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  1. I got upgraded to Judith 5 last September great boat but found the roof a bit of a pain to put back up don't know if it was the same with Janet you had last year
  2. Right I've now got sweet freedom booked for the meet Not long to go
  3. Dave birch Boat-TBA Just me All three days
  4. Just an idea for next year How about reserving ranworth island for the Friday night then doing a c in c down to salhouse for the Saturday
  5. Sorry I think there's been a bit of confusion lol sue and Brett are members of the nbn facebook group but not this side of it,sue asked me today to put their name down their boat is called broadland lady I already have my name down I'm on sweet freedom
  6. Bit late in the day but any chance I could add sue and Brett cook on broadland lady Friday and Saturday
  7. Do you do what is known as "a controlled collision" LOL
  8. I'll be arriving Friday morning so if you need any help with anything let me know
  9. Slight change I'm now going to be on sweet freedom and not capri
  10. As its the royal wedding on the Saturday how about decorating the boats with union jack flags???
  11. The problem is most of the bigger boats with bow thrusters are more expensive, making it more expensive if you're solo
  12. Well said And to be honest everytime I book solo I look at the boats and think to myself would I be able to manage that on my own Solo I've never hired anything above 31ft (escapade) although I moored San Remo solo twice which is 35ft but sedan style are a lot better solo as you have greater all round visibility
  13. And what would their chances be of getting a full refund.... ZERO and that's just given me a thought if I'd phoned up last Wednesday to cancel my holiday as it is 2 weeks before I believe I would not have received any money back as there would not have been sufficient time to get the boat rebooked by another customer so instead they've phoned me the day after cancelling my booking giving me a full refund even though there's still insufficient time for the boat to get rebooked by another customer
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