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  1. That lot counts me out then, apart from lunacy.


    That's exactly right. On several occasions we've had to up the revs going through GT Yarmouth, purely to maintain steerageway. Reedham is another place where you can get caught out if you don't maintain enough revs. The ideal theme is as you say, a modicum of common sense an common courtesy goes a long way. But as we all know, the problem with common sense is it's none too common.
  3. Absolutely spot on. Not too long ago, the quay rangers were very chatty, alert to problems, and generally very helpful and approachable. In fact, I seem to have it in mind that we even made one a cuppa at Reedham, but that must have been around 6 years back. Also, I can remember when they would give a wave of thanks if you kept your speed down. As I said in an earlier post, the ones we came across this year were rather off hand, not blatantly rude, but definitely off hand. It gets the BA a bad name when their staff don,t know how to positively interact with the very public they look out for.
  4. If I had a weekend, several bucket loads of hot soapy water, a couple of scrubbers, and a jet washer, that would clean up well. The hull would need compounding, but she would look tidy. The inside would be a different kettle of fish though.


    Hi PCL, Your point about "over land speed" is very relevant in that the BA now like to measure your speed against the land instead of over surface of a continuously changing moving surface. Unlike a road which is constant reference, a tidal river is not a constant in that water moves everywhere, not just up or down river, but also side to side. Add to that the effect of wind, and a boat coming around a bend, and the hand held cameras the BA prefer to favour (that the police were banned from using doe to wildly inaccurate reading due to an unsteady hand) give a wildly inaccurate reading. Given the way speed is now measured on the Broads, people are perfectly within their rite to do 6-8 mph through Gt Yarmouth against a fast ebbing tide, a speed that could cause a huge wash that could possibly cause severe damage to a boat, or worse still, a person. It's a scenario that could be very difficult to judge bearing in mind someone may not have been breaking the (over land) speed limit. Yes, wash is an important issue, but until they change the system of measuring speed to a more relavant and reasonable system, this is going to be an ongoing issue which will be very difficult to judge in possible insurance claims.
  6. I know Maffets had a couple, one of which we hired, the other they tidied up and sold. The one we hired was an Aqua fibre 32 aft cockpit, which they called Jay. We hired her specifically to attend an autumn forum meet at the Coldham Hall. It was a great event, which does'nt happen these days.


    I have to disagree with some of your post. The rivers are governed by speed limits, not wash size. Lightning is 43ft long and leaves very little wake, even at more than 6 miles per hour. On the other hand, we were tossed all over the place by what is supposed to be a low wash Hull. To try to govern the speed of an individual design by the size of its wash is just not feasible. Take it to the max and you might end up banning many designs of boats, purely because of their Hull design.


