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    Vaughan, the current Chief Exective was a volunteer for the RNLI until his appointment to a full time job. Maybe your toffee and mustard millionaires didn’t need the money?
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    The RNLI says it turned over £163 million in 2018. What is an appropriate salary for the chief exec? If I remember rightly the BA turns over £6m and the CEO gets about £100k. The RNLI chief exec was himself a volunteer and had a senior position at a bank I think sometimes this forum comes across as being populated by naive people who cannot accept how the world works. A budget in the 9 figures requires a command of finance over most other considerations. I’d do the job for £30k but they’d be idiots to hire me.
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    It's always amazing how compassion is inversely proportional to distance. Im very proud that my contributions might have an impact in saving lives, why would I be upset if that was foreign lives that were being saved. You have to admit that if you unhappy with this money being spent, you are also happy that people die who could have been saved. Not a good look.
  4. Oh Lordy people are in for a shock. Essentially, as I understand it, all the current laws and regulations will be taken into UK law en masse This is so the world doesn’t stop while new laws are written So on many many many levels nothing will change Except of course whatever Government is in is going to have to find billions to pay for this **** show so expect life to get more expensive
  5. Nigel, I’ve just read Ruth’s story and it’s brilliant. What happens next? Did she ever complete her life story?
  6. NBN comes out against swimming event - again. In other shock news: Bear s****s in woods and Pope revealed as Catholic.
  7. Great pics btw EastCoast. We were together all day.. One of the best days sport I have ever seen.
  8. Q , nicked this picture from EastCoastIPaA Lots of people entered this section close to the wooden motor cruiser far right. From there I'm pretty sure the words Guard ship are invisible, so hugging the starboard side of the river they saw the guard ship as the went level with it. The Guard ship then indicated the transit line with an arm - its to where the camera is. I'm not complaining, just think it could be better. I've done the mark further down the river, and a mark, not transit line on this years transit line, so pretty much everyone looked confused and it was about as difficult as river sailing gets.
  9. Technically yes Q, but technically I’m sure none of them could hear it. It wasn’t a matter of rules of sailing in the narrow section at the top of the Ant. The rules of sailing assume, essentially, that there is enough water to allow all boats to pass. If there isn’t then a sensible skipper would turn round. In the narrow section at the top of the Ant you can’t turn round. We saw more than one example of two boats together going UP at speed. , three boats tacking DOWN very slowly and a hire boat in the middle. Impossible to resolve without contact But it was the most fantastic spectacle and I have nothing but admiration for all the skippers including the hire boat skippers who even if they had been warned (and I know that at least one who picked up from Stalham wasn’t told anything) did their best in extraordinary circumstances I have an interest as next year I will be doing it in our new boat 10 feet longer than any I’ve competed in before Brown trousers anyone?
  10. I was standing right there, and it was carnage. The boats going up the Ant like A-raters were doing what? 7 or 8 knots? The boats going down were tacking in a width of 4 boat widths. The A-rater arrived to find a hirer on the right hand side of the river (the hirers right hand side) who had just turned the corner to find what must have been his worst nightmare, he slowed to a crawl sensibly. The A-rater saw 2 competitor boats coming towards him out side the motor boat, so he took the only line he could, between the motor boat and the left bank. There was just enough room but he didn't or couldn't sheet in enough and his boom remained with the motor boat, taking a chunk of his very expensive sail, and then went straight to the bottom of the river. Just a note for Q since you are a wise and trusted member of the Horning team, and I expect will read this, if you look in the pictures you can see the Guard ship is clearly marked, but, this was invisible as you entered the basin before the bridge. The other end on the transit lime was a pole with a round red thing on the top about the size of a bagel. We stood on the corner and after hearing pretty much every boat shout "where's the line???" we called out directions. The Guard ship could have been much more visible and the end of the transit line could hardly have been LESS visible. At one point 3 large hire boats were queuing across the transit line and the biggest cheer of the day went to a half-decker who had to steer a very tricky course between all of them. It's worth also noting that the Guardship also calls out at that moment, "Race number please" I would have been very sympathetic to anyone who replied "Go forth and multiply, I'm trying not to crash" Since we saw about 20 crashes in the hour we were there I think for safety reasons it would be helpful to have the Guardship clearly visible from the turn and the transit line indicated by something about 3 foot wide?
  11. https://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/vivacious-vera-s-luck-runs-out-and-it-s-a-fight-to-rescue-pilot-from-blazing-cockpit-1-3983537
  12. You can join a guided walk around Ludham airfield and hear about its part in the war. Just did it last weekend and it was fascinating and moving. The simplest way is to look at the Ludham Community Archive page on Facebook. Bill Bucks runs the tours.
  13. Lordy, here we go again. It’s everyone’a river. Not just yours.
  14. Just a reminder that Ludham Open Gardens is just 18 days away. Sunday 23rd June There really is such a lot to do. Three new gardens this year, so 18 in all. A huge Classic Car show. Boats galore! A Wherry (perhaps 2) Ferries running everywhere on Womack. Llamas, giant tortoises, Artists painting, Hog roast, Pies, BBQ, Cream Teas, stalls, Tiger Moth flights. A brilliant day out. Boaters can moor either in Womack Dyke or on the public Staithe, but better get there early, it will be popular.
  15. Q, am I right in thinking that going to Hickling first only worked for the very fastest boats - punts and A-raters? Looks like a number of fast boats got stuck past Acle having gone to Hickling first??? BTW was fantastic viewing this year. Ludham bridge was carnage. Last years winners lost their boom and a chunk of their sail right in front of us.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/11/bio-manipulation-to-restore-clear-waters-of-norfolk-broads?CMP=share_btn_fb
  17. Plenty of space this Friday at 6 o clock at Thurne. Unlikely to be any worse next week.
  18. batrabill


