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  1. We have bow and stern thrusters fitted to our twin engined boat (not a boat designed for the Broads slow speeds, so not fitted with large rudders). These have transformed the boat handling at slow speeds. Some people will say they are not required on a twin as you can move sideways anyhow. So side wind pushing you off the mooring, no tide to help, don't want to hit neighbouring boat, one engine forward one engine back, rudder over just enough, adjust engine speeds to keep position while also checking around you and keeping whoever is going to tie up the ropes safe. Gust of wind, readjust controls, reach mooring person off with ropes, another gust engines again...... or Approach the mooring a few feet out, move the mouse sideways on the dashboard, boat goes sideways, mooring person off, gust of wind adjust stern or bow as appropriate. So take your choice.
  2. Sorry to say Poppy's body was recovered from the broad at Ranworth today. She was collected by her family. So sad. Ian
  3. Hi, A small, very elderly dog was lost last night off the boat Executive 2 moored at Ranworth Staithe. She was on the staithe when last seen. We spoke with the gentleman early this afternoon when he was searching the area close by. He seemed to think this alert had been posted on the Forum hence our lack of details (at home now). There is a contact number posted outside the shop on the staithe. Let's hope she is found quickly as it will be a very cold night. Ian & Liz
  4. Hi, The insurance company might depending on the age of the boat want a survey done. However as it has had a survey done recently this might be ok. The insurance company could also require any reccomendations made in the survey actioned as part of the cover. Ian
  5. Marshman, Thanks for that! I always thought all the Coots were local, I never expected they fly in for the winter. Ian
  6. I was serious , just thought there might be some reason. Coots form up into groups in the winter and this is also a change in behaviour. Atmospheric pressure is not something I had thought of. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  7. During the Summer I have seen on rare occasions Coots flying low over the water. This weekend we took the boat out and have seen loads of Coots flying. Is this just coincidence or do Coots fly more in the winter? Ian
  8. 650xs PM sent regards ladder Ian
  9. Hi, Thermostats (88deg) now fitted and the engine heated up to 95C on the gauge and kept there with no problems so far. As Diesel Falcon said there was a bit of water fizzing out of the filler cap overflow but nothing to worry about. I might now consider re-connecting the calorifier to the engine to make the most of the heat. Thanks for all the info, Ian
  10. Was this thread started to provide information on the status of the NBF or as a seed to develop into a way of bringing up old grievances? Jill a moderator I respect has already made comment as to the direction of this thread it will be a shame if it is locked. Ian
  11. Hi, Hercules kept the Sterling in the air, and keeping a boat could be the 13th labour. Ian
  12. Freedom, you have hit the nail on the head it is very difficult to identify 200 series and 300 series stainless. The scrap industry has this problem and have to use element analysis to identify it and a number have been caught out in the past. I also use cheap sources of nuts and bolts like Strowager. 200 series are fine for non marine use and where the parts are exposed to rain water to renew the passivate layer on the surface. The problem is when the parts are enclosed in damp locations or stagnent water as this is where corrosion tends to occur. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  13. A2 and A4 (can't remember the ISO standard but it is for stainless fixings) are quite wide specs for stainless and tend to equate to 304 and 316 stainless. Both these are quite good grades of stainless for general use. Both contain Nickel and this makes it expensive to make. A traditional way to identify 304 or 316 is to use a magnet on the material as they are both non magnetic. Cheaper stainless grades are magnetic and need to be avoided in marine applications. Now here comes the problem 200 series stainless steels are being used as they have low Nickel content and are therefore cheap to make and popular in India and the far east. The other factor is 200 series are non magnetic and are being passed off as 304 or 316 stainless grades. So beware of cheap deals on stainless parts. Ian
  14. Ranworthbreeze, just checked the tables and looks like when we get there its high tide, but will still give it a look. Thanks ian Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  15. Ranworthbreeze, my boat would have no problem with the bridge however for this trip I think the boat I am on is about 9 foot so no chance. Jtf when is the album out? Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
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