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  1. Does anyone know what the current supply situation is for Calor 3.9Kg Propane (in Gt. Yarmouth area). I had the empty bottle ok last year - just couldn't get it filled up!
  2. Andy, I have a friend who is looking for a boat (hence my interest). My post was to alert you to the absent website. From our perspective In present circumstances (i.e. lockdown) there's no hurry, so we shall wait for return of the website. If you give some basic info here (Make, Model, Price) that will be enough to pass on for now and he can email Pam if it's of interest. Good luck with the sale. Rgds, Steve
  3. Wherry at Langley after it closed and before it was converted to a house
  4. Those buoys are actually quite substantial compared to others that we encountered (and the underwater obstructions are completely unmarked) The bed of this river is unforgiving rock
  5. Now the weirs on the River Lot Actually the couple of buoys in this picture don't mark the weir at all (which is about 9 feet high and stretching across the entire river - it's almost invisible in this picture) but instead they just abouy manage to mark the side channel to avoid the weir:-
  6. How the British mark navigation hazards versus how the French mark them..... first the benign Upper River Medway in Kent (sluices or weirs):-
  7. I wonder how the lovely riverside vineyard at Parnac fared. Their workers looked like a really happy bunch exchanging banter and enjoying a meal together on a long table by the river as we passed by. (For ref, it's where the "Celebrity 5 Go Barging" crew of Tom Conti, Penny Smith, Diarmuid Gavin and Tessa Sanderson first boarded their boats before going back to the base and staying overnight at Douelle. Most of that programme featured their outward / return journey in the opposite direction, upstream of Douelle and back). The river bank at Parnac (vineyard side of river) is much lowe
  8. Hello Griff Already seen it thanks, too late though (That makes three of us that have separately posted about the same topic) I would have found it sooner if the OP had used a more descriptive title Enjoyed a holiday from that base back in 2008. I know that Vaughan knows the base well. Rgds, Steve
  9. Moderators - I think I should have put this in "Hire Boats Discussion"
  10. Pontoon carried away in floods carrying 21 of Le Boat's hire fleet with it Some sunk, some smashed up, some stuck under bridges Spectacle of boats scattered along the river moving at speed in the flood waters
  11. https://www.leparisien.fr/video/video-inondations-des-bateaux-dune-societe-de-croisiere-fluviale-emportes-par-la-crue-du-lot-03-02-2021-UCQRFZV4RZDKBDMA4ZFJFEAJ3M.php
  12. Not only is it a great place to moor for the 360 degree views, clean air and peace of the evening (after the last boat has passed) and the call of Oyster Catchers on the opposite bank, but it has probably the strongest cellphone signal on the Broads if such things are important to you.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I haven't physically looked to see what's going on with linkages but I don't expect to find a problem. The gearbox engages ok and I'm sure that the throttle linkage will be ok. The problem is the lag in engine response time to the control input. It does eventually respond (without any further change of control line input) but after an initial irritating lag. I reckon that I will find that it's the same whether I'm going forward or astern, but like any other boat owner astern is my braking system. (Imagine your car brakes dithering about deciding to stop y
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