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  1. Same here, avoid the media all day until i have the time to watch what was recorded in the early hours of the morning, thought i would be safe to check in on here, wrong.
  2. My Calypso had a separate flush tank but my Topliner draws from the main water tank with a non return valve fitted. Most boats will draw from the main tank, river water flushing can be rank.
  3. Speak to Andy at Freedom Boating Holidays as I know they are flexible with start days.
  4. Make sure the dehumidifier operates with a timer, some makes don't restart if they are turned off with a timer. Ideally they are best run between 10am and 5pm as that is the warmest time, usually.
  5. If the bridge was sinking it would have started after it was built, 635 years later it would be under water. The foundations of these medieval bridges were, on the whole, very impressive. In Rochester, when they removed the medieval bridge 100 years ago, the Royal Engineers couldn't destroy the old foundations even with lots of explosives.
  6. As long as you leave it set at 65% or normal that will be fine. 65% is normal relative atmospheric moisture.
  7. Welcome, have you been following the refurbishment of a fairline vixen on the Motorboat owners digital magazine.
  8. Too late the boat was lifted back in the day after the survey. fortunately it is only for insurance but it is still very unprofessional. In normal circumstances he would have been politely instructed as to where to place his report.
  9. Now I know it is Norfolk but should it take 8 weeks after the actual survey to get a surveyor to supply the survey. I might just take the same time to pay the invoice, if I ever get one. I am not superman but i can do two full house surveys a day and get the reports out the same day.
  10. We have a wireless baby monitor for the aged mother in law, it has sound and a camera, the camera can be covered for privacy but still retaining the sound. Her rooms are some distance and on a different level to ours but it works well. Another option might be a wireless door bell she could press if she needed help.
  11. The boat interior will have a lower relative humidity with the windows providing ventilation, this will make the air dryer and make the atmoshere ' feel' warmer. The temperature will be lower than with the windows closed but the increased airflow will reduce the formation of condensation on colder surfaces. Moderate heat and moderate ventilation is the key to condensation control.
  12. Gravesend and from memory, at least one other Thames based station are full time manned stations.
  13. Not two words that should ever be put together.
  14. Olympus has fallen London has fallen Independance day 1 and 2 Later Bond films Netflix
  15. I can see you sitting on the fence with my dashcam and cctv, just launching the drone as back up
  16. The old bill might prosecute for an illegal discharge of a firearm. They would confiscate the shotgun and cancel the licence at the very least.
  17. Nick at Brian Wards has come to the rescue, new pan coming in Friday, and I received the 10% NBN discount.
  18. Anyone know who supplies parts or full replacement thetford units locally. Onboard this week and the water valve fails again, I only replaced it 2 years ago. I am thinking of completly replacing the pan as it must be getting on a bit now. Any ideas on a straight swop for another make, it is a drop through type or a supplier for the original. As I am onboard I am struggling to download specs and suppliers. Thanks.
  19. Hi Helen, i was cleaning the back of the boat (Whitey) at brundall gardens last weekend and in the Broom scorpio speedboat yesterday evening as you were chilling out on your mooring. You looked very relaxed both times
  20. Helen, You looked very happy helming yesterday. Enjoy your week.
  21. You would like to be decisive, but you are just not sure
  22. Having just spent 20 hours traveling back from Thassos I can see why Greece has so much debt. The tiny airport in Kavala has more security and police than they need. I counted 15, including the ones smoking out the front yet 1 check in operator for 300 odd people. Tui are going to be hit where it hurts as the plane was delayed coming out by 'operational' delays.
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