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    My interests are....... work, family & work!

    Im passionate about marine diesel engines & have spend almost my entire career training, working, selling or just involved with them.

    Despite being involved in the local boating industry I actually dislike broads boats, unless they have history & age! I guess after spending many years with my family in the antique trade, I just like anything old!

    Have enjoyed golf in the past, but never have the time now!

    I'm generally disappointed that the local industry is still in decline, with so many local boat building, marine engineering companies & skilled people disappearing......, however, still hopeful that some of the many boat building skills & knowledge will remain locally in the future.

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  1. Also an engine with a cracked cylinder head can also give you the white smoke, its not technically good for the engine to be like this but sometimes they will still run forever before its a serious problem. Most of the yards have the gear to test for these various faults. Good luck again !!
  2. Mmmmmm.....Volvo MD11C, unfortunately not my favourite engine!! It is a very different engine to the MD22, and also very different design. It is however quite common for ALL Volvos to smoke in some way!! Lol Personally a few more checks will need to be done however white smoke can be 'water' or 'unburnt diesel' - You should be able to tell the difference with the smell or maybe a oily residue left on the river via the exhaust. Its the direct cooled one, so water can only be via the raw water system. So a quick check can be to run it without the water on etc, remove impeller etc and only run for a short test...... Or just wait and see how it performs over time and don't worry for a while....It could have been like this for a while.... Good luck anyway! Regards J
  3. Hi Vaughan! To the forum and the ' Save the Island ' subject..........I must just say having the historic & boating knowledge of Vaughan on here will be invaluable! Vaughan, i just have a feeling you will be very busy on this forum now, especially with the current Save the Island situation! Anyway good to hear you are enjoying retirement. I do like France and Ive just been invited to Arcachon again, and i do love this place! . We do also have an open invite to Italy, so if health is good we could be traveling next year!! Just for interest do you know the current differences of the UK's hire fleets compared to the French & German fleets etc. Obviously P&H & Crown (both Norfolk companies) played an important part setting up the hire industry in Europe, so it would be interesting to know the boat numbers etc (if available) Obviously, Norfolk fleets are in fast decline, plus the riverside businesses are also disappearing, so it would be good to know your views. I must just say I believe I first met Vaughan at a Duffields event day? (Over 30yrs ago) and then at Crown Cruisers when I was involved with Nannidiesel, so there shouldn't be to much you don't know about the differences between the European hire fleets! I guess the main difficulty is what we all suffer with, and thats just trying to remember things!!! All the best Jason Hatch
  4. sos247


    Yes, as its states in all finished in September 2011...... Sadly before that date the signs were very often removed and chucked into the river or ditch! On one particular sunny day and guy on motocross motorbike, drove up the footpath, and removed & smashed the EA's sign and chucked them in the ditch.......he then left the same route he came! Some lovely people who did at times use that route, verbally threatened staff, but always at a distance! On one occasion a local said to me that he had "been walking the footpath since I was a boy, and i'm going to take you to f**king court"..........but as i said to him "if he had got off his ba***de and raised the issue via the normal legal channels & in a professional manner, it may have been sorted"......... During my time at the yard i only saw him twice, and that was the same week! Sadly some people just make it up as they go along.......
  5. sos247


    These photos are dated 2009, and the person who took these photos had lived at the boatyard (on a boat) since the early 90's........... Its fairly clear to me, and as every 'right of way' or footpath in the UK, there has to be a formal & legal agreement between the parties involved.......Anyone not involved just causes confusion! As ive said previously it will be sorted in time!
  6. sos247


