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  1. AEJB

    Another One Bites The Dust

    This was sent to all employees today, I thought members might be interested in another point of view. Broads Authority Press Statement The Broads Authority removed Mr James Knight from the Navigation Committee on 28 September 2018. The decision follows an internal Code of Conduct complaint about repeated comments published by Mr Knight accusing staff of deliberately misleading Members. A full investigation by an independent barrister found no evidence to support Mr Knight’s serious public accusations. The Broads Authority’s Hearings Committee carefully considered the barrister's report alongside evidence from Mr Knight and other witnesses before concluding that Mr Knight had breached the Authority's Code of Conduct. The Hearings Committee expressed the view that, although Mr Knight's actions were incompatible with his co-opted membership of the Authority's Navigation Committee, he should nevertheless be offered a final opportunity to retract his statements and apologise before recommending his removal. Mr Knight chose not to take the opportunity extended to him to draw a line under the matter leaving the Authority no alternative but to remove him. Background note for Editors Last summer Mr James Knight, a co-opted member of the Broads Authority’s Navigation Committee, publicly alleged that officers of the Authority had deliberately and wilfully misled the Planning Committee. Mr Knight’s allegations were thoroughly investigated and it was concluded that none of them had any substance. Mr Knight was asked four times to either substantiate his allegations or retract his comments. A Code of Conduct Complaint by another Member concerning the same matter was investigated by an independent barrister who concluded that there was no evidence to support Mr Knight’s assertion and that he had breached the Authority’s Code of Conduct in respect of Leadership and Equality and Respect. On 12th September 2018 a panel of three Broads Authority Members, advised by an independent person, considered the complaint, the report of the independent barrister and evidence from Mr Knight and other witnesses. The Panel concluded that Mr Knight had failed to treat others, particularly the Authority’s officers, with respect. He was given 7 days to retract his comments and apologise. When this was not forthcoming the Panel felt that, if this was not forthcoming, it would have no alternative other than to recommend to the Authority that Mr Knight be removed from the Navigation Committee. On Friday 28th September the Broads Authority Board considered the report of the Hearings Committee and the absence of a retraction and apology. The Board decided to remove Mr Knight from the Navigation Committee with immediate effect. A replacement will be appointed from the 1st April 2019 as part of the recruitment process for the Committee which is already underway. Please note: The hearings had to be taken in private because of Local Government provisions for the protection of officers and legal considerations due to the unjustified accusations of malfeasance against those officers, who were not parties to the complaint
  2. AEJB

    Vessel Taking On Water At Horning

    the vessel was Norada, a plank gave way, it's now back at Wroxham drying out.
  3. AEJB

    Something Has Gone Missing!

    Potter bridge, not before time
  4. AEJB

    Country File On The Broads

    Guessing it was something to do with carbon monoxide.
  5. AEJB

    Woodbastwick Moorings

  6. AEJB

    Broads Authority Footing Bill For New Railway Signs?

    Dnks34, I can't be 100% sure, but every penny has to be accounted for and allocated to a budget, so it would be very easy to find out how this was funded. We have to jump through hoops to make sure what we do comes out of the correct budget for the job we are doing, right down to nuts and bolts for a countryside site maintenance. It is very important to the BA that the correct funding is used at all times. So as I said before, I would be gobsmacked if the signs came from the toll account.
  7. AEJB

    Broads Authority Footing Bill For New Railway Signs?

    What ever anyone believes to be Dr Packham reasons for installing signs at rail stations, it won't be coming out of tolls income.
  8. AEJB

    Broads Authority Footing Bill For New Railway Signs?

    I can't imagine for 1 minute that nav money is being spent on this,,,,,,not a chance!
  9. AEJB

    Thefts From Motor Vehicles

    I believe the link from Norfolk Nog and the arrest that Wildfuzz relates are two different persons.
  10. AEJB

    Electricity At Moorings

    Vanessan the yacht stations and TIC's don't open until April, but you will be able to swop old cards when they do. If you require the new cards before April, Yare house or the Rangers should be able to help you.
  11. AEJB

    On The Wroxham Web Cam

    on again tonight
  12. AEJB

    On The Wroxham Web Cam

    There is a light on in the stern window
  13. AEJB

    Wroxham Broad Slipway Closed

    The carpark is being used by Land and Water as a launching area for the work that is starting at Hoveton Great Broad.
  14. AEJB

    BA Broad Sheet

  15. AEJB

    BA Broad Sheet

    I would advise a short visit to make the vessel legal. If the vessel was registered with the BA and the owner was recorded, I would then issue a request to inspect the BSC and insurance documents. This would then be dealt with by the Tolls office.

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