    Don't you just hate it when people get all scientific and you haven't got a clue what they:re on about?.
  9. Yeah, I remember seeing all the Cresta fleet in the Hoseasons brochure. I can still remember the names of some of them. Crestette, Cresta donna, Crestina, Cresta maria, Crestella, Cresta nova, Cresta, Cresterina, Crestabelle. I can't remember any more, but remember Cresta Nova looked very much like a Sabre 27, and was all GRP. Has anybody got any pics of them?.
  10. That's why we are looking to hire one for a day run around the upper Thurne network.
  11. A couple of year back, we moored in Herbert Woods yard for a pump out. I asked if they allowed private boats to moor, and the guy said yes, £10 per night including leccy. I think the yards that don,t allow private boats to moor are missing a trick, when we moored at Pacific's a couple of weeks back, it cost a fiver, and Richard and Fiona were nice and friendly, result, we,d be happy to moor there again, plus they have leccy. Allowing private boats to moor is a money spinner, especially where HWs are concerned, as private boats could moor, and hire a day boat for a run up to Hickling etc. But with their no private policy, we,re now looking at walking to (or maybe a taxi because of my ankle) Martham Boats and hiring one of their picnic boats. Shame really, because I could have said we got under "that bridge".
  12. I looked on their site and it says £120 per day for the Fiesta 20, and £135 for the Ensign 21. I think the new electric one is £200.
  13. I'm not fit, I have completely knackered right ankle, with hardly any cartilage between the bones, but I can take a break every so often. Once on the boat, i'l be ok, but then I,l have to walk back. I'l probably be doing an evening cruise after in pain.
  14. I've watched several of Dave Whitworth's vlogs on YouTube, and in one of them, he has a lot of trouble getting Silver Cloud into their mooring due to other boats in the way. They look like they're jammed into a corner, and if Richardson have any boats moored in front of the shed, they have trouble getting moored up. We had to move Lightning because Brooms wanted our mooring, and the one ahead of ours for the big boats in their hire fleet. Our current mooring is not as convenient, and at low tide she's considerably lower than the Quay heading. That's why I slipped and tore the ligaments in my knee. On top of that, several others have injured themselves, so I'd like to shift our mooring to a more convenient location, still in Brooms though. Before shifting a mooring, it's worth doing a lot of research for things like operational issues (vital for syndicate use), ease of access, facilities etc etc etc. It's all too easy to say the grass is greener elsewhere, but then later on, you find the pitfalls far out way the benefits. Act in haste, repent at leisure I think is the expression.
  15. I like the look at the Ensign 21 or Siesta 20. Well worth mooring at Potter Heigham the night before, and walking up to Martham for a day cruise around the upper Thurne network.
  16. There was an article in MCN a few weeks back where a school teacher got an engineering class to strip and rebuild a bike engine. They did so well, the teacher decided to build a track bike, and eventually built a 400 racer. When a racing friend heard of the project, he offered to race it and won his class. We always criticise the younger generation for burying their heads in mobile phones, i'm guilty of that myself, but with the right encouragement, and a bit of sponsorship and funding, a project like this could be very successful, and the old Aston Seamaster could be an ideal project.
  17. Which begs the question, what's going to happen to the hire fleet and private moorings?.
  18. They must have been there for at least 15 years I reckon. An Aston Seamaster 30, an Aquafibre 38 & 42, and a Sandersons Sanderling. They would need a lot of work, but if building a new boat out of old mouldings, it would be one small bit for the environment, and possibly financial success. Things like windows etc can all be easily overhauled, as maybe, but only slightly maybe, the engines may not be too far gone.
  19. Go to Loddon, there are 3 bare shells just waiting to be recycled. Did I say recycled, I meant refurbished. Seriously though, with all the GRP iboats we see lying around in a very poor state, why doesn't someone start up a business taking them away and refurbishing them?. I know people will say it's not worth it, but you have the base mouldings to start with, meaning all they would need is a clean up and fit out. No need for making new moulds etc. Personally, I'd love to see some of these classic broads cruisers back to looking their best.
  20. Something else I find hard to swallow is when the management tell the workforce there will be redundancies and a relocation an restructuring because it's beneficial for the company's future. Completely detrimental to those who lose their jobs though, and then the management question their loyalty. Another one is when you bring up loyalty to the employee, only to have the manager tell you their loyalty to you ends with your wage packet. I've given that answer back at times, and it meets with a strong look of annoyance.
  21. Yes, we were there 2 weeks ago, and the pontoon on the south side inside the basin was open, but the leccy wasn't garunteed due to problems, and it wasn't fully installed. They still wanted to charge £20 though. Oulton Broad Yacht Station alongside on the outside of the finger, plus hook up was£18.50, but much more worth it for all facilities, plus you have the added bonus of town facilities.
  22. It`s the same at WRC with hook up now. Absloute rip off. We won`t be overnighting there again, or HWs at that price. We had to moor in Pacfics in Loddon two weeks ago yesterday, as Loddon staithe and Pye`s mill, and Chedgrave common for that matter, were all absolutely rammed. Pacifics are £5.00 per night for private boats, and £1.00 for water for ALL boats, hire or private. That`s excellent value as far as i`m concerned.
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