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  1. I expect Tom will be along shortly to explain all.
  2. exactly where the above tread has reported
  3. Maybe its easier to say there may be a problem with the vaccine rather than admit they cant get hold of enough for all the EU residents, after all they are very slow getting it out
  4. Nobody has said who won today's race, just that Lewis got the 8 points he needed more than Bottas to be the world champion Be sure to watch it, probably in the top ten of all time races for excitement Andy
  5. MM, I work in the area of Wroxham bridge and check the levels most days. As rule of thumb the summer months will give you a clearance of 6ft 6in to 7ft. The winter is usually around 5ft 9in to 6ft 3in. Having said that, depending on the shape of your boat, you can easily add a couple of inches to the clearance
  6. Cabby, I don't know what's going on with your toll problem but that doesn't stop you useing your tender. Worst case will be paying for a short visit licence which is deducted from your annual toll. You will not be fined unless you refuse to pay a toll.
  7. I would never stay at the yacht station because of the road noise first thing in thing in the morning. What I do is moor in Brooms and get the 5 minute train journey into the city
  8. Ranworth moorings have asked people not to go to their boats and I'm fine with that. What would be the point, oh and the Rangers aren't going round in May for their usual poke around
  9. It's got to be either Upton dyke or Coltishall lock
  10. Just to add, ML Yare is the last wooden top launch in the BA fleet and is over 40 years old, still looks great just out of refit
  11. Black Horse opens Easter Saturday for 1 week. It then opens again Spring Bank holiday Saturday. Finally closes for winter on the 31st October. Hope this helps
  12. This was sent to all employees today, I thought members might be interested in another point of view. Broads Authority Press Statement The Broads Authority removed Mr James Knight from the Navigation Committee on 28 September 2018. The decision follows an internal Code of Conduct complaint about repeated comments published by Mr Knight accusing staff of deliberately misleading Members. A full investigation by an independent barrister found no evidence to support Mr Knight’s serious public accusations. The Broads Authority’s Hearings Committee carefully considered the bar
  13. the vessel was Norada, a plank gave way, it's now back at Wroxham drying out.
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