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  1. Then you Have to build the air pump. Erm, considering the original full size versions are 12v DC However, stop winding him up, otherwise he probably will Griff
  2. got to build the mounts next. What? You mean you haven't done them yet? Griff
  3. www.hardleywindmilluk.org Newsletter Late Winter 2020 The beginning of the year and some of us have been at the Mill over the late autumn-winter period. Towards the end of last year, we had some of the teaching staff who took a look around the Mill as part of the inset day. We also took some children, a total of ten in all, who acted as carers for their families;around the Mill and gave them a small change for part of a day. This year we also took a larger group of children from Somerleyton school who, in their various groups, were looking to compose the various musical themes around the Mill and the river Yare as organised by The Water, Mills and Marshes group. It was quite a windy and wet sort of day but the children and staff faced the conditions without complaint. We are still waiting for the bronze bearing at the bottom of the shaft, to be regenerated by John Bone at his foundry, to connect to the turbine. The brickwork on the tower still needs repointing with some of the bricks to be replaced. The engineers have been working over the winter period ensuring the Mill, Visitor centre and moorings are in good condition. Extra support has been given to the upper platform and is in good order now. In March we will use two weekends to Spring Clean the Visitor Centre and Mill including a refresher course for volunteers to re-fresh the various functions for the use of the Mill. You may remember, in the last Newsletter, that a film company (Camouflage) were producing a short film featuring the Mill as a promotion for Norwich City and suggested that we could have some of the video for our own use. Well I’m pleased to say that is now on the website (www.hardleywindmilluk.org) and shows stunning shots of the Mill and the surrounding area from last August 2019. We have another busy season coming up this year with all the usual suspects. The AGM takes place onThursday 2nd July, with guest speaker Rob Bylett, who will be introducing Romans on the Doorstep.Please visit the website for all the events. Finally, we will hopefully be part of the Chet B-Line (please see the next page for more information) Anyone who feels they may be able to offer help, a few days a month, mostly at the weekends, please contact Frances Kirkpatrick on 01508 – 520331. Griff
  4. Understood, however true Broadsmen will state that the river levels at PHB have slowly been increasing ever sine the port commissioners stopped regular dredging the lower Bure when the Ba took over. Some coincidence that is for there to be no truth in it just why then did they have crane dredgers on each bank especially on the bends ready to go into action all year round? what a waste of time / money / resources that was eh? Griff
  5. Get a smaller boat! Really? So those of us that own or hire craft originally designed to pass through PHB, paying a full toll as per the norm should now accept that we can't make use of the whole system? 'B.A' was designed to go under PHB at low tide, she used to do so regularly. I've taken her through a fair few times but it is rare nowadays and getting worse and I 'only' need 6ft5" or more to get 'B.A' safely through. So I and 'B.A' are affected. We purchased a boat designed for the whole system and toll her accordingly. Beccles old road and Wroxham bridges are rarely a problem although it happens. In the 70's & 80's (Me as a teenager) we used to take Broom Admirals / Supreme Commanders regularly through PHB and they need 7ft2" ! (Ish - I could be an inch or so out here) I have plenty of old photo's of our family on various hire craft up river of PHB Griff
  6. That's sealed it then Wishing you all a great week afloat Griff
  7. Mind you I’ve got a bit of a crick in my neck now after viewing it. Agreed, I ain't ever gonna get to Captains Blog standards, that's for sure You do realise that you’ve now made Irstead an even more desirable mooring, if that’s possible. Apparently according to the Lady that lives in t house t'other side of the hedge, it's a regular occurrence, especially early Wednesday mornings Griff
  8. Finally - Managed to upload that video of the Otters at Irstead Griff
  9. Hmmm, seems I've not got sommat or other on t PC I should have as could not view the videos Griff
  10. Thanks for the Heads Up A real classic in every sense of the word. Wish I had time to watch it, can always see it on catchup Griff
  11. I admit at time I've typed something that later I thought perhaps I shouldn't have done. You will no doubt be relieved to hear that you don't have the monopoly on that one. Done it mysen times too many. Although I know I am getting better at leaving the keyboard alone and not jumping straight in. Still needs more practise though, ongoing Griff
