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  1. He looks like a fully paid up member of the Ant Hill Mob! Ok, admitting that I'm old enough to remember them, along with Penelope Pitstop, Dick Dastardly and of course Mutley Griff
  2. Better still send out next doors entertainments officer to do yours as well Griff
  3. If I was desperate you most certainly could, TVMOM. However I will adapt and overcome, plus it's currently the only excuse I have got to get back down there sooner rather than later Not that I ever needed any sort of excuse you understand Griff
  4. Thanks for the advice - I'll have a look-see Griff
  5. Nice one - Can't see that taking long to sell on. Sorry to hear you are letting her go all the same Griff
  6. Hot water method - Bucket and chuckit Griff
  7. I also remembered to take our 'Sound Sausages' back home for our upholster lady to recover them, these should have been home with me initially but I omitted to take them. Once completed the spare material will be posted down to Grendel for the models. Robin serviced / checked our onboard alarm system, and our cctv system. We had developed issues with both due to cables and joints, all now to the good The 8mm 3 ply polyester fender rope turned up yesterday (That was quick) but still not been able to find a quick release system for the fenders despite much searching I also need to b
  8. Awoke Monday morning with the alarm after only 4 Hrs kip - I'm getting too old for this sort of carry on Upholstery - I knew that due to me altering the battens on the back of the uprights here at home it would cause issues fitting it onboard, which it did. However with a trusty multi cutter it was soon rectified and fitted. Proper chuffed, lets see how long this lot lasts for. The seat cushions are now a lot more firm and very pleasant, look good too Then it was the turn of that fridge door, it turned out not to be a straight swap, I had to transfer over a bottom bracket which en
  9. Well I have had 'B.A' in that very spot before now and as you know she is 40ft. It's somewhat awkward getting her in/out but it's doable Griff
  10. Got home at 2230 Wednesday evening. Not much to report as there was very little 'crewed up and underway' I was determined to get her out of the wetshed as she has not seen the light of day since October last year. Problem was she was proper mucky on the outsides. We slinked out of the wetshed at 1930 Tuesday evening undercover of dusk and rapidly approaching darkness, destination unknown. I would have sailed earlier but time seems to fly daily when I've got my maintenance head on. Paddy's lane just off Barton Broad - plenty of space but we carried on over Barton, nav lights
  11. RIGHT, Enough already. It’s warm n sunny I’m armed with flash, micro fibre cloths, copious amounts of hot water The upper scupper - All of it is getting a right bolloxing whilst at anchor. I could be here a while Griff
  12. By my reckoning that’s eight boats left the wetshed today Griff
  13. A Broads coffee. Not had one of these since October Galley has some surface mould Everywhere else not too bad. Heating on. Bilges dry Griff
  14. Arrived safe at 0130. Two n half Hrs door to door. Saw more gritters than other vehicles and two snow showers. Gave a loud Yeeehaaaaa as I drive over Wroxham bridge Now to get onboard Griff
  15. Thanks Andrew, Gawd knows just how much elbow grease I will use commencing tomorrow morning on an interior / exterior spring clean not to mention changing a fridge door, reinstalling the new upholstery plus a major engine service too. It's a good bet I might be somewhat weary come Wednesday by the time I set off home again Griff
  16. More energy than she knows what to do with it Griff APR 11 - 2021 #2.MOV APR 11 - 2021 #03.MOV APR 11 - 2021 #01.MOV
  17. Ok, I have just done the donation thing of £10 via paypal Shop forumite - Obviously don't send me the NBN window stickers - we have already gottem Griff
  18. I do a decent walk with Purdey dog every day / night. Some longer than others, not sure how far they are though. I don't have one of those app thingy's to tell me how many steps or how far I've been either, just eyeball it. Can't see the point of counting steps Griff
  19. I think I counted 7 liveaboards moored at Sutton yesterday. I don't have a problem with that as long as they recommence respecting the 24 x Hr rule once the rivers start getting used again Griff
  20. Sigh, what are the yellow posts still doing there though? That was/is one of my fave wild mooring spots, nudge bow into reeds, lower mudweight over t blunt end. Peaceful and secluded - sorted Griff
  21. Incidentally, someone on the FB group has posted that the sunken houseboat has gone from the Sutton Stalham triangle junction ... I'm sure you all know where I mean. Really? - And about time too. I'll have a look-see as and when I'm passing Monday or Tuesday Griff
  22. "Times Up" As Bradley Walsh says. There were no IOU's, dead spiders or old washers but there were a couple of small foreign coins that had sneaked in The total amount was:- £310:18 So by my reckoning NeilB with £302:50 was the closest being only £7:68 from the total. Well done £10:00 will be donated to the Forum funds on your behalf Griff
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