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    Enough Is Enough Already!

    You might often here of Tyke telling all and sundry that Yorkshire is Gods Country. Historians have now realised that the Three Wise Men did indeed come from Yorkshire. It is even stated in the Bible:- 'Three Wise men came from the East Riding, on camels' Griff
  2. BroadAmbition

    Game Shooting - Documentory

    As some of you will know as well as clay shooting I also game shoot during the season. I am of course very aware that there are those, some within these hallowed walls that are against the ethos of game shooting, this is only to be expected, however some folk have never been educated in the ethos of the sport. The attached is a documentary film that one of our 'guns' sons did recently for his university degree,during the month of November 2015. There was a team of four of them. They took over ten hours footage and have edited it down to 20 odd minutes. the title of the film is 'Aim of the Game' it was filmed on location at our local game shoot 'Bancroft Farm' of which we are members. You will see amongst others, me and my lad Dale (I had the whiskers for the 'Movember' cancer thing) and of course our Macie dog doing her thing. For those that have not seen Macie, in the film she is the light coloured Retriever, there is a particular good shot of her carrying a partridge. Anyroadup, I ask you to sit back and watch the short film with an open mind, you might enjoy it and might learn something too, feedback is welcome Herewith:- Also herewith 3 x generations (And our Macie dog) taken today at the same shoot location, (Dale was not shooting today) Griff
  3. BroadAmbition

    Game Shooting - Documentory

    At LAST or FINALLY. The first Wednesday of every calender month our group attends a clay shoot just outside Bawtry, followed by a dinner in a local pub on t way home. It should have been last Wednesday but due to the rain it was postponed till this evening. At this time of year we are shooting painted clays under big floodlights. There are somewhere between 5 - 10 guns in 'Our' group on these gatherings, it's a 50 bird clay shoot, all sporting birds layout changed slightly so never the same month to month. To date I have never achieved the much sought after allocade of 'Top Gun' been 2nd or third on plenty of times. Tonight for the first time ever however I won outright, 'Top Gun' at last - All good things come to those that wait. Well chuffed. You watch, next time out will bring me crashing back to earth. As the saying goes ' After the Lord Mayors show - Follows the sh1t cart' Griff
  4. BroadAmbition

    Calendars In Print

    Just ordered one for friends of ours - Yes we do have a few - Paid via the paypal thingy. Thanks, Griff
  5. BroadAmbition

    Classic Boat Magazine

    I would like a copy but don’t want a full years subscription. Advice Pse? Griff
  6. BroadAmbition

    North & South, Where Is The Line?

    It's a chuffin small sea It's not even that big and certainly not a 'Sea' But it is classed as inland though Griff
  7. BroadAmbition

    Why Is It?

    Simples , no radiator Actually there is, the boats 'Radiator' is the river! (Via heat exchanger etc) We have looked at and discussed a few times now of doing this onboard 'B.A' Initially I was thinking of going down the scrapyard route, cobbling together a matrix / fan etc but nowadays there are some decent sized ready made kits out there, matrix inlet / outlet with 12v fan, some of them multi speed, plus the hot air ducting pipes. It is something we will do one of these days maybe even during our forthcoming AMP next April. If so We will of course report with photo's of the diy fitting Griff
  8. March every second year is for us one heck of a busy time. March 2015 was no exception as we took 'B.A' down to LBBy for her Bi-annual AMP (Assisted Maintenance Period) We arrived at said location on 19th March and eventually departed 30th Mar. She was taken up on the slip into the shed for 6 days There were many items on our two lists that have been running since her re-launch back in September 07. We have an 'Upgrade' (Wish List) and a 'Maintenance' list. The items on the maintenance list are ones that one would expect in running a classic wooden boat and are the perks of the issue. The 'Upgrade' list is the one that gets personal and irks me no end - its expensive and never seems to get any smaller, in fact at this moment there are 23 items on the Upgrade list outstanding and 20 in the maintenance list, and that's after 11 x days hard labour incorporating open wallet surgery !! One particular upgrade was to make new canopy battens for the wheelhouse, the original ones were a tad short, did not sit well in their respective recesses and they were not uniform in the amount of arch or bend in them. So having taken advice as to which timber to use - Douglass Fir was chosen I cut this down to three strips, then using pegs/clamps on two long planks I laminated them together with just three holding screws in each batten. This was repeated 7 x times, then each batten was 'fitted' or handed onto 'B.A', Heels were fashioned at the end of each batten. 6 x coats of satin varnish applied. The results are the battens sit much better, we have gained one whole inch headroom (Most important) Griff
  9. BroadAmbition

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Grimsby must be the s/steel capital of UK. More than likely cheaper than Norfolk and definitely faster - mind you, that wouldn’t be difficult Griff
  10. BroadAmbition

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    How about buying the s/steel you want off the shelf, then taking the lot down to FW Halls for a price - Getting a quote costs nowt. Failing that how about emailing them some pictures with measurements for a quote? Griff
  11. BroadAmbition

    Speeding On The Broads

    Not for me, Don't do twitter and no intention of starting either, besides link not working Griff
  12. Alan, So sorry to hear this dreadful news. Condolences from the crew of 'B.A' Griff
  13. BroadAmbition

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Rolled? Clarify Pse the long thin quarter round stuff I bought off the shedlf and fitted mysen onto the timber rubbers. We have a third deck hatch to be done next year so that’ll be another £120 + vat bringing it to £432 whether that is expensive depends on the quality/ standard of finish plus it’s a once only purchase that will last a lifetime Griff
  14. BroadAmbition


