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  1. Brilliant restoration of the Canal with walks ,wildlife and boat trips on their passenger restored boat and a chance to get involved in the restoration..Details on their various Facebook pages,Look for the film evening at the Atrium in North Walsham in June .
  2. Sorry won’t be with you ,hope you all have a good time
  3. Nice to see you both at Colltishal enjoying the good weather and having a natter .Malanka looking great and is a credit to you,Hope you had a good trip home.Roy
  4. Sometime takes time to load properly, but worth the effort
  5. Some realy nice footage of many parts of the Broads ,taken from a Drone. https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/drone-video-of-the-broads-at-the-still-waters-norwich-exhibition-1-5967289
  6. Some thirty years ago after friends had a week on the Broads with him ,we hired a Freeman 26 from a chap who also had some day boats in Beccles I only remember his first name was Jimmy.All went well till we could not get it into gear in Stalham .we phoned him and within the hour he turned up and fixed it.That was good until later when I realised that had he not fixed it ,then how would he have got us and the boat back South ? It was then I vowed to use a hire yard in future as I realised that I although we and the children had a good holiday.,I would not risk being stuck in the future ,with limited back up.
  7. I would never consider it ,but the maintenance and breakdown response would make it a no no I would have thought.
  8. Discussion on Radio Norfolk about a plan to place you inn touch with boat owners prepared to hire out their boats directly . The amount of arguments about the obstacles involved from The BA ,and othhers involved in boating ,not to mention the owner of the boats moorings ,could limit the take up on this idea .Would you consider doing this with your pride and joy ?
  9. Heard that it opens today in the old children’s clothes shop ,opposite Mc Donald’s 🤗
  10. A birthday treat at Brands saw myself behind the wheel of Lotus Elise and then a Nissan GT-R and going at 120 mph the fastest I have driven 😊was an awesome experience ,but satisfied a long standing desire to drive a race track.Thoughorly recommended.I surpose a bash round Oulton Broad. In a power boat would be an equivalent water based experience!
  11. All the top places listed in the Norfolk tourism awards and included Greg and mentioned Richardson’s ,well done , some of the others would not have been on my list,but we are all different,interesting to hear your choices ? https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/business/norfolk-tourism-awards-all-the-winners-from-the-big-night-1-5912049
  12. Our Bounty gets mainly water in the tray under the engine,from the hatch area,we use a pick up tool and a nappy to soak it up ,job done.
  13. Simon,thanks for that,added to my list of Cams on the Broads.interesting to see something different from the boatyard cams.Roy
  14. Seasons greetings to all 😀 Diane and Roy
  15. TFI was taken from horning The Ferry Inn ,we were told when they launched that brand and appears to be their brand, if you go on the site and tick Rackheath you will get that as the group of restaurants details. 😄 we will give it a try on our way back from Norwich sometime ,as it would be a good stop for us. 🍺🍴
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