  12. Heyup, The current Jack Powles pennant onboard 'B.A' has been there since 2007. It's getting pretty ragged and frayed nowadays and needs replacing. We had the first one made for us from a photo by Jeckells in Hoveton - Cost us and arm and a leg, I seem to remember we had two made, one has a spare which we subsequently gave away to some deserving soul I have been in touch with Lorraine of Absolute Signs (Her n Husband run the Dog Inn). Lorraine has agreed to make us a new pennant for 'B.A' Now then, if anyone out there in the NBN forumite world wants a Powles pennant for whatever reason, now is the time. Let me know asap and I will tag them onto my order. Griff
  13. Yes the velcro is tired, it's been used there since 2007. I have new stuff in stock - 3M, this time the correct colour too. We are only replacing the velcro that is bonded to the windscreen and sides, the velcro on the vinyl will be staying. I've tested a section and it will work fine and dandy. There are also a fair few other issues that need attention. Maintenance period planned for next month. I'll do an update on t'other thread in due course, Griff
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1960s-NORFOLK-BROADS-CRUISER-BROADLAND-SWAN-RIPPLECRAFT-BOATYARD-POSTCARD/254513406054?hash=item3b422e6066:g:x4oAAOSwWF5XLcma £40:00 for a postcard? Really? You have gotta be having a giraffe! Griff
  15. Correct ChrisB, never happened in thirteen years. I will continue to lower on the Ant whilst underway with enough crew onboard, or with just two of us if wind strengths are 'Normal' That Tuesday, wind strength was exceptional to say the least, and only two of us onboard, and exceptional high water levels. All three issues were exceptional and combined together all at the same time - That in itself is really exceptional. Normally we don't need to bother lower owt apart from the mast for Ludham Bridge Griff
  16. Steal of the century, I have just bought on Ebay a 'Windboats' enamel cap badge - Never seen one before ever. It's on it's way to me including the Postage costs for the princely sum of £7:99 - Well chuffed Griff
  17. I think some owners and builders are frightened of making a trip or just cluttering the side decks but the answer I found was folding ones like these. Mine came from Force 4 or Mailspeed Marine.It goes without saying that if retro-fitting you must ensure the deck has adequate backing before bolting them in place. During 'B.A's restoration period, I did look at the 'Pop up' type of deck cleats but discounted them. I also considered fitting Deck cleats midships Port and Stbd but discounted them too. Never really missed not having them. Fitting centre deck cleats now of course it is not an option as I would need to brace / strengthen under the deck before fitting them. That, although possible is not really feasible, it would have to be done from underneath. That is where the problem lies, I would have to remove the Port and Stbd fresh water tanks, that's a big job, especially the port one as it's huge then again i am usually on a shorter boat, where the bow and stern ropes will reach either end of the boat. 'B.A's headrope is long but short by about a foot of being able to foul the prop so around 37ft. The stern ropes are as long as I had room to stow them on deck safely, so about 28ft I would guess Griff
  18. What has recently impressed me is that at last they have Spotted Dick on the dessert menu. My favourite Griff
  19. Understood. Well then as I see it you have two options, raise it up and insulate it to death in the winter and / or take it home. Raising it shouldn't cause any problems as the head of water in the fw tank will always be higher than your pump by the look of it and besides these fw pumps will lift a fair way. The newly installed extract shower pump I put on 'B.A' last week will lift ten feet! Griff
  20. On hitting the grass, my first fooparr dawned on me I had my lightweight soft soled trainers on, should have been my boots. I grabbed the headrope whilst MrsG took charge of the stern rope. 'B.A' was sitting parallel to the bank, broadside onto the wind about 6ft off. In seconds she was squarely making her way out to mid river, my trainers were failing to purchase and I was slipping on the wet grass. I noticed the slightly raised quay heading, foot ware firmly engaged, headrope round my back, forget using back muscles (Dangerous and asking for injury) engage leg power - ALL of it. I was at full strength, had no more to give. 'B.A' stopped her parallel march for the far bank BUT was not responding to my heaving by coming back towards me on my bit of port bank. By now she was a good 15ft away from us. Glancing to my right I didn't quite know whether to laugh or be horrified. MrsG was valiantly hanging on for dear life to the stern rope. She did have her boots on, not that they made any difference, she was being pulled inexorably into the river, boots and all I had visions of 'B.A' being blown over to the Stbd bank, nestling against moored craft, head and stern ropes in the water, engine running, out of gear with me on the wrong bank AND MrsG in the wet and crinckly stuff. This was already serious and getting worse by the second. Some quick logical seamanship thinking was required with a fast solution, immediately if not sooner I bellowed at MrsG - 'Let go of the rope RIGHT NOW' there was no gentle please or thankyous besides the wind would have vetoed that, this was a direct order MrsG did as instructed. This did two things. Firstly it saved her from getting pulled into the river, (I do wonder if she would have let go without being told to?) secondly it eased