lot about the levels of public relations in the REAL NPs. It is a bit odd give how incredibly poor the BA is at PR with its own toll payers. They generate publicity but have no concept of PR and how to get their message across to the Little People. Smacks of empire building, they will start a charity next , charitable work is a prerequisite for a knighthood. Anyone else see a pattern emerging.
  3. Not a bad view for my lunch break, pick of the pops 1972 playing in the background, sadly boat cleaning continues to call.
  4. Sorry, what is a washing machine ?
  5. You could try, doubt you would get any sensible replies.
  6. Andrew, start a topic that you are interested in, I guarantee you will get opinions, it might even stay on topic.
  7. Surely there is room for both, non Broads related threads don't block Broads related posts. As many threads are started by and continued, as members want, Andrew, what would you want to start a thread about ? (Sorry if that sounds abrupt but I can't think how else to phrase it )
  8. Two threads are not directly Broads related but are in The Broadscot Lounge, the area of the Forum for general discussions. By far this forum has the widest range of Broads related topics, also the most active yet civilized members.
  9. Some of the biggest condensation problems I come across are in all electric properties, invariably the storage heaters are expensive to use and inadequate, electric heaters and electric underfloor heating is too expensive for the occupants to use for more than a couple of hours a day. Colour gas fires are sometimes used, these are horrendous contributors to condensation formation.
  10. Solo boat cleaning weekend, so not much fun
  11. With the upcoming ban on gas Boilers in new builds, leading to increasing demand for electricity to power homes, how is the further demand for electric cars going to be met ?
  12. He definitely looks better from the back
  13. Sadly it seems that the madness has spread to Holland,
  14. Fingers crossed, looks like the next one is on sky1, that's free. If not, meet you in a sports bar Polly I much prefer C4 coverage.
  15. It is showing as being on Sky1 for the next race, at the moment. Mercedes have also found damage to Lewis's floor, that would explain his performance.
  16. I refuse to pay the £35 a month to virgin to watch sky F1 when sky only charge £150 to their customers. Nice suprise to be able to watch the full race on Sky1, bet that won't last. Max has calmed down a bit, should be a good season.
  17. Only allow ladies, the worst thing would be keep lifting the lid.
  18. At that price, I would want a Captain included.
  19. What part of the Authority's remit covers spending 1 million plus on educating people on Global Warming, sorry, climate change. That is a function of Government. Pick your outside, " independent " planner carefully and you can guarantee the right result.
  20. Hi , I have a sunsport 2.7 with air deck, seat cushion, carrier, full cover, foot and 240v pump. The boat is in great overall condition and holds air without loss. It is rated up to 4 adults. I bought the boat 3 years ago and it has had about 20 hours use as I got a Broom Scorpio as a runabout 2 years ago. The cost of the boat new is £750 plus the extras. Located in Kent but I am up in Norfolk frequently Donation to forum funds if sold here.
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