    FACT - Both Peggy and Tony who live at the cottage, have said on many occasions that the route beside the river was NOT used on a regular basis........Their family have lived there for 6 generations, plus they built the shop etc, so there isn't much they don't know about LB! Anyway, it was brambles 90% of the route, plus Tony and his father used to 'shoot' in that direction most weekends.....and they rarely shot anyone! It is agreed however the route used more during/after the flood defence was being sorted, it was much clearer plus a great viewing point. Personally I believe this was the ideal time to legally sort the rights of way & footpath, with the different parishes, councils & landowners etc. Sadly, it comes back to the EA/BA working with the land owners at that time! Even in this instance, the EA basically pinched some land without any authorisation from the current landowners, therefore minor arguments were already causing a few issues! So footpaths & rights of way discussions, were not a priority at that time In hindsight, someone should have managed, changed & created all the various 'new' rights of way, during all the flood defence changes/work in the area..... Also Peggy & Tony at the cottage have always also said that 'the odd friendly local person walking past the cottage (front room windows) was never a major problem during the summer season'. However, opening a formal route via the boatyard as a 'Public footpath' could now be a problem, this is mainly why the route around the field was chosen (plus safety for walkers crossing at the bridge). Unfortunately, due to the boatyard also having its red diesel stolen (Prior 2010). plus outboards & boats being stolen from the basin & moorings, AND then the possibility that the odd person would claim for a grazed angle or muddied Hunter boots via 'no win, no fee' solicitors, the route via the boatyard was problematic. At the time our Public liability insurance was also an extra £2000 for the moorings etc, and as the business was a 'company', the directors (me!), could be legally be prosecuted on these type of liability issues.......So at the time, our insurance company advised that it was the better option for myself to try & open up the alternative route......Which will soon happen hopefully!...... Tony Lumbard is on the case and he is now on the parish council, so he will sort it. Amazingly people just walk anywhere they want to sometimes, if I was craning at the boatyard people have also just crossed into the garden of the cottage and walked out of their main drive way.......... People just don't care sometimes, but when you are lost most people are the same! So this is why footpath routes are on maps, and should remain this way..... Im going to leave this subject now to you guys, but keep me posted as even myself enjoyed that walk with my dogs (until i kept standing in dog c**p that stupid people had left in the middle of the footpath! Its also been found in the entrance path to the boatyard, sadly a few people just spoil it for others) regards jason
  7. sos247


    After nearly 7 years you would have thought they would have achieved more however, even the current plan is not 'exactly' correct........ i.e. in Strowager detailed good photo, the 'red' line is not the 'permissible' foot path..... In fact, its never really been looked at yet! Luckily in the historic past, footpaths, bridlepaths & other public right of ways were mapped/drawn by qualified & experienced people, and they generally still work today unless of major land developments etc. However, in this particular instance the EA don't even know if they own the piece of land (with all its relevant liabilities etc), plus don't even fully understand that the premissive footpath only starts/crosses field/includes Hundred Dyke, which is on the Horning Parish boundary. ive walked the path several times with the EA & BA etc (when they could be bothered, wrong shoes on), but despite them having all the various maps etc, they just don't understand! Even on the day in question, all they were interested in was applying for some sort a 'legal status' that protects the EA if ramblers tripped or fell over on that footpath!! Just so they were legally protected against insurance claims!!!! That was their No1 priority during a visit, after which they had to visit/apply for this at the NN council to sort it. It just annoys me that they don't instead.... 1. make sure they make a nice safe walk way for people , 2. make sure people are legally supported with some insurance if they tripped over the EA's poorly maintained footpath, broke an angle, couldnt work for 6 months etc, 3. maybe even with wheelchair or buggy access for a short distance.... 4. with a viewing platform for bird watchers, 5.....plus a few dog bins/litter bins. and 6. maybe even formerly recruit a volunteer who will walk to footpath on a regular basis and pick up letter/bottles/tins etc which is all harmful to wildlife.....plus advise them with any problems.... The next step should be a detailed legal map, plus later on a few signs....??, So visitors to the area will use it.....! Rather than the odd local dog walker, who prefers to leave dog crap everywhere in the middle of the footpath..... PS - i also say that 99% of walkers heading towards the bridge, will take the shortest route via the boatyard, so 'half a job' is almost pointless to do anyway....... !! At least it justified a few BA meetings, and 'day out' visits to the area from the EA............. Regards from Jason Note - Semi retired, and no longer involved with this footpath......!!!, apart from a Victor Meldrew point of view!!
  8. Hope you are keeping well Gracie...x I haven't been on here for a while........ Wasnt sure what this box was all about so i thought i would leave you a message !! X 

    1. Gracie


      Hi Jason

      I have not been too well just lately but still fighting, how about youself, how are you? I know you and Sonia have had your own health problems to deal with, hope you are both well

      Thank you for your kind message, it's nice to have you back. I think if we post in this little box the whole Forum can see it if they view our profiles, if you want to keep it private we send Private Messages, I think that's how it works anyway, I may be wrong as I am a complete Tecnho Phobe lol



