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  1. TeamElla


    Could this be why we have noticed large numbers of fish at St. Olaves Marina too? We've been there 17 years and only recently noticed such large shoals of fish there. It's attracted cormorants, that used to visit occasionally but now they're a regular sight within the marina.
  2. TeamElla

    Ropes Like Ours

    Hello Vaughan, Yes we use 3 strand rather than the braided in the video. But I'm left handed and I do have the exact problem with knots forming as demonstrated when making the coils before hanging them up. (And I was taught to do it that way 50 years ago by a sailing instructor!).
  3. TeamElla

    Ropes Like Ours

    Yep that's me (the improper one that is) See the video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX4Zr0vdGHE Steve
  4. TeamElla

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Hylander, I think you'll find it's Waxham Cut out of Horsey Mere and it's weedy with a capital W above the bridge at the north end (well it was in 2002!) See picture taken halfway up the cut which gives you a feel for what it's like up there:-
  5. TeamElla

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Oh no, not at all. That board to the left of the picture is the old (apparently now missing) "shallow water" sign at the entrance to the dyke that ultimately leads to Kings Fleet etc. It's only yards off the main dyke into Bargate. Should something as large as a 44 footer emerged from within those confined and potentially shallow backwaters, apart from the shock of seeing it come out of there, I doubt that we had left enough deep water alongside us for it to pass by without running aground (although tenders, canoes etc would pass with ease). We ventured in on the inflatable tender from which the picture was taken and had no idea how to reach the staithe at the time. It's pretty clear that the staithe is meant just for locals, so we wouldn't land there now anyway.
  6. TeamElla

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Hello Paul, Cole Parmers is £300+ but at lease it floats if dropped. The thing to look out for is minimum depth measurement (as some cheap ones don't read less than 0.8 metres). Spec of the one on Cole Parmer's site unknown. Suggest cheaper option (your sacrificial crew member !)
  7. TeamElla

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Yes there is. It's meant for fisherman and the transducer is hand held (looking something like a torch). Racking brains to remember manufacturer.
  8. TeamElla

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    It's just as well that 44 footer wasn't in there when we did this then............. (All we had pass us was canadian style canoes)
  9. TeamElla

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    We've been in as far as Kings Fleet on an inflatable tender with electric outboard. Tried a few side passages too but found them blocked by fallen trees. I've got a video taken on part of the journey somewhere.
  10. TeamElla

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Hello Robin, The staithe is a pleasant stroll away from the Ferry House Pub (and the approach between the houses does not appear to cross any private land, merely passing between adjacent properties). As far as visiting by tender goes, there is a sign at the staithe which deters waterborne visitors. I can't remember the exact wording but it's something like one of these below:- "For the use of local residents only" or "Mooring limited to local residents tenders only" So anyone visiting by boat might get some grief from residents. Other than that it's a peaceful spot to visit on foot. Steve
  11. TeamElla


    And it can be such a hard place to tear yourself away from!
  12. TeamElla

    New Boat Horn

    I've just bought an emergency boat horn. Actually, it's the only horn we have at the moment and it has a wealth of fine attributes:- VERY LOUD No power required No moving parts Breaks down to 2 parts for storage CHEAP (at £3.99 delivered) Availability:- A few days via mail order Drawbacks:- The operator needs training in it's use (I find that it helps to limber up a bit and relax before operation!) Spouse may threaten physical damage if you practice with it in the house === https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181429603950?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  13. TeamElla

    Dry (lead) Crystal Batteries

    Correction to prices in last post:- GLX-E (100 amp hr) is actually £250.50 including a pair of post adapters, VAT and (currently) free delivery Of course that's still very expensive, but what a spec (read the full article) Highlights:- Spill free (almost dry) No fumes when charging 3-4 times the life of normal lead acid batteries No sulphation (ever) Leave discharged without damage Routinely deeper discharge in service than other types without damage (i.e. continuous useful power output for longer before recharge) 100% discharge possible without destroying (although service life is lowered) And at the end of the day, 99% recyclable when they finally need replacing
  14. Company closed in 2017 but here's the manual for anyone that needs it X-Alt.pdf
  15. TeamElla

    Dry (lead) Crystal Batteries

    If if understand their write up correctly (and I emphasise only if that's true) , charging as if it were an AGM battery is normal but apparently it will stand the increased voltage of being charged as if it were a flooded lead acid battery.

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