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  1. Personally I'd say thunder is too big if the majority of the time you're solo and to be honest all you really gain on thunder is two singles on the side at the back but you don't feel the benefit really of the extra 8ft in comparison to silver cloud. Unfortunately not enough of this style of boat were ever made to have a luxurious layout for 2 couples or any other kind of layout that may have happened if more were about. I should say I am a very happy owner on thunder and absolutely love her but the first boat I ever went on was the same style Greenway marine ran and have always had rose tinted glasses on regarding this design ever since. Also you'll definitely save money on a syndicate instead of hiring a couple times a year just make sure you find out what's been done to the boat, what's planned, if there's any funds in the bank already for big plans etc etc.
  2. Can anyone remember the strange syndicate about 10 years or more ago. Ran the old kingfisher surveyor boat. Really weird concept where you got your set weeks then just a free for all for as long as you like in winter. Obviously a terrible idea as it just disappeared.
  3. Couldn't agree more with that.
  4. Yeah I'd also agree with your first paragraph being spot on. I'm very fond of lowliners and have seen in the past others are too and it's been mentioned about if one was syndicated so thought I'd test the water and see if there was a the demand for one. Think what this discussion has done though has made me realise just how difficult it would be to start from scratch especially with strangers and different points of views.
  5. Griff how do your lot decide on allocation. One of the reasons I'd be keen on a smaller syndicate is the extra time onboard I would get that could be more evenly spread over the year as opposed to a week in January and February I got this year, plus 2 other weeks that were very nicely spaced out I must day. Also knowing I have more time aboard I'd probably spend most of my weeks as short breaks so to get down more often without using full weeks off work.
  6. So my costings weren't too far off then if you get a good group together and also able to do some of the work yourself.
  7. Pleased I started this thread there's been some interesting replies. Kris cruiser s put one of their lowliners up for 39k a few years back and I was always of the mind a ex hire boat from a reputable yard would be a good starting point knowing it's been regularly services and maintenaned every season. If it's not worth syndicating a used boat why would you ever buy a boat on your own that hasn't had the works done to it unless you're after a project.
  8. Would be interesting to know Griff as you have the only sort of private syndicate boat I know of whether what I stated for the expenses is anywhere near what it costs yourselves to run the boat. Obviously I didn't put down the costs of winter maintenance or things like gas bottles and valets.
  9. Sorry I should have stated that was just the basic costs to have a boat floating in the water.
  10. Kind of wish I'd changed the header from project lowliner 😖
  11. I've attached a document I made of all the costs I could think of to running a lowliner. Under no illusion that having a boat whether on your own or as part of a small or large syndicate can be expensive at times but a 20k w/m budget isn't the norm either. Like I said for most things you can plan ahead while always having a reserve for disasters.
  12. I agree with you on this. When I've looked into the running costs of a lowliner it's worked out at about 3 to 4k a year and that was if it was moored at Swan craft. Between 5 people that still works out less than 1k a year so cheaper than what I pay at the moment. Less people should surely mean things can be organised a lot easier and greater choice of weeks available. Granted at winter maintenance costs will need to be included but I think a lot of things could be planned ahead with a fund in place so not to feel it too much.
  13. That's the ideal scenario
  14. I don't think a brand new boat with a buy in price in excess of 20k would ever take off but there have been plenty on diamond 35s for sale over the years for around 60_70k so the buy in price would be no different to current syndicate boats now. Like you say getting everyone to agree on everything before a boat has been bought is probably the biggest challenge. Seems there is a market for smaller boats so fingers crossed more come up. I know I've been tempted by silver cloud but no dogs allowed has put me off.
  15. I find with a lowliner as it uses up every bit of space you end up with a lot of boat for the size yet to handle and moor they are probably my favourite boat to use as they feel very nimble.
  16. Well that is a very well put reply and I agree you don't get into a syndicate as a cheap form of boating but I do think money could be saved in some straight forward areas, management fees but also moorings. All syndicates on the broads seem to be moored in the most expensive areas and considering I spend as long as it takes to pack, repack and clean the boat out I'd much rather that money went towards the boat. The point about refurbing a boat inside I'm not too sure on, take emerald emblem or even lady Pamela on the thames. I wouldn't say either would need much doing to get them to syndicate standard and to be honest of all syndicate boats on the broads I doubt any if they were in a hire fleet would get into an elite range or be classed as a top of the range boat.
  17. Glad to know there's someone else who's a fan of the lowliner and I agree with you on how week allocation should be done in my opinion I also think it's possible to run for a much lower amount in my opinion. Yeah it would be good to hear Alan how you go about setting a syndicate up also how you deal with maintenance and problems. I'm not going to go out and buy a boat tomorrow as this was more to gauge if there would be an interest in this style of boat.
  18. Really simple one this, I've been hoping for a long time that more syndicate boats started to appear on the broads as I've been an owner on one for a few years now and on a whole if you like boating and can afford the initial outlay it's a great route to go down. My only issue there isn't much variety to choose from and I'd like to be part of one where say maybe there was half the number of owners and no management company as this would allow more flexibility on weeks and should be cheaper with no management fees. My choice of boat to syndicate if enough people were interested would be an aquafibre lowliner 38. Are there many other like myself that are as fond of this design and would you be interested getting involved in this syndicate if one were to appear ?
  19. Would there be enough width on the river to put in floating pontoons.
  20. No they are set up the same as normal up there apart from the hatch was to the side but the rest was the same. Expilot has cleared it up it is one of those ugly lowliner sedan things.
  21. Can you recall what boat this was can’t think of any lowliner with upper steering on opposite side.
  22. No definitely I can see why you thought that. There’s a good number of boats that used to state they could fit under potter or wroxham years ago that now no longer fit. Must be the yards getting worried about boats getting stuck on the other side.
  23. Nothing I enjoy more than being told I’m wrong ? To be honest I’d heard so many times off people it was sinking I just took it as gospel. Is that true about dredging or is that tongue in cheek.
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