    You sure they were yours? Griff
  15. BroadAmbition

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Could you tell me who is doing the stainless steel around the hatch please? So far unable to find anyone to do ours. Many Thanks F.W Hall and Son, Rackheath - 01603 626380. Rang me today. The two polished s/steel borders have been quoted at £240 for the pair (Plus vat of course) they will be 3mm thick laser cut from a sheet so no joints or welding to the corners with a 20mm overlap onto the deck from the hatches. They will drill screw them into place on the hatches. He did state that the two hatches differed slightly in size from each other - No, Really? - no surprise there then but will make the two borders identical size, this will mean one side the overlap will be down to 17mm but both will look identical. I will have to notch both of them out slightly once I have them onboard to fit round the end of the cabin sides (I have the tools / experience to do this). They will be ready for collection in January, he could have got them done before Christmas but they are somewhat pushed and it is not urgent for us to have them on the next maintenance weekend visit, besides it gives me time to properly adjust the load bearing inside frames that need some fine tuning and source some soft rubber rain water seals to bond to the backs of the borders. So sadly no photo's for a while yet Griff
  16. BroadAmbition

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Laughable and exasperating Griff
  17. BroadAmbition

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Oh if only someone would do it. I know, I’ll buy a Euro million ticket and do the sodding thing mysen BUT that would expose shallow un dredged areas elsewhere so no doubt the blessed authority would fight me all the way Griff
  18. BroadAmbition

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Those dredging figures you quoted are scratching the itch at best and were done because they absolutely had to be to save boats running aground at high water. It needs all the river done from Stokesby to GYA but what’s the point if the bottleneck of silt is left in place between Marina keys and the yellow post the commissioners must have been wasting their time eh? Griff
  19. BroadAmbition

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Coincidentally Beccles Old road bridge is quoted as being the same. Although on the low water range we never have a problem getting through and the Jewels are 7ft - ish, not a prayer of getting them through PHB Griff
  20. BroadAmbition

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    It's laughable or reduces one to tears. The current Broads Tide tables 2018 - 2019 produced by the Blessed Authority currently states clearance for PHB being 6FT 6" - That's for summer normal HIGH water tides - Really? I wish! they are kidding themselves, certainly not the rest of us Griff
  21. BroadAmbition

    Advice, Please

    I use the roll on / Lay off brush method when applying paint, Not tried it with varnish though, probably never will now Griff
  22. BroadAmbition

    Steering Question

    if its half round it is a woodruff key Not even half round in my experience, more like a third and with flat edges / sides Griff
  23. BroadAmbition

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    However, if the whole shooting match can be put down to "Climate change" then there can be no action to be reasonably taken. What a marvellous excuse for not doing much about it. And we all know just what 'Responsible' body has been using that very marvellous excuse ever since they came into being now don't we? (Do try to keep up and pay attention at the back) 'B.A' was designed to go under all Broads Bridges, launched in 66, she has an absolute minimum airdraft of 6ft 4" Ok, I can get her down to 6ft 3" but that involves removing the windscreen entirely (About half a dozen screws) which is in my skippers handbook onboard - Cheating and for emergency bridge shooting - I have never needed this extra 1" and hope I never do (Careful there Griffin) 'B.A' in the 60's / 70's / Most of the 80's regularly went through PHB as did many Brooms Admirals / Supreme Commanders we hired, they need around 7ft from memory, it was not unusual, it was the norm during normal low tides. Then of course we lost the Gt Yarmouth Commissioners looking after the Broads and the Broads Authority came into being (88?). The lower Bure ceased to have year round dredging, PHB became less of the norm and more of a treat / special occasion. Nowadays its a couple of times a year if we are lucky enough to be afloat near to Potter when we get an exceptionally low tide on the Northern rivers. 'Weather' (Pun intended) that is solely down to climate change or purely a coincidence when the Blessed Authority stopped dredging - Erm you decide, How long do you want - More than a couple of seconds? - Really? Griff
  24. BroadAmbition

    Advice, Please

    Now you have opened a can of worms Put 30 regular varnish users together and you'll get 30 different answers to that one. Never a truer word spoken. My method for what its worth (Not much to be honest):- Positively loads and loads of preparation finishing off with a 120 paper. 1) Hoover off with good old Henry with a brush fitting. (Btw - I had to get a new Henry recently, my last one got married - It stopped sucking!) Wipe down with white spirit on a lint free cloth, allow to dry. 1st coat, Ravilakk thinned down 50 / 50 with genuine turps. 2) Denib with green nlyon pad (I used to use 0000 wire wool but I find nylon pad produces less swarf), Henry, white spirit/cloth, allow to dry, Ravilakk/Turps 60/40. 3) Repeat 70/30. 4) Repeat 80/20. 5) Repeat but with full strength. 6) Last coat, full strength Brava varnish. 'Freshen up' any time 'Down the river' as and when required but flat off with 120, Henry, White spirit cloth, 1 x coat full strength Brava Now I will point out here that the above method is not the correct way or the incorrect way but works for me and I'm happy with the method / results. All other tried and tested methods are of course way inferior done by wannabe amateurs Griff
  25. BroadAmbition

    My Day

    Yes I was careful, I did not have to disturb / undoe any gas fittings. I looked up the codes E133 for this model ain't a frozen condensate pipe. Besides before I had this boiler installed I was aware of that issue so in our case the condensate pipe is inside the loft plumbed into the downpipe so it's all inside the house, cannot freeze or block. Last night I eventually got the cleaning / drying done and got the house toasty. if our boiler ain't performing, then no hot showers as our system the shower water comes off the boiler so I just had to get it working Griff

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