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  1. My Facebook group brought him a lot of pleasure in the final few months which means a lot to me
  2. When he joined my Facebook group and I made him admin the name didn't click until one day he mentioned the maltsters and table 22
  3. Any chance I can borrow the picture of Roy for my Facebook group
  4. I was just about to post something myself as I've just heard myself as he was involved with my Facebook group I wasn't initially aware he was the legend that is Roya when he joined my admin team He will be sadly missed
  5. I know it's a bit late Can you also add sue and Brett on broadland lady Thank you
  6. If someone will be able to give me a hand getting it on board sweet freedom I could pop up that way Thursday but I won't be able to take it back
  7. I got upgraded to Judith 5 last September great boat but found the roof a bit of a pain to put back up don't know if it was the same with Janet you had last year
  8. Right I've now got sweet freedom booked for the meet Not long to go
  9. Dave birch Boat-TBA Just me All three days
  10. Just an idea for next year How about reserving ranworth island for the Friday night then doing a c in c down to salhouse for the Saturday
  11. Sorry I think there's been a bit of confusion lol sue and Brett are members of the nbn facebook group but not this side of it,sue asked me today to put their name down their boat is called broadland lady I already have my name down I'm on sweet freedom
  12. Bit late in the day but any chance I could add sue and Brett cook on broadland lady Friday and Saturday
  13. Do you do what is known as "a controlled collision" LOL
  14. I'll be arriving Friday morning so if you need any help with anything let me know
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