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  1. Underway from Womack to Sutton Staithe for pump out and diesel as per the norm. Nice day out on the rivers Griff
  2. Now at Womack Water. In Kings Arms for dinner. Home tomorrow Griff
  3. We have that in place now. We will now upgrade the memory capacity. Now enroute for PHB and a visit to La-Tharms Griff
  4. Sadly no fishing for me but idyllic spot for overnight Griff
  5. Reported it. Cctv. I will report it. Another crime number = no action Cctv - Yes but only 31 days so no evidence I’m done with it all Griff
  6. Onboard earlier this evening. Crewed up with six D88 former HMS Glasgow communicators, this is a yearly event and the only one I’ve not cancelled this year Now at Sutton Staithe Had yet another nasty discovery in the wetshed. I have five rods made up ready to go, three cheapo’s and two expensive rods along with reels. Yes, my ledger and float rods stolen. £400 gone. The cheapo’s still there of course. Yet another theft from the wetshed. Losing count now. That’s me finished with fishing until next year at the earliest. What with everything else that is going on this year, not a prayer of replacing them Not happy Griff
  7. I would hazard a guess that you inherited the name with the van....the previous owner having 'form' in such things. It's a nice van. Nope I gave the van the name 'Trevor'. Those stripes are factory fitted from new. As soon as the new V5 arrives I will put my cherished plates on. Received the K&N air filter today along with door wind deflectors, other stuff due to arrive anytime. I need to make mysen a timber racking / storage boxes above the Port rear wheel boxing-in. Spoke with my sign writing contact today about having some magnetic advertising pads made up for both side and the rear doors. Lots to do and get on with Griff
  8. Out with the old, in with the new. Meet 'Trevor the Transit. He is 4 x years old with only 18'k on the clock. Full service history, one owner from new. Lots of factory fitted optional extras and gizmos onboard. Today is our first working day together. Collected Trev from Norfolk yesterday. So far well chuffed with the new steed. Lots to purchase and make him more user friendly for his new role Griff
  9. Not at all chuffed I missed it. Due to circumstances beyond Robins control, 'B.A' missed it too That's the first time 'B.A' has not attended Dave's event. I hope it will be the last time too Griff
  10. That's the cleanest (and driest) I've seen him in quite a while Griff
  11. Thanks Kev, They are linked but did all the testing with cables disconnected so could test each battery separately , then progressively together. Anyroadup the new batteries have arrived, Robin will be installing them this week Griff
  12. Chuffin 'Eck Peter - Glad you are ok. Am I allowed to titter just a bit? (Knowing you are ok) Can you imagine if this had happened on the Lads Week? Griff
  13. so called sealed, remove sticker on top of battery filler plug underneath.John Yep, did exactly that Griff
  14. 'Houston - We have a problem' Robin had 'B.A' out for a weekend last month - no problem, then a couple of weekends later Bro' was onboard with his family / guests. The 12v system was discharging overnight and not lasting nowhere near as long as it should. 6 x 120amp Leisure batteries being kept charged up by 2 x alternators and the Solar Panels should last an age So. Me and Bro’ arrived onboard 1900 Saturday along with Robin, spent the evening testing and fault finding on the 12v system. Despite the batteries passing a drop test, amp test, voltage both under and off load – the six of them all passed with flying colours We were still getting a huge voltage drop on them with the inverter running over a period of hours. The charging system is fine, the inverter checked out ok as did the sterling smart charger and the alternators, solar panels and shore power Sunday morning more checks and by powers of elimination – it has to be the damn batteries. There are six 120amp leisure batteries, three year guarantee, they are 3 years and 3 months old – B *****D (Sorry) So six new ones ordered they will be fitted this coming week. Departed for Donny sometime after 1500 Robin and Sheila will be taking ‘B.A’ direct to Beccles for the annual vintage wooden boat show come hell or high water - due to recent events I can no longer make it and MrsG is well off station up in Scotland since May and for the foreseeable future - I'm proper missing her Griff
  15. I have ‘Found’ a Ford Transit Custom sport 2:2ltr 155bhp. It’s four years old, one owner with just 18000 on the clock. That’ll do it for me. Now to cobble the brass together Griff
  16. G/box let go. It was booked in next week for bearings and the like, now however it needs a full exchange box at £1300 inc vat and labour. Van was due to have about £600 spent on it in suspension / brakes at the end of this month, then a timing belt change another £300., 2 x new front tyres £200 So total to get it back on the road now stands at around £2'300. Van ain't worth that and I would be running on an engine that has now done 180'000. So it's time for an upgrade. Dive down back of settee for a few coppers and lets see what we can come up with, in a hurry too. Griff
  17. John Williams funeral is on 23 Aug 1145 at Norwich crematorium Horsham St Faith. Brilliant choice of date is that one. Smack on my birthday Griff
  18. It is with a sad and heavy heart that I report that John Died early hours of Wednesday morning 23rd July. John has been in poor health recently primarily heart issues. John (and his wife Sandy) have been family friends with our family for decades, as far back as I can remember. He was instrumental in the restoration of R641 'Broad Ambition guiding our team through the 5 1/2 years it took us to restore her. Indeed it was John who 'Found' her for us back in 2001. She was also recommissioned at his yard on the garden front. John was a very gentle, soft spoken well mannered man. I never heard him speak ill of anyone. If he couldn't say something nice about someone, he chose to say nowt at all He had a wealth of talent amassed over the years in his chosen field of boat building / repairs. His workshop / Shed is now the property of the Museum of the Broads - An apt and fitting farewell for him I would offer. As of yet no idea when the funeral arrangements will be, his nephew Steve (Broads Authority) will let me know in due course. I am so going to miss him, am doing so already. Tarra John, you were a great friend. Say hello to my Dad once again will you? Griff Here's John after towing 'B.A' round to her yard for her engine installation
  19. Broad Ambition Crewed up and underway as of 2030, Bro' Howard and crew onboard till Sunday pm Griff
  20. Just look at MyMrsG here in Spain I'm one lucky Tyke - and yes, I do know it! Griff
  21. Hi Lulu, some memories for me from your photo’s. I was in Greenock just along from that Crane 82 - 86 on HMS Droxford then Attacker. Met my MrsG there too. Happy days Griff
  22. There are plenty of eye witnesses re the speeding boat saga on various FB groups As for drinking at the helm - I always thought it was compulsory? Talking sensibly (really?) I agree wi MM’s post on this one. I don’t think that I have ever been legless whilst underway but plenty of times have been way over the Legal DD limit ( 2 x pints can do that nowadays ) Griff
  23. Saturday - run around day till about 1500, visit suppliers, silicon seal a en-suite, grout some boxing-in, hair cut, visit a client measure up for garage floor tiles and get some Euro’s. Drive to Thurlby, collect friends, drive to Stansted Airport, check into hotel. Sunday up at 0300, then to airport check in. Arrive Malaga, collect hire car (Seat Ibaza) remember how to drive abroad to Miraflores (Mijas) settle in to apartment. Beers round the pool. Out in evening to some sort of beach festival by taxi. This morning - go for a walk on my todd, take lots of wrong turns - eventually FCE, paper, back to apartment. Now round pool with some sort of Lager. Blazing hot. Twelve more days of relaxing in front of us apparently. I will go on fishing and clay shooting days out of course Griff
  24. Looks like it has got worse? Griff
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