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  1. A sad sight. As much as I dislike the Calypso design - don’t shoot me, it’s a personal preference thing, nobody (and no boat) deserves that. It was fine on Christmas Eve afternoon when I walked past it. Like most boat owners, I tend to notice boats which are a bit ‘down in the water’ or don’t look like they are sitting right. By Saturday my other half reported that it was down, as per the photos. By Tuesday it looked even worse. Without owner details, what can Beccles YS do about it? Surely it becomes a hazard with possible fuel leakage etc.
  2. It indeed happen twice. I actually have the clipping from the EDP somewhere The second time was the Aston Severn. One of the Thames class. She was written off by the insurance and sold off to be refurbed because it popped the seam between hull and superstructure. She was kept at St Olaves for a while and called the ‘She’ll be right’. She left the broads several years ago though and I think went to somewhere on the Thames. I believe there’s a photo of her in a Thames marina floating around somewhere on one of the forums.
  3. Last week I saw a pair of kingfishers at the Berney Arms and another 4 passing through the very lower reaches of the Bure. (No more that ten posts upstream of Marina Quays) I didn't realise that they fished and obviously thrived in salt or brackish conditions.
  4. Back to being beautiful ♥️
  5. Thank you Pauline! Its been a while I know. I was a little disillusioned with the whole forum thing for some time and have to admit that my only reason for lurking was work avoidance while I was supposed to be writing reports. However, (see... report speak!) it has reminded me that there is fun to be had and I may just lurk a little more often.
  6. Hmmmm.... familiar looking photos Martin!
  7. I'm well thanks, Tim. Very boat-sick now that I'm back at school but its only 30 school days, 5 hours, and 30 minutes until half term. Not that I'm counting obviously. I just hope that the weather holds out for an Indian Summer around the last week of October.
  8. Wow Tim, I'd forgotten that his Lordship had videoed part of that day. It seems so long ago now. It was such a hot day but great fun. Betsy Jane was a great lead ship. Was that the year that Telscombe came too? Charlie
  9. She looked fab when I saw her on Monday Barry. Between Dawn Star, Malanka, you and the moorhen we had a bit of a woodie convoy going on down the Ant. Charlie
  10. So glad I've inspired you! Yes, she is Merlin although reregistered after leaving the broads for a while I believe. The Norwich and Cromer were the only ones of the 15 who had the alternative layout, apparently a result of ladies complaining that they had nowhere to do their hair and make up. Personally I hate the alternative, it has teeny weeny heads and showers that you couldn't swing a hamster in, let alone a cat. It never did catch on.
  11. Yep it really is. There were similar waves all the way up the Yare. At one point I had full lock (2.5 turns) in one direction and we were still going sideways in the opposite direction.
  12. Well having just got home from a six day cruise. Beccles was very windy. I can confirm that Loddon was a good option although navigating the Chet in gale force winds was interesting. Especially when you have other boats coming at you sideways and swiping your fenders off. Rockland was also great. Very peaceful and crossing the broad was lots of fun with fab waves. We were aiming for Coldham for night four but it was wwwaaayyy too windy there, surpringly Bramerton Common was very quiet and peaceful as moorings were sheltered by the hill. By the time we got to St Olaves last night the wind was dying but it wasn't too bad either. Piccy of the waves on Rockland Broad.
  13. Broadscot The Aston Wizard left the broads but as far as I know is still about. The other Concorde class boats that you list are still going strong in private hands, I've seen all of them this week. In fact I'm sat on one of them right now! The private one that you hired out of Loddon was I believe called Sophie, the ex Springbow. She's still about too.
  14. I've seen pictures of the Richardson's before and I've always wondered which one is which! Nice to put faces to forum names. (and have to say I agree with Gracie) Had a drive around the yard on Friday and saw several of the more blingy boats. Sorry if I've missed it anywhere but was wondering if any of the newer ones are going into the Moonfleet yard? Or are they sticking with the small and exclusive plan as is at the moment?
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