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  1. Thanks for that folks, but i`ve just had an e-mail it`s a false alarm.
  2. How much discount do we get from Brian Wards?. I think we've had ours stolen, so it would be good to get one from them and get a discount.
  3. What a nice write up Jean (apart from things about the pubs ), and very interested in the fact you like to hire early. You saw some of the syndicate boats out, which is not surprising, as they are available 50 weeks of the year, though are never likely to be used to that extent. Have you ever considered syndicate ownership, as if you like to hire in the out of season months, it may be more financially viable to look into it. I`m trying to talk Simon (Broads01) and Howard (Norfolk Nog) into buying into a syndicate, so you may be my next victim .
  4. Careful what you say Matt, if anybody from the owners are reading this, they might charge for landing in your dinghy, then charging for walking your dog?. Before you dismiss this, i did hear elsewhere that some places do make a charge for coming ashore in a dinghy, and charge for the time you`re moored there. I will add it was NOT on the Broads.
  5. That`s why we never stop there now. £2.00 for up to an hour?, should be free for up to 2 hours, then £3 or £4 for the day, and around £6 overnight, seeing as there`s no facilities there. It`s no wonder it`s never full these days.
  6. I remember when that place was full of Aston boats, and was kept immaculate, but i have to admit, it looks a bit shabby now with the sheds looking like they`re going to collapse at any minute with all that growth over them, so if it IS them, a sincerely hope they keep the place clean and tidy?. I also hope they ensure the place is kept free of liveaboards and overstayers?.
  7. If they were looking to manage Pye`s Mill, i`d hazard a guess at John from Maffetts, they`re less than 50 yds away on the north side, so 5 mins in a rowing boat and they`ll be there. If it`s the town staithe, i`d hazard a guess at Greenaways Marine, as again, it`s a 5-10 minute walk. Although, with the gate directly there, the obvious choice would be the former Aston yard.
  8. We don`t do politics on this forum, but we do do spelling corrections. UNDUE?.............UNDO please
  9. What an utter creep .......................... I`m going now lol.
  10. I envy you Jean. I hope you have a great time with some good weather. I`l be keeping an eye on this thread.
  11. An excellent point well made Peter. We all want these situations resolved, but it`s not an easy situation. I find overstayers tend to be on boats that look maybe a little untidy, as they`re liveaboards without permanent moorings, so have to keep everything on deck. This itself makes beautiful surroundings look scruffy, and so will drive people away, which could then encourage more overstayers, making the place look lkike a squat.
  12. If coming down the A11, where the Junction with the A14, theres a place called "The Hogue Farm Shop" where Karen and i always stop fora cuppa, or lunch on the way home etc. The cafe is lovely, but not a truckstop. The food has always been good too. It`s just off the A11 Norwich bound carraigeway about 1/2 mile after the A14 split, blink and you miss it.
  13. Personal service?, .......................................OK, i`m off.
  14. I forgot to add, What is a stranger?, a friend you have`nt had the chance to meet, and you can only meet them by talking.
  15. Guess what John? ......................................... Seriously though, a humerous way of making a very valid point. Yes, i have a mobile phone, and yes, i do send the VERY occaisional text message, but always prefer to phone. I LIKE talking to people, i always say, if you can make someone smile, you`ve won the day. I`m not always successful though, sometimes people take it the wrong way. When i lived in Gravesend in North Kent, if you walked past someone in the street and said good morning to them, they thought you were being suspicious and gave you a funny look. Down here in Dorset, whenever you say good morning or afternoon to a stranger walking past, 99% of the time you get a polite reply. Talking is a great way to make people smile, and as i said above, if you can bring a friendly smile to a strangers face, you`ve won the day. See John, i`ve agreed with you YET AGAIN , although mine will be a mug of tea.
  16. I have NEVER EVER bought anything off of Amazon, and only ever bought 1 yes, that`s ONE thing from e-bay. I like to go to shops, look at what i want and see if it`s up to standard i`m after. I also NEVER EVER use self service check outs, prefering to use staffed check outs. How would people feel if they sat in an aircraft and flying abroad knowing the interior was built by robots?. I would be bloody livid, because i`d be out of work, and probably homeless because i could`nt pay the motgage and the bills, so would be evicted and on the streets. Please everybody, before you buy from the likes of Amazon and co, think how many people could be unemployed and living on insufficient benefits because people want something 10% cheaper. PS, i also like and shop at Screwfix, at least i can deal with a person, and be polite to them.
  17. It`s VERY blustery down here in not so sunny Dorset. Personally, i love this sort of weather, but Karen does`nt. I`d love to go for a walk along the top of the Purbeck hills, but it`s BLOODY cold out there.
  18. The ones at Beccles are NOT card operated, so you pay for it in your overnight fee. The trouble is, you pay a fixed fee, so how does that work out re how much electricity you used, and what the legality of it is?.
  19. Ah, the ubiquitous Fray Bentos pies. My favourite emergency stash is Pot Noodles. You can`t beat dipping a cheese or ham sandwich into a Pot Noodle, curry flavour of course.
  20. Yes, i was younger too a many years ago, though the years have crept up i still don`t act my age.................................


    Hi all, I`ve just checked out the Brundall webcam (catchpro), and there`s actually small white topped waves at Brundall. The little boat that`s moore right in front of the webcam is bobbing up and down like a yoyo. I can imagine anybody afloat this week will be seeking sheltered moorings this week?. We could have taken Lightning last Saturday for the week ending today, but with the wind we`ve had this week, i think Karen would have been violently seasick?. Anybody been out this week, if so, how has it been?.
  22. Thanks for clarifying that Paladin. I was always under the impression we payed for the electric AND the upkeep of the posts in the card charge.
  23. Yes, sorry, i did`nt phrase that correctly, i should have said, it`s NOT the UNIT charge that`s more, it`s the charge they make for PROVIDING that unit. Don`t forget your domestic bills have a unit charge, but also have a STANDING charge. This is (i think?) a sort of "providers fee", whereas because the posts don`t issue paperwork that shows unit usage and standing charges, it`s all in one. Any business is allowed to make a providers fee, that`s what retailers make over the fee they pay the wholesaler. I`m not making a very good job of trying to say what i`m trying to get at, but the jist of it is, the cost of electricity on the card operated posts is a unit charge plus providers fee all in one (i think?) ............................ and then there may be VAT to consider, could that be included in the charge?.
  24. I would have thought the posts would be paid for by the charge on the cards. I think if you were to find out how much the unit charge is, i think you will find it`s way way more expensive than the average charge for the electricity in our homes. You can easily work that out when you see how long they last with things like fan heaters going, along with electric kettles etc. add to that the wifes hairdryer and straighteners, and a £1.00 card won`t last long. Yet you work out the cost of running your home, with central heating, fridge freezers, light bulbs, hair dryers, etc etc, and the costs in comparrison are much lower.
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