the strain I was experiencing and reduced my 100% effort down to about 70% as the stern immediately swing out into the river enabling 'B.A' to go bow into the wind, between us we were then able to pull her bow closer to the bank, get a rhond anchor in and the head rope made fast. Her stern was well out at 90d to the bank but she was safe. My legs were on fire, MrsG was doing the tears thing, she got a major fright and also thought I was going for a dip too. (No chance, us Yorkies can walk on water if no one it watching). My legs were on fire. We had a quick hug then I got set to again, we were not out of the woods just yet. Joining two ropes together I made the stern rope long enough to get ashore with it, every time the wind took a pause I heaved the stern a little closer to the bank. MrsG couldn't assist as I had her standing on the fwd rhond anchor to stop it being pulled out of the ground. Little by little 'B.A' came back to me and was soon alongside where she should have been ten minutes ago. Canopy / screens down - after stowing below all gear that could have been blown into the river, casting off was a 'Breeze' (Pun intended) and in no time at all we were through the bridge, a Stbd bank mooring was safely achieved by simply disengaging drive. Canopy / screens etc back up, all gear returned and relax - Wow. I was in so much shock I almost forgot to put coffee in my Rum (Almost, I did say Almost) Debrief - Just how the hell had I not taken account of the wind FFS ? It's not like it wasn't obvious. That mistake could have resulted in damage to 'B.A' and other craft, ok so realistically me and MrsG weren't in serious danger although both of us would have aches and pains for a couple of days. With another male crew member onboard things would have been easier, full crew - no problem but that is no excuse, there was just the two of us. It just goes to show, even with the experience I have gained of approaching 60 years visiting the Broads, 24 x Yrs in the RN - I can and did, still get it wrong, badly so. Three days later, I brought 'B.A' safely first time alongside the moorings at St Benets prior to entering the Ant. One does learn and is never too old to do so Griff
  21. So what exactly happened on Tuesday 11th Feb? Since we sailed on Sat 09th it became immediately apparent that the river levels were much higher than normal. That Sat I was able to pass through Ludham Bridge leaving the windscreen / canopy up, this a normal scenario for us, we need 7ft8". it was somewhat tight but no great drama Tuesday, we had sailed from Horning, destination was to be the 24 x Hr moorings at Irstead overnight, preferably on shore power. (Which happened) The wind although no longer gale force was still strongly present, the river levels were still abnormally high. Entering the Ant I was proper concerned that there would be less that the 7ft8" we required to pass through Ludham Bridge without having to lower the lot. I was to be disappointed. Approaching Ludham Bridge boat yard I could see that the Stbd bank had too many boats without a large enough gap to put 'B.A' alongside. Lowering the canopy whilst underway on the somewhat narrow river Ant is not normally a problem even single handed but in these windy conditions with just the two of us onboard was not a possibility, we needed to go alongside. The wind was coming straight off the port bank, the grassy one with the low quay heading, it would just have to be the port bank then. In hindsight I should have turned her about and high tailed it off to St Benets moorings. Turning her round in that particular reach would have been a challenge but no doubt do-able Eight attempts, yes EIGHT it took me to get 'B.A' along side close enough for MrsG to make it ashore followed smartly by mysen stern rope in hand, we had already thrown the rhond anchors onto the bank. I had made a serious error of judgement here which immediately became apparent. Griff
  22. Really nice looking tupperware, I have always liked these. Condolences on losing your mate Griff
  23. came to a head the other day when I nearly fell headfirst into the bilge. Sorry, shouldn't laugh - (But I did ) Why not just open all the domestic taps and / or drain down, then fit a 240v tube heater 80w-ish via a thermostat adjacent to the pump? - Then leave it in situ. We have never removed any of 'B.A's pumps, we rely on a couple of 240v tube heaters. Being in a wetshed helps tremendously of course Griff
  24. Sunday 16th Feb - 'Lazy Sunday Routine' - If I had been at home I would have been clay shooting this morning, can't be in two places at once. This Sunday somehow got away from us, did all sorts of little jobs here and there, cleaned through, packed up our gear and eventually departed somewhere around 1530. So finished 'B.A's first outing of 2020. The first time she has been out in four months - which to be frank is just not good enough. Still, for me and MrsG it was a long overdue time onboard, much needed for both of us, although that incident on Tuesday at Ludham Bridge was far from much needed - never to be repeated again (More on this later) 'B.A' is due out again in April, before then I hope to get another one of those maintenance weekends booked in to address a few issues that have come to light Griff
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