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  1. Who's on Mayfair, and what's she like?. She always looks well presented whenever we've seen her.
  2. Get a bowl of surgical spirit, and put your finger in it. Then, when it's cleaned and getting better, you can repair the ceiling having jumped through it. Seriously though, that does look nasty, and I hope it shows signs of improvement very soon. I, d still put in a bowl of surgical spirit, but then I'm a bit of a masacist anyway.
  3. Us too, before we bought our share in Lightning. One of the yards i would ALWAYS recommend to anybody considering hiring.
  4. Hi Coolcat, some really stunning pics there, i just wish my wife Karen would be as keen to get up and set sail that early.
  5. Paul, please remember one thing that might make you carpenters think again?. The mosquito fighter / bomber of WW2 was by far and away the most versatile aircraft ever built, and in tough times, and that was built out of wood by carpenters. Why do you need to bother yourself with welding?.
  6. Don`t buy on-line, that`s the only real protection. If you go to the store to buy, you have the opportunity to check it, not only for damage, but to see if it fits, if the quality is what you expected, etc etc etc. Iv`e lost count of the number of times i`ve heard people complain about on-line purchases etc, and the hassle that goes with it when things go wrong. In fact, there are more problems with on-line purchases than over the counter purchases because of the fact you can`t check it first. I doubt if i`ve bought more than half a dozen things on-line, and those that i have have thankfully been satisfactory. I do my damndest to buy over the counter now.
  7. Yep, just checked and it`s still showing an error.
  8. The webcam is down at the moment and has been for a couple of days or so. Hopefully they will be able to get it fixed soon, as i still have`nt seen Lightning leaving / returning her mooring. Having said that, i have`nt checked it this morning yet.
  9. There was a thread regarding this many months ago, i can`t remember the title, but i`m sure somebody will know. Somebody had bought it (i think?) and put in planning permission to develope it, but i think (again, not sure) it got rejected, so i`m not sure how it stands now.
  10. That sauce bares a similarity to the Italian "Amatriciana sauce" that i make for pasta. I never make Bolognaise sauce with beef, it`s always Amatriciana (or my version of it) sauce, and vary the type of pasta you have it with. What do you serve it on, would it be rice, or do you serve it with veg etc?.
  11. I had to go into Ringwood to the bank to pay some of Lightnings operating costs. While walking to the bank from my car, i passed a proper fish mongers and popped in on the way back. I asked about filleting fish, and did the fish loins etc have any bones. The fishmonger said he would debone and skin any piece of fish for us, as he hated eating fish with bones in as well. I do like fish, but don`t eat it much due to all the bones. I love things like smoked Mackerel, and the taste of kippers etc, but hate taking the bones out, by the time you`ve done it, everythings cold. Now we know we have a good fishmonger nearby, i will start eating fish a lot more, and dishes like the one above will definitely be on the weekend menu.
  12. As everybody will know, i`m no football fan. I used to be, i was a life long Chelsea fan, especially back in the late 80s / 90s when they were down in (the original) divi 2, when all the trendy fans deserted them to other teams in divi1. I turned my back on football at least 15, possibly even 20 years ago when they started to be treated like little tin gods, or acted and dress like male models, and became multi millionaires. It`s NOT a sport anymore, it`s BIG BIG business, and money talks, even results are business deals, yet people still REFUSE to believe it. That`s why Jays post is absolutely spot on, it`s prioritising business rather than being a sport for the fans. I don`t care one little bit about all the fancy stadia etc, when football goes BACK to being a family supported focused sporting competition, i might be tempted to take an interest again, but i doubt that will ever happen, and even if it did, i further doubt it will ever happen in my lifetime. Roll on the British Superbikes round at Thruxton. Now that WILL be exciting, and with REAL sportsmen and passion, and with NO drunken yobs or animosity between fans either .............................
  13. Great racing from Oulton Park, Josh Brooks doing the double, with Tommy Bridewell 2nd and Danny Buchan in 3rd in both races. Brilliant, and great to see Tommy Bridewell =1st in the British Superbike Championship. Football? .......................... please excuse me, i think i`m going to throw up .......................


    Hi Peter, When i saw the thread title, i thought you were crying because you damaged Jenny Morgan?
  15. Great news everybody, BRITISH SUPERBIKE HIGHLIGHTS are on tonight at 8.00pm on ITV4. Just a shame it`s rarely shown live, as i know all of you would love to know so you don`t miss it?.
  16. The list is up to 30, so that`s June taken up for you
  17. They probably only use it to go fishing so as to put food on the table. I don`t think they`re allowed to enjoy leisure persuits?.
  18. I pay a donation of £15 per month and have done so for about 15 years now to the RNLI. The Penlee lifeboat tragedy proves what risks and dangers those crews volunteer and willfully risk their lives for. I will ALWAYS support the RNLI, and feel privilaged to do so. And to Ian (Chelsea14), deepest respect and thanks for doing the collection.
  19. What`s football?, is it where 22 miliionaires kick a bag of wind around for an hour and a half for no good reason other than trying to look good and make as much money as possible, including rolling around the pitch in agony just because one of the opposition stood on his bootlace? . British Superbikes,..... Now there`s something much better. Get thrown off a bike at 150mph+, bounce along the track and get tumbled over and over in the gravel run off, and just get up and walk away, totally p....d off because you are not allowed to remount the bike and get back into the race. I ask you, who REALLY EARNS their fee?. Have we got a smug grin smiley?.
  20. I think we shall be going there in June / July and give it a try.
  21. Yes, i noticed that yesterday.
  22. Hi Davy, tomorrow morning (Saturday), go into the gift shop opposite the pub and say hello to Liz, she`s a really lovely friendly lady, and say Neil and Karen from Dorset will see her around the end of June / beginning of July. Have a great weekend mate.
  23. Have a great week Alan, hopefully we will catch up with eachother when we`re up there in September?. If you stop in Loddon and go into Rosie Lee`s, please give Caroline mine and Karens love and best wishes, she`s a real treasure. Enjoy the rivers, hopefully they will be nice and empty for you?.
  24. I did read somewhere (maybe on this forum) that the new road bridge across Breydon Water is built on the same line as the old railway bridge, does anybody know if that`s true?.
  25. I like it when you cruise the Waveney (probably nothing to do with what`s in the booklet above) and pass the old centre pivot bases for the railway bridges at St Olaves, then just down stream of Beccles, and the bridge over the cut into Rowancrafts yard at Geldeston. There`s very little recognisable sign of the the old iron bridge that spanned the river in Beccles itself. I do wonder if there are any otherparts of the Broads that have any evidence of old railways.
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