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  1. Boaters

    New Webcam

    Simon,thanks for that,added to my list of Cams on the Broads.interesting to see something different from the boatyard cams.Roy
  2. Boaters

    Merry Christmas From The Mods

    Seasons greetings to all πŸ˜€ Diane and Roy
  3. TFI was taken from horning The Ferry Inn ,we were told when they launched that brand and appears to be their brand, if you go on the site and tick Rackheath you will get that as the group of restaurants details. πŸ˜„ we will give it a try on our way back from Norwich sometime ,as it would be a good stop for us. 🍺🍴
  4. The Green Man at Rackheath has now reopened as TFI. Sister to the Ferry inn Horning .Anybody tried it yet,? looks to be similar food etc to Ferry according to website ?
  5. Just listened to the show and wondered if we learnt any thing from what was said,many interesting question ,but many were not fully answered and β€œ I will check when I get back to the office β€œ It vwould be interesting if these answers were to be given back β€œ air .” Did you listen to it ?
  6. So sorry to hear the sad news Alan,our thoughts are with you and all you family at this time Diane and Roy
  7. Boaters

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Good news Robin same examiner ,I can imagine your thoughts when he came out I passed in a Morris Minor ,needed that window winder ,hand signals in those days,most drivers would wonder what I am on about ?
  8. Boaters

    Robert John Richardson

    Our thoughts are with you all at this time .
  9. Boaters

    New Moorings

    We cruised the Ouse for many years before moving to Norfolk and always used Goba moorings ,wish we had something joke that in Norfolk ?
  10. Boaters

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Getting closer Robin ,good luck
  11. Boaters

    My Accident!

    Glad to hear you made it to the wedding,hope your feeling better.Many years ago at a pals wedding his father had a back problem and went to the church in the back of a van being carried on a door .Would not happen now days ? But like you he was determined to make the day.Best wishes.
  12. Boaters

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    We were on the Broads when Coot Club was being filmed and still watch the DVD with the, Grandkids .Have a cine film some where which I must dig out taken at different times during filming ,remember they were doing the Braydon scenes with fog machines and such ,now days it would all by added by Effects in the post editing I am sure .Been a Ransome fan since that first book from the school library .A good source of his stuff was available in the Horning Post Office .
  13. Waited so long for this and certainly useful for us in North Norfolk ,driven it dozens of times but not comfortable with the roundabouts ? Garmin sat nav shows fields, despite two map updates ? How long do they take to update ? Roy
  14. Boaters

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    Many thanks ,I will pass on the information to Brian .Welcome any more that you come up with.
  15. Boaters

    Waterside Properties To Rent ?

    Member of the family looking for a waterside property to fish from on the Northern rivers September time ,any advise welcome,thanks Roy

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