    2. jillR


      spot on gracie... that's how it is

  9. sos247


    I just imagined you doing a Starsky & Hutch type roll Polly, and it made me smile!
  10. sos247


    Yes, the Parish meetings do seem to state that everything is signed between the land owners, but its been this way for quite a while.. ..!! ....I personally believe the authorities are not considering all the details, mainly because the ST Benets circular walk crosses back across Hundred Dyke (finish on river bank) So because the EA land is involved they may still legally need to be involved! However, the EA are not sure if they even own certain sections of river bank, especially where there seems to be an old basin. Anyway I really do hope they finally sort this footpath, as it will improve the area and help the businesses to be a starting/finishing point on the OS map. However, after my short experience dealing with the EA & BA (7 yrs) it could take them a while! Plus i have seen a letter (read out at the Parish Meeting) from the Council stating that they are struggling to maintain the existing footpaths, so don't really want to take on any further footpath responsibilities......
  11. sos247


    Also up until the day I left the yard, any official BA walks would phone us and book in a day when they would like to walk through the boatyard. Plus several ramblers came to the workshop and to politely ask if they could walk through, as they were lost and the OS map was not clear. Generally when I was at the yard I personally owned the crane & lifting equipment, the staff were able to use these at ANY time during the day depending on work load. So it was not good practice in the middle of moving/lifting a 10ton boat for people/children/dogs to wonder through the yard! .......so controls had to be put in place. Its called common sense! However, if the situation now is that a crane is hired in for the day, the company concerned look after their own public liability insurance plus have their own staff - banksman/slingers..... Also it is prearranged, so as an example if its arriving on the 10th Nov for one day hire the business owner knows that the risk to the public being crushed by a 10ton boat is greatly reduced the other days of the month! The EA believe they are the land owners however, the Ludham Bridge staithe is still by the bridge on the boatyard side. The paperwork regards to swapping this land had still not been found the last time i checked but time change things.....
  12. sos247


    Apologies Strowager, but unfortunately unless you were in the initial meetings between myself and Nancy Oldfield and then subsequently the EA, BA , some local people and both parish councils , 'your' information will include some hearsay and assumptions...... !!! However, the authorities are on the case and doing things as fast as their systems allow, and hopefully in the future they will be a safe and maintained walking footpath from LB to St Benets...... luckily I don't need to worry about this now......!!
  13. sos247


    Ref link footpath from LB to the 'St Benets permissive circular footpath' within the Horning Parish boundary...... Sadly as always people comment without knowing all the facts...... Due to H&S, the crane and insurance there were legal issues with the general public (sometimes with children & dogs etc) walking through the boatyard and past the windows of the cottage where Peggy Lumbard lived. So several ideas were discussed between ALL parties concerned. it was decided that if an official footpath route was going to be opened & advertised for St Benets Abbey, the actually crossing at the bridge would be too dangerous. We looked at fenced areas etc however it was then agreed the safest option was around field further up the road and a possible open an entrance direct from the camp site. The BA wanted to sort this, but constantly failed to sort out some minor legal agreements with the different land owners. Even negotiated on a £200 fee, saying the BA could only afford £150! The land owners became very frustrated, the BA promised & promised the footpath will be open however they did NOTHING. Even the Environment Agency said it was a waste of time trying to sort, as even they didn't know at that stage who legally owner the river bank! So the matter went on, and on and on! The crane in no longer there, the current business is not a limited company, and it does not currently have PAYE employees, and may not any get any official visits via the H&S, so they could be more flexible. So yes time changes things, but everyone in life has a responsibility to make sure they keep within the law. Any doubts just ask the land owner or check the latest OS maps.... Hope this helps Regards Jason (semi-retired!)
  14. Great photo.... It was a fantastic trip and an amazing feeling when we left (& returned) to Ramsgate.... However, i hoping it was May this year the trip happened if not my memory is getting bad!! I was in the red coat......
  15. Thank you for the reminder. It was a great program, but its also sad to think all the veterans and people involved wont always be here. I was lucky enough to attend the 75th Dunkirk anniversary trip this May, with all the Dunkirk Little Ships....... It was a very humbling and i was honoured to be there.... Being at the helm of the MTB102 and leading the way into Dunkirk was a fantastic feeling, however arriving back at Ramsgate was very emotional.
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