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  1. Only if someone pay's it John. I know what it changed hands for in about 1982, and it was a fraction of that sum! Maurice
  2. Good morning Iain. If its the person I think it is from you're description. He passed away last years, and was in his 80s. Yes the bridge is a bit low! Maurice
  3. Yes I guess it would have created a mystery for you! I think however The Wood Farm Inn is in the same place it has always been. The Wayford Bridge Inn was in fact built over the existing Wood Farm Inn. So technically its still there as part of the structure of The Wayford Bridge Inn. Though not recognisable as it once was. So yes you did find it! Maurice
  4. Thank you Iain. Much appreciated. Afraid its on going but better than it was. I did have a nice trip out on the Humber last weekend on the Humber Keel Comrade. It was nice to be on the water again. I will try and put some pictures of the trip on soon. Some members might be interested. Maurice
  5. I havn't posted for some time now due to illness. I am a little out of touch with things Broadland at present. However I can supply some historical information re these moorings. I! I remember correctly a late friend of mine bought this property, and renamed it the Wood farm Inn in about 1982. A short while after he also bought the moorings in question. Out of interest it was a very small percentage of what is being asked now. I do know he was not allowed permanent moorings. He charged for overnight mooring which was refunded if the boat hirer/owner ate in the pub. Very few people did moor there, and I doubt he got a return even on the amount he paid for it then. He, and his family sold the pub some years later. The houseboats had no connection at all with the pub. I have no idea what the situation was once he sold the property. The price asked sounds a lot for a strip of land that you could do little with.
  6. Hi Chameleon. Yes know all of those especially Elsham. Been to Crowle a few times. Maurice
  7. Thank Jeff. My mistake. I see you live in Barton. I have relatives there and in South Ferriby. Maurice
  8. Hi Jeff. I am rather fond of "Ull" even though its across the water. It has those funny phone boxes. Did they run out of red paint? I recommended it for a day out much maligned, very unfairly. Lots to see and all very close by, and of course this year Hull is the City of culture. Well deserved too. The Maritime Quarter is also worth a look. Maurice
  9. You just have to be impressed !! Maurice
  10. That's North of the Humber language. Once across that bridge everything changes. I used to think we paid a toll for the bridge. Perhaps its a fee for entering Yorkshire! Fortunately I can understand the Language my Father came from over the dark side!! No offence folks............Just my humour. A lovely part of the country. £3.10 to get in, and they charge you again to come out again. Even the Welsh don't do that! Maurice
  11. I remember all of the things mentioned. However I have decided to go into denial, and blame my age!!! Maurice
  12. Welcome Paul & Mary. Reading of your trip around from Boston was interesting, and brought back some memories for me. I will look forward to more of your tales on both the Broads, and at sea. Maurice
  13. Many years ago I worked for a towing company on the Thames, and we were contracted to tow a very old houseboat to the Upper Thames. Its name was "Llamedos" Please read from right to left! She was an unlucky vessel. twelve months later she sank on her moorings, and we were involved in her salvage. Perhaps the name was not a lucky one! Maurice
  14. Ebbtide


    Welcome from me Kev on this warm last day of October! Have a great holiday. Maurice
  15. Welcome from me Biscuiteer. Have a great holiday! Maurice
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