    Ah... that is a scary outcome.
  19. batrabill


    So, if I register a canoe I get a vote, but if I own a house on the river, but don't own a boat, I don't get a vote???? There is no possible way of having elections to the Broads Authority which resolve these issues with it in its present form. You could have boaters representation on the Nav committee elected but I have never seen an explanation of who the electorate is for the wider authority. Lots of calls for an elected body, but much like another thorny issue we are all struggling with that begins with B, it's easy to say you want something, but then you have to make it work. A slimmed down Broads Authority does seem possible, but are you saying ONLY boaters get a say? What about everyone else? There is more to the remit than just the right of navigation. Anglers, walkers, bird watchers, kite flyers, swimmers, dog owners, cat owners, businesses, everyone - but they don't get a vote??? Lots of powerful voices there who are never going to let that happen. This seems the most plausible - but I can't think of any system where someone gets 2 votes, so 1 vote for either residents, OR boaters, just one vote each. But if you leave the planning function with the BA, I have that pesky canoe owner having influence on my planning application on my house through his/her vote. Sounds a bit odd, no? If you remove the planning function then the house owner is simply in a County Council. Since the river isn't just the bank, doesn't my neighbour who doesn't have river access have no rights even though he is only 50 years from the river? Complicated innit?
  20. batrabill


    I would hugely support voted representation on the Nav Committee by toll payers. Doubt if that would be popular with the CEO But any vote by “those that live here” immediately disenfranchises toll payers who don’t live here. Good for you and me Mrs Morgan but bad for boat owners who don’t live in the parish. As is said above, ALL mass taxation is ‘unfair’ to lots of people. If you obsess about the minutiae of it you go bonkers. 😜 I pay under £400 for three boats and I think that’s bloody good value. If you have a 40 footer with a Diesel engine you have to expect under the present ‘unfair’ system it’s gonna cost you. Enjoy the sunshine
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    Because that is the basis for nearly every type of taxation? You and I both pay for roads we will never drive on, services we won't ever use, schools we will never know exist and right now we are saving the life off a 1000 people we will never know even existed. There are always winners and losers in any taxation system.
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