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  1. TeamElla

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    We've been in as far as Kings Fleet on an inflatable tender with electric outboard. Tried a few side passages too but found them blocked by fallen trees. I've got a video taken on part of the journey somewhere.
  2. TeamElla

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Hello Robin, The staithe is a pleasant stroll away from the Ferry House Pub (and the approach between the houses does not appear to cross any private land, merely passing between adjacent properties). As far as visiting by tender goes, there is a sign at the staithe which deters waterborne visitors. I can't remember the exact wording but it's something like one of these below:- "For the use of local residents only" or "Mooring limited to local residents tenders only" So anyone visiting by boat might get some grief from residents. Other than that it's a peaceful spot to visit on foot. Steve
  3. TeamElla


    And it can be such a hard place to tear yourself away from!
  4. TeamElla

    New Boat Horn

    I've just bought an emergency boat horn. Actually, it's the only horn we have at the moment and it has a wealth of fine attributes:- VERY LOUD No power required No moving parts Breaks down to 2 parts for storage CHEAP (at £3.99 delivered) Availability:- A few days via mail order Drawbacks:- The operator needs training in it's use (I find that it helps to limber up a bit and relax before operation!) Spouse may threaten physical damage if you practice with it in the house === https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181429603950?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  5. TeamElla

    Dry (lead) Crystal Batteries

    Correction to prices in last post:- GLX-E (100 amp hr) is actually £250.50 including a pair of post adapters, VAT and (currently) free delivery Of course that's still very expensive, but what a spec (read the full article) Highlights:- Spill free (almost dry) No fumes when charging 3-4 times the life of normal lead acid batteries No sulphation (ever) Leave discharged without damage Routinely deeper discharge in service than other types without damage (i.e. continuous useful power output for longer before recharge) 100% discharge possible without destroying (although service life is lowered) And at the end of the day, 99% recyclable when they finally need replacing
  6. Company closed in 2017 but here's the manual for anyone that needs it X-Alt.pdf
  7. TeamElla

    Dry (lead) Crystal Batteries

    If if understand their write up correctly (and I emphasise only if that's true) , charging as if it were an AGM battery is normal but apparently it will stand the increased voltage of being charged as if it were a flooded lead acid battery.
  8. TeamElla

    The "kick" Of The Propellor

    Like many others, we've put our starboard "prop walk" effect to good use over the years. On Ella it is hugely amplified by starting a turn to port (while still slowly moving forwards) before going astern. So strong is this effect that when coming in at an angle to moor stbd side on, (in a small slot) after going astern to both stop the forward motion and swing the stern in, a short burst of forward thrust with full stbd helm applied can be the only thing that will stop the stern from hitting the bank. Foregoing anything to do with tide and wind, It makes for a snappy single handed arrival snug into the bank, but it needs a bit more clearance in front of the boat to accommodate the extra foot of forward motion that occurs. Re changing props:- Before looking to try other diameter/pitch props, it's worth taking a good look at the old prop. Ours was so old and battered that just replacing like for like made such a difference it was like having a new boat. After all, the manufacturers knew what they were doing when they fitted the original prop and 30 years of who knows what had taken it's toll. We even discovered that the original prop had a hidden crack in it!
  9. I found this interesting (but they're unavailable at the moment - see greyed out price list):- http://www.motorcaravanning.co.uk/shopuk/galax_e_leisure_batteries.htm 100% discharge without damage? I suppose these would be compatible with the usual charging regime for lead acid batteries. On another subject:- Does anyone have a copy of the (now obsolete) Driftgate 2000 X-Alt Alternator Charge Controller Installation/Setup Instructions that I could borrow or buy (or perhaps a pdf copy that I could have please)? Rgds, Steve p.s. wish I could find out why my text drops 2 lines every time I hit return...
  10. TeamElla

    Burgh Castle BA Moorings

    BA 24hr moorings above Burgh Castle Marina on the Waveney now marked as PERMANENTLY CLOSED (seen Sunday 22nd April 2018). Steve
  11. I started a thread about this a while ago (and I'm staggered to find that it was actually 10 years ago!). It's still accessible but it looks like all the pictures have been lost:- I'm enjoying the Ch 5 programme. It brings back all the memories but I would like to know whether Le Boat have now stopped discharging sewage direct from the boats into the river. It certainly curtailed our interest in swimming in the river (albeit 10 years ago now)!
  12. TeamElla

    Favourite Whisky

    My mum always said that I should take my medicine! I'm with deebee on this one Smokeee...
  13. TeamElla

    Favourite Whisky

    Where does the peaty taste of Laphroaig appear in your ratings?
  14. TeamElla

    Stern Tube (shaft log) woes

    And I had no idea that it was happening. The boat had been constantly in the water for 3-4 years and you can't see that that the shaft is out of alignment when the pss seal is in place. There was no noise, the prop turned as free as anything, and it only became evident that there was a problem when the damage emerged from underneath the rubber gaitor and I couldn't stop the leak (or even see where it was coming from). It's no surprise that our BMC 1500 has dropped on it's (probably 40 year old) mountings. They too obviously need changing. Lack of regular inspection has reaped it's consequences ... Steve

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