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  1. alexandlorna

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Robin this post just reminds me why I dont bother with the forum anymore ........ Lets get back to boats and the broads ...
  2. alexandlorna

    Reedham Ferry

    I would agree and say that the forum went downhill when it went on facebook However , re the forum becoming a "respectable platform ......etc" - I have seen many forums which allow far more leeway for debate and discussion without draconian moderation This forum has recently seemed to be heading towards becomming so politically correct ,that all discussion which does not follow s certain "accepted tone " is stifled Purely my personal opinion ..
  3. alexandlorna

    Reedham Ferry

    Having read eyewitness accounts on other places where said "trial" is taking place, it appears the ferry left when the boat was approx 30m from the chains . Assuming this was correct ,at that point , I would say the ferry was at fault ,however the fact that ,its also stated that the helmsperson ( cant assume or assign gender ,heaven forbid) then speeded up to make it through. Again assuming these witnesses are no lying or mistaken , then the ultimate mistake must surely be attempting to continue on course ,over/through two high tensile steel chains ???? Personally I never pass unless the ferry docked , and have never had any issue while doing so I merely make observations here and do not judge anyones guilt or otherwise . I can only hope I have not upset anyone , infringed any forum regulations or upset any sacred cows with this post .
  4. Had the pleasure of tasting this lovely meal on sat night onboard The Corsican with Geoffrey and Steve A lovely meal , good company and loads of booze ! Thanks Geoffrey and Steve ☺
  5. Lorna and I would like to add our congratulations to Geoffrey and Steve on the anniversary of Cooking on the Corsican
  6. alexandlorna

    Channel 4 Tonight's Canals Program Is On The Broads

    Having spent a lot of time and money and tied up several expensive metalworking machines to produce brand new main bearings ,and big ends for Falcon approx 3 or 4 years ago , at zero cost to the museum, I would certainly hope the museum is taking care of engine bedplate alignment and proper lubrication regime . I am sure the knocking is most likely from some ancilliary pump or linkage etc and not from the bearings .. At the time I supplied an automatic lubricator to be adapted for the engine but am not sure if this is fitted or not
  7. alexandlorna

    How Long For The Recent High Waters To Recede?

    Having moored at Ludham Bridge for about 5 years ,we would say that rarely ,if ever would you see much more than 4 to 6 inches of tidal rise and fall Having said that we are exactly 8'6" air draught and often went under at 8' 2" with no problems, as there is generally around 4 or5 inches more than the board shows- but in a hire vessel I would call Rickos for advice before attempting iti- n a hire vessel caution should be exercised as its your responsibilty and the bridge markers often get hit and reset... If in any doubt exercise common sense , arrive at low tide and be aware that occassionaly you might not get through, however most Richardsons boats coming from Stalham do pass under Ludham regularly or they would not be there.
  8. alexandlorna

    Rip For A Wonderful Lady

    Sorry to hear of your loss , our thoughts are with you x
  9. alexandlorna

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Just so there is no doubt on both main issues, for all those who are able to read the Queens English... Seen at Oulton Dyke
  10. alexandlorna

    A Weekend At Beccles Yacht Station

    Last evening on Friday Girl, a good meal at the Ferry House and booze onboard
  11. alexandlorna

    Cooking On The Corsican The Vlog Part 2 Finally Edited

    Having tasted this mac cheese made by Geoffrey , it 's really good.
  12. alexandlorna

    Cruising On The Corsican New Vlog...

    Love it guys ! We will be sending you our itinery for our first 4 weeks of the season , feel free to moor behind us , we will even break our " no double mooring " rule !! Looks really good x Alex & Lorna ☺☺
  13. alexandlorna

    Goodbye Broadscot

    Very sad news... Our thoughts are with his family
  14. alexandlorna

    The Corsican Great Job Moonfleet Part 2

    Looks great Geoffrey , is the towel rail /radiator heated by the engine cooling circuit ? Alex
  15. alexandlorna

    Running Engines Shock Warning Following Tragedy.

    Hi Alan, we have tried about 5 locations including that area , but still these annoying "false" alarms It was ok three nights running then one wet evening last week ,went off again ,(coincidentally?) when we had the dehumidifier on I got up and moved it sitting it on top of a very large vent grille , two hours latter was up again and it was showing its highest ever reading of 158 ppm which frankly astounded me !

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