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  1. tried the highwaymans knot down the boat and it is perfect thank you
  2. that seems perfect thank you
  3. i usually do but we were there a while and it was ok to start with
  4. looks simple, will give it a go
  5. Hi launched my new to me broads boat yesterday, been quite a few years since i had a large boat, my previous one was only a 20' this one is 26' long x 10.6wide so quite a lump anyways she drove lovely, but we had to stop so the wife could do a conference call for her work on the way from the launch spot to the new moorings. the only place i could find was on the river side with no proper moorings but there was a built in ladder so i tied the rope to the ladder rung. I passed a loop through then tied it off however the tide moved the stern of the boat out into the river quite badly, so i had to pull the stern back towards the bank and then put a bank hook in and tied that on which helped. anyway while pulling her back in i pulled my arms and shoulders as i couldn't release the rope on the ladder as it had got so tight, i tried using the engine to move the stern in but nope i had to pull her in. which knot would of been good to tie onto the rung, so i could of slipped it with the loose end?
  6. still after one of these pls if anyone has 1 that the screw can be roved to inflate. mine is all white i did get given 1 but it doesn't match but will do great to attach to the mooring landing
  7. no annoyingly, he said he might know someone but i'd rather pay a bit and use a proper company
  8. managed to get hold of kingsley farrington, and no they don't do boat transport anymore and recommended chillout, but they don't have a hi-ab so still looking please
  9. kingsley aren't answering which is quite common obviously with ppl not being able to work
  10. bell's still do access for £40 to their yard for the company to drop it in water
  11. no they don't have hi-ab's
  12. not sure if chillout have a small enough lorry as you can't get a bigggg lorry onto the site where my boat is. GMR struggled with his fixed bed lorry
  13. thats who i bought the boat from, he only has a trailer and said he can't move it
  14. I have a 3 ton boat 26' x 10' i need moving from a field near beccles to loddon I used GMR to bring it here and he charged me £350 to move it from the other side of cambridge to beccles, he has since retired...... the cheapest i have found to move it from beccles to loddon it £480 I have tried Abbott transport, MRA transport, wavetrade, All the trailer boys can't move it as they can only move 2.75ton. so i think it'll have to be hi-abed as 3 ton is pretty heavy
  15. the pulley is enclosed in the mushroom top, but i gather i just need an extra piece of rope and tie it to the top loop on the flag then tie it off at the cleat, then tie the bottom rope to the cleat also
  16. no the pulley is inside the mushroom shaped top, only rope there is is whats attached to the flag
  17. Hi folks, strange question, I have a wooden flag pole with a pulley at the top of the pole and a small cleat near the bottom. I have just received my new ensign flag and it has a loop at the top and a loose rope at the bottom. does anyone know how to attach it to the pole pls?
  18. smitch6

    Bss And Tolls

    the trouble is we aren't meant to be near anyone else, so how can we follow government guidelines by not being within 2 metres of anyone and still have someone on our boats ?
  19. My rudder and framework seems to be made from mild steel, as it's quite rusty seems strange to me to have them made that way as they sit under water obviously, I will be anti-fouling them with a good couple of coats (apart from anodes) but i did wonder if it was worth painting them with a waterproof under water paint? does anyone know a paint that would work under water?
  20. i want to get my boat in water the 1st week of April. annoyingly my BSS examiner has messaged me to say due to the state of play at present he can't examine my boat. obviously with no bss i can't toll the boat either i wonder how the BA would be with how things are, ? this isn't a normal time obviously with everyone being told not to socialise or go near others. i will be ringing them during the week to ask advice
  21. I have got water, yes the cold goes in the bottom and the hot or of the top, I cracked the joint coming out of the top and let it run for a few seconds and it then seemed to get warm all the way along the pipes, Checked the water after 10 mins and hey presto it's warm well happy now thanks everyone
  22. it is higher than the engine slightly by about 6" i'd say. how do you purge it? i'm down there today
  23. childrens lifejackets aren't usually inflateable, whether it be manual or auto they are usually the bouyancy type
  24. i will be having the grandkids coming to visit at the end of july and will be taking them out on our boat, i'd like to get them some life jackets to use obviously, they are 6-8 has anyone got 2 i could borrow for a week or don't mind buying if they're for sale instead please i'm lowestoft way thank you
  25. Hi i have a 1.5 BMC and an upright calorifier make unknown, closed engine system goes into the side and the fresh water go in the top. i was running the engine for a few hours the other day on land with a hosepipe in the raw water filter to cool the engine, the engine got nice and warm and 1 pipe going into the calorifer got warm too, but the 1 coming out didn't ...... the thermostat is a 79º one and that opened at 1 point and the temperature then went down quite a bit, but still the pipe didn't get warm. the water level in the bowman went down a bit when the thermostat opened but didn't move much after that. i would suggest i have an air leak but how on earth can i get rid of it? i tried to remove a pipe and water came out. i have put a brand new water pump on there as that was leaking
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