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  1. Its a matter of pride in appearance, a well presented work van says a lot about the standards you can expect. Correct, turning up outside a potential clients house in a battered rusty / dirty van sets the wrong impression even before you have measured up for an estimate. I must be doing something right as future bookings are a high as they have ever been The wheels / tyres 'Upgrades' I've been doing are a money saver long term and a safety issue too as are the LED upgrades both internally and externally. There maybe a small amount of non essential cosmetic 'Firklin' down the road but I have no intention of 'Pimping my wagon'. I wasn't aware there was an age limit on taking pride in one's workhorse, nor do I know what the term 'Gary Boys' means and not sure I want to either Griff
  2. I don't understand how Le Boat can estimate 12th June for the Thames. As I understand the UK rules at the moment don't permit non-essential stays overnight anywhere away from home. I'm with you on this one, I don't understand it either. Perhaps Le Boat know something we and our government don't? Griff
  3. Nope, he still has it and is afloat every day, has taken 'Indy' out for a couple of day trips since it was allowed and has visited 'B.A' to check on her since travelling was allowed Griff
  4. Here we go again. This Sunday coming our local clay shooting ground is to be open (Members only). Finger crossed nowt stops it this time round. First time since March. I was gonna really spoil mysen and go on the Mighty Tiger, therefore gettin in two hobbies in one go. Unfortunately the wx forecast for Sunday is not so good. It'll be Trevor Transit then. Bring it on Can't wait, I normally have four rounds - Sporting, Double Rise, DTL and *****. Might have to double up, that'll be 250 cartridges expended then Griff
  5. Sometimes I’m allowed out of the doghouse Griff
  6. Gloom - Did I miss the pretty / tall one again? Griff
  7. Sidecar? Perish the thought. Besides I’d need a poxy bike trailer! Griff
  8. So this morning I will be setting off to work in Trevor, Job is only a couple of miles away and will take me 5 mins or so to get there. Nothing unusual about the start to my day then. It's going to be an easy job too. Previous clients, floor tiling a small W/C, house is owned by a couple of very attractive friendly girlies - Friendly with each other if you get my drift My boy dale is round at our hovel by 0645 Dale - l'm off t office for the day Dad Me - Yeah, and? What you doing here then at this time? your office is about 20 mins away, you're kind of early aren't you? Dale - I'm going on the Mighty Tiger via the scenic route Me - Ok, enjoy. Not Jealous one iota - I keep telling mysen that more and more nowadays Griff
  9. Ironic - yes Tis also proper frustrating Griff
  10. The single cable onboard 'B.A' is a push / pull 'Bowden' type affair. One cable inside an outer one. It is proper BIG. Driven by rack and pinion behind the helm. It has various grease points on it, with cupped washers and springs. We have serviced it as best we can many times, also kept the grease points topped up. If it ever fails we are well and truly in the mire. Its now over fifty years old, so spares will just about be impossible. I have no idea what make it is either. Plus changing the thing will be a right nightmare as from what I can gather, 'Young' Jack Powles got a new steering cable then built R641 ('B.A') around it Griff
  11. Ok, here we 'Try' and go again. I have booked a full 7x days in on 'B.A's calendar diary, also gapped my work diary, and made the obligatory entry in our social diary. Early July with about five mates we hope to be onboard to get those maintenance and upgrade items seen to. Here's hoping, pubs open or not Griff
  12. Upgrades? did someone mention 'Upgrades' - We likes them, likes them a lot if only they didn't cost so much. So, whatya upgrading then? Running hot water? Immersion tank / heater? Heating? Shore power? LED lighting? Lap dancers? Griff
  13. Griff, the most important question, did she get her cuddle with the newest grandson while his dad was off playing bikes? No, as the guidelines are saying we still have to be anti social. His Dad was out for hours, His Grandad managed an hour late on in t afternoon. That for me was bliss. I so wanted to ride down to 'B.A' One day hopefully Griff
  14. What about Laser treatment - Would that do it? A mate of mine now in his early sixties had it done about five years ago. Never see him wearing glasses anymore, he says it was the best money he had ever spent on himself Griff
  15. We must all have some sort of favourite piece of music or song when afloat, or that reminds us of being afloat. Here's a few of mine:- 'Sailor' - Petula Clark - Reminds me of my time in the RN 'Sailing' - Rod Stewart - As above 'Sandstorm' - Darude - Just kinda love it - Needs plenty of volume 'Fr1ggin' in the Riggin' - Sex Pistols - Proper naughty so best not listened to if easily offended with plenty of four letter words but proper funny Griff
  16. I always felt sympathy for 'Roger' the cabin boy Griff
  17. So very sad to hear about Lulu - Rainbow bridge it will be then Griff
  18. A couple of hours ago Meet 'Harry' our third grandson, he is nearing two months old. He is with his Dad, our Dale, both of them with my Mighty Tiger. Dale is going off exercising himself and the Mighty Tiger today. One day down the road Harry will be astride the Mighty Tiger like his Dad and Grandad before him Griff
  19. NSBA:- The support that we might have relied on over other very important issues concerning navigation on the Broads has not been forthcoming in recent years There's an understatement if ever there was one Griff
  20. Well I have just completed my second full week back at work. So far I have been fortunate as only for two days was I in an occupied house, and they were very good at being anti social leaving me to get on with it on my todd. However the building sites / commercials were a joke. Very little social distancing at all. We all tried to give each other a wide berth but it's just about impossible. I have no further sites / commercials booked in short term so that is a relief. From now on in it's all domestics and experience shows that home owners know how to social distance and it is do-able. It has to be otherwise they would not be enjoying my services. As a result I have started monitoring myself even more closely for any symptoms. So far so good Griff
  21. That's Trevor's 'Summer Alloys' back from the painters, dressed and now in a gloss black and looking brand new. Tyres - 235/50/18 extra load set of four ordered today. Also ordered a pair of red and a pair of green rim protectors from fleabay - on their way. Which means sometime next week I can get the winter alloys / tyres off, get them painted and a set of pressure sensors fitted ready for winter of this year. Presently I keep getting an amber notification on the dash telling me that there is a fault with the tyre pressure monitoring system, well there would be as they ain't presently back on Griff
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