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  1. It should also be remembered that Tom in his new member post said if we have any questions, he will put those questions to the relevant department. I completely disagree with the comment about our RIGHT TO KNOW being a hostile attitude, it IS a right to know, meaning we are asking important questions for which the BA (not necessarily Tom) are obliged to answer. Had people been using words like "I demand", and verbal accusations, then yes, he would (very wrongfully) facing hostility, but to imply hostility at a probing question is a bit naughty.
  2. When we were up there last month, only one out of dozens i asked had a good catch, but they were all small ones, and the rest said all was not well. And that was on all the rivers we cruised, The Yare, Bure, Thurne, Ant, Waveney, and Chet. Surely they can`t all be wrong?. Fish, brains? ................. next you`ll be saying porky pig is taking flying lessons?.
  3. I`ve no idea what they look like, but i call any mud walking bird a dipper. Do avocets dip their beaks in the mud, or do they frequent the Broads?. I know a Marsh Harrier, a Buzzard, a Kestrel, or an Owl, but as for waders and dippers?........................ It was just a play on words.
  4. Being funded purely and simply by the public, why SHOULD`NT we expect them to publicise every detail?. EVERY charity, authority, council, or governing body is publicly funded, either by government funding, or charitable donation, that means it`s always OUR money, either via direct donations or taxation, which is being being spent, or even worse, squandered. That`s why we should expect all of these bodies to go into details, as we should have the rite to know OUR money is being used in a manner that is advertised. It seems to me, and possibly others marshman, that you don`t like it when people want to know what the BA are doing behind the scenes, why is that?.
  5. Also, the one at Beccles that was closed, so why close them if you are looking to open others?.
  6. Yeah, me too. Thanks to "The Q's" explanation I now know why. As for the media and editorial content, I don't read it, so can't truly comment.
  7. I sometimes think that when in Loddon, but i still love the place, so maybe i was?
  8. Did the BA ever take any money from tolls to fund this joint venture, and if so, seeing as they`re now no longer supporting them, will we see a reduction in tolls?. Also, one factual inaccuracy in that statement, the Broads are NOT, and never HAVE BEEN an NP.
  9. Many years ago, i worked at Biggin Hill, and one of my colleagues made a comment in chat which made me stop and think, even though it seems way out, or far fetched. He said he sometimes believes man is NOT native to this planet, because wildlife has a natural balance, and lives well within our planets bounds, and does not evolve like man has, ie, can a fish fly a helicopter, and can a pig sail a boat etc. I know this may seem a bit wierd, but when you think how man has evolved, and is rapidly outgrowing our planet, and use many of its rescources in an irresponsible manner, plus our facination with flight and space travel and the desire to develope and progress, but the animals have`nt, and can never do so, i sometimes think my mate may be on to something. Maybe man was seeded on this planet a million years or so ago by some form of being from another, possibly dying planet to repopulate the species. And no, i`m NOT David Icke in disguise. I bet this is going to get some strange reviews?.
  10. Re Marsh Harriers, whenever I see them, they are a little way inland, so I didn't consider them. Cormorants, yes another predator, but I thought they only take from the river, and do not take nesting birds or others from the land. As for the American Mink, obviously another example of man's interference in matters of nature. I'm sure somebody told me that Catfish are also on the Broads, is that true, and are they a natural UK spices or invasive?.
  11. Yes, in the main streams, but the otters are decimating the birds in the reed nests, plus a lot of the fish in the margins where the seals are less likely to be. I must admit though, i had`nt thought to mention seals. I thought someone might have put up a post saying otters are doing no damage at all, and so lovely and cute and cuddly, and it`s a man made thing, but then classifying the little b.....ds as a protected spieces COULD be classified as man made i suppose?.
  12. And welcome top the forum from me too.
  13. Why not try a real classic from Marthams, they nearly ALWAYS go under the Thurne blockage, plus being upriver from it, you have a couple of days cruising the upper Thurne network. If you want a good reference re Marthams, ask Grendel, he regularly hires from them, and really rates them.
  14. cheers CC, i`m looking forward to it.
  15. Please tell me where in my post i say you`re a do gooder because of your stance on keep nets, it`s the same as mine?. My comments about do gooders was aimed at those who have brought about the protected spieces status of otters, they being nothing more than vicious vermin and are decimating waterside wildlife. That is why i answered his post about the apparent drastic cut in the amount of quality fish caught AFTER my comments on other peoples critisizm of keep nets. In good form tonight again marshman
  16. Good, i`ve got the rest to watch, we recorded it.
  17. I`ve never used a keep net and never will, i put them back straight away. Having said that, why be so critical to a friendly post?. I had the same when i posted a pic of me proudly holding my record catch at Loddon last July, it made me feel like i`d done something wrong and did`nt want to post anymore on that thread. My old favourite comes to mind - "let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone". We all have our likes and dislikes, and i wonder how many of us have done something in all innocence, or because that`s what we always do, yet would get critisism from others?, probably all of us in different ways?. As for the poor fishing, a lot will disagree, but probably the main reason is the out of control otter population. They are now so out of control, fish stocks etc all over the country are being decimated because of mans intervention by self effacing do gooders who don`t know as much about wildlife as they want you to believe, yet in the process have seriously interfered with the the balance of nature. It`s also one of the reasons why so much of the bird population on the broads has disappeared, because otters are scavaging the reeds and taking hatchlings from the nests. There was also a film clip posted on youtube where an otter was swimming beside a boat with its mouth around a goose`s neck, then took it away and killed it. I wish do gooders would learn a thing or two about what they`re preaching before they celebrate believing they have won a worthy cause, only to claim other outside issue have caused problems that have occured as a direct result
  18. Exactly so Howard, i totally agree. We only hired from them twice, and both times they were brilliant. Boats are in excellent condition, despite some of them being rather mature in age. A really great family yard, and a really friendly welcome.
  19. "Known to them"?, all for the right reasons I'm sure Howard. Seriously though, if you have several years of hiring under your belt with a regular yard and have always looked after their boats, you can always ask them for a reference.
  20. Mayo?............... Do you mind, I'm supposed to be having my breakfast soon
  21. I know the pic is small, but it doesn't look to be in bad nic, I've seen a lot worse being towed on the road.
  22. Probably the best paper is the Mirror, very apt for a loo.
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