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  1. My guess is that Griff is drooling at that picture. He certainly was / is. Looks proper serious and fun too 1200 Speed Twin with the best badge of all. Congratulations, Here's to many miles of safe and exhilarating riding I've had my Mighty Tiger since brand new, where did the last 12 years go? 30'000 on the clock which ain't enough imho. Trouble is the older I get, the less free time I seem to have - Ain't it supposed to be t'other way round? Griff
  2. Beano, Bunty and Bare ar5ed monthly ! Griff
  3. Bah Humbug - Not for me sadly, although I am of course a Dad and Grandad. I'm having to work the whole day - Not happy, this due to a mate of mine is currently in a Paris Hospital and one day this coming week needs collecting from wherever he lands on English soil. So I need a spare day available to collect him. Sigh, He would do the same for me of course Griff
  4. That 'Ceuta' really is tempting - cracking boat and the right money too Griff
  5. Trouble is I think we all take it in turns to be 'the idiot' at some time or another..... Fair comment. When do we know when it is 'Our' turn then? Being a member of the 'Biker' community, we have a huge unfair advantage. As Bikers and having the ambition to stay alive and uninjured we have developed the 'Spidey sense' - that is the ability to read the road and traffic well in advance of those that drive in tin boxes and be hugely more spacialy aware of other road users around us. The advantage of this is that we take that ability into driving our own tin boxes. That gives us an unfair advantage - Some would call it conmen sense Griff
  6. Why should have the van been indicating for going straight on? how does one indicate one’s intentions to proceed straight on? - easy answer - by not indicating Griff
  7. One in the eye for N.E and Chris Packhams lot? Griff ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Defra issues new General Licences Defra has announced it is publishing three new general licences for bird pest control in England for the killing and taking of species such as woodpigeon, feral pigeon, carrion crow, jackdaw, jay, magpie, rook and Canada goose. They will take effect at one minute past midnight on Friday 14 June. The licences will be fit for purpose for the vast majority of shooting and trapping undertaken in England. The purposes covered by the three licences will include: • conservation of wild birds and flora and fauna • preservation of public health and public safety • prevention of serious damage to crops and livestock Control methods allowed under Defra’s general licences will include: shooting, the destruction of eggs and nests and the use of cage traps such as Larsen traps, Larsen mates and multi-catch traps. There is no need to apply for these licences but we recommend you download and read them carefully once they are available on the Defra website. They will remain valid until 29 February 2020. These licences will not authorise the killing or taking of pest birds on European Protected Sites or within 300m of these sites. In such instances, you will still need to use the previously-issued Natural England licences GL26, GL28, GL31 or apply for an individual licence. We appreciate that this is still not an entirely perfect situation and some confusion may remain, however, we will continue to monitor the situation and are on hand to answer your queries. You can contact the gamekeeping team on 01244 573 019 during the normal office hours. Defra will launch a consultation on general licences this summer, so there is more work to be done and BASC will continue to fight for shooters' interests. We will provide more details on the general licences on our website once they become available – click here.
  8. Talking about cameras, this morning they have set up a camera on each exit of the Wroxham Rd NDR round about. What type of cameras? - Monitoring or speed? Seems strange they would put a speed camera on the exit of a roundabout There is also a camera on each exit of all side roads on the Wroxham road toward Wroxham itself from the NDR. Again what type please? Are these monitoring cameras too or speed ones? I use the NDR from the Lenwade turnoff from the A47 right through to the Wroxham Rd now, both ways each time I'm visiting the Broads, never had a problem - Yet ! P.S - It's a blast on the Mighty Tiger Griff
  9. Surely a Wessex then Griff ? Yes, it would have been, nice models btw Griff
  10. Not sure if he has taken her through that bridge yet. With all this rain of late and low pressure river levels are bound to be high Griff
  11. Obviously an early Three Rivers race. No wind, so favours called in. What I would have given for one of those when I did the 'Three Rivers Crawl' - A Chinook would have been better though. I was on HMS Antrim in 77 and she still had one of those paraffin parrots as we used to call them Griff
  12. Nice job - great to see. 170ft !! - WOW - Show off We all know she is worth it Griff
  13. Sailed from Acle stopped at Ludham Bridge, met up with Gary, Vicky and Russ. Then onto Sutton Yard for pump out n diesel . Then the rain arrived. Now in t wetshed - had to dry and wipe down exterior. Clean through before departing for home Griff
  14. Dinner in t Lion was fine sailed At 0900 for Ranworth Staithe, there for a DTS in Maltsters In glorious sunshine. Sailed for Acle Bridge Inn. Had a cracking Dinner with Simon n Sonia. Early night after walking Macie dog belter of a day on t rivers Griff
  15. Sailed at 1215. Heading for Thurne Dyke. The rascal is onboard. Dinner tonight will be at the lion on me of course for his birthday treat. Its cool, raining and windy and do I give a toss? Griff
  16. Morning, this weekend was supposed to be a family weekend cruise. The best made plans and all that resulted in me arriving onboard Friday morning at 0330 with only Macie dog. So, I was up and about somehow at 0730, thought I’d do a few jobs, shouldn’t take me long - Ha ! These items were not a ‘must do’ now but would have to be done at some time First two large scratches on the Stbd side, sand back , than undercoat Drawer runners in the double cabin four of them, three of which had become loose. Sorted them, then got carried away with a deep clean down to the hog bilge line, three hours that took Now it was decision time did I go to Tesco’s and sail or tackle the two heating duct connectors? It was due to start raining soon. Decision made - heating it was. Four hours later an a foot long scraped shin. When we installed the replacement Planar system it became apparent it could ideally do with a 90 deg elbow and a straight connector which we didn’t have. Well I did now. By then it was 2000, I could yet sail. Tesco run, tidy up, stow victuals 2100, make dinner, feed Macie and walk her now past 2200 and I’m now operating on memory power having had only three hours sleep since Thursday morning. We stayed in t wetshed This morning, a final clean through, fill water tanks etc. I have already applied third coat of undercoat to those scratches, I’ll take the gloss with me for sometime later today when we are finally OUT of this shed Still got to make up small coax for tv, improve fastening for internal coax socket on helm, extend flag lanyards for new mast and fit - they can be done later today Who would be a boat owner? My shin urts Griff
  17. ‘Out of the wetshed that fast’ Really? onboard at 0330, photo taken 5 mins ago Griff
  18. Anyroadup, I have just bubble tested ‘B.A’s onboard gas system. Passed Griff
  19. Paul - But is that guide lines or the law? Griff
  20. Congratulations, you made it. Well done and see you tomorrow for a Birthday drink The big 40 eh? I’m amazed you made it past puberty Griff
  21. Yes the boat in the photo is 'Goodnight Irene' currently up for sale. She is a Jack Powles Star supreme class. the Bourne 40 hull of course. Link to website where she is listed for sale:- https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boat-sales.asp Hope this helps, Griff
  22. We have a work party needed at Dilham Staithe Cut very soon. When is 'Very Soon' ? Griff
  23. We’ve had the same issue in the past. Drilling the new mast bracket just recently was a breeze as we invested on some colbolt / carbide drill bits a while back, got a small collection of them now. I’ve even got a countersink version. We too find that they snap all too easily if one goes at it with too much pressure or any lateral force Griff
  24. The original artwork is to be auctioned at the show by our very own forum auctioneer, Griff (thank you Griff) Think nothing of it. Glad to be of service Griff
  25. Lovely. I’ll pick one up at the event too Griff
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