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  1. I'm loving this thread Barry Keep up the good work!
  2. jimbo


    ..............." And here's one I prepared earlier "
  3. jimbo


    Just as a matter of interest, when was the pilot introduced at Wroxham Bridge? I don't remember using one when we hired in the 80's and 90's
  4. Nope! What I'm saying is there is a flip side to everything.....and my boat also cost me alot of money! But I bought it fully in the knowledge of where I was using it and the risks that go with it.
  5. "(I saw a hire boat up here yesterday with a great big hole in it where it had mounted some rocks)" Is this confession time John?
  6. Yes that 'traditional boat' is the old Bounty 40 mould Trevor and still looks a gem I recon
  7. Well quite.......and when all the hire companies have been driven out of business by this you just may end up with a Norfolk Broads with no maintained moorings, dredged waterways and thriving riverside pubs etc............
  8. This company seem to stock every rubber product you can imagine..............well nearly! http://www.sealsdirect.co.uk/shopping.a ... rtmentId=4
  9. A very good point Keith as they are there to make money after all. If we were filling our tanks with postmix cola from a pub, then we would be crying
  10. All good fun in the day until they made it legal........now that really spoilt it
  11. I would think some of it is down to the fact Asda buy so many million litres, so get a larger discount, but not totally the answer.
  12. I remember the old SWR meters and the battle to always keep it down
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