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  1. Thank you all for your hard work and time,Respect to all.🤗
  2. Thank you Grendel for comments,I posted the thread to see how the. Numbers allowed would affect the leisure industry and possible outcomes or to the solutions that could apply to the type of cases mentioned.It was never intended to become yet another political debate ,of which there are many .I would still like to here comments about the way these visitors and providers can face this situation when these new limits come into force ?
  3. Reading the news this morning and the new restrictions made me think of the implications for the holiday industry in and around Norfolk ? Many boats and holiday rentals cater for up to 10 or 12 people who have bookings ? I read elsewhere of 7 people booked on a boat from Monday ,do they leave one person out ?,get refunds ? Or rebook ? Just as the industry was beginning to settle down a bit 😮
  4. Heard from a source at B A that there was many hundreds of private boat tolls unpaid ,surely they can’t take legal action against them all ?
  5. When we moored in St Neots we were the butt of many jokes in the clubhouse about our Freeman having a “ wallpapered toilet compartment “ but the truth was the walls would have taken forever to restore, so we did some good sealing and applied a very heavy duty cork patterned Vynl wall covering which did the job ,looked good and was still sound some ten years later. We also relined the ceiling fixing it with a spray on carpet glue ,looked as good as our friends Freeman who paid £500 for theirs.Had the satisfaction of having done the jobs our selves.🤗
  6. Are you still looking ? I may be able to help ,I’m in North Norfolk but moor on the Northern Broads 😊
  7. Interesting thread,still have my layout which is going up to the Grandchildren when allowed.to travel Spent two years as a volunteer modeller at Wroxham Miniature worlds ,very large layouts but could nut be done in the detail shown here,but building base boards ,track ,buildings ,mountains and animations was all great fun and have been running for a few years now.Well worth a visit
  8. Very sad news,condolences to Mags and family.In our thoughts Diane and Roy
  9. If irs going up the Bure ? Then maybe it will end up at Acle as the new Visitor Centre
  10. Sad news ,he will be sadly missed,Diane and Roy
  11. Potter higham Phoenix craft next to the bridge and Upton Dyke good parking .Enjoy
  12. Wishing all a great Christmas anaNew Year Diane and Roy
  13. We have Sainsburys,Lidl and Waitrose here in North Walsham so use a mixture of all of them finding Waitrose " offers " when they are on very good value.also do notice that you see all store carrier bags at the checkouts ,I think shoppers are more Savvy now days.Using the " my supermarket " app you find that offers move from store to store with their promotions .
  14. Did that stretch when we bought a boat fron Naburn and then brought it back to the Brovads .it originally came from Wroxham. Nice river ,but like the Broads best.Would not see much in half an hour ,for £40 ouch
  15. Was in riverside today,and there are a few more boards not far from there that would improve the look of the area.if they were moved.
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