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  1. Paul yes he is he has taken back ownership he told me a month or so ago Alan
  2. Thought you had CCTV rigged up to monitor BA does that not show anything? Boycee
  3. Dan from Peachments changed mine in the water at my mooring following putting in a new gearbox 2 weeks earlier with no problems. Could just be that the packing is old, porus and needs replacing Boycee
  4. Hi Trev Spoke to Robert at Sutton Staithe Boatyard who says there are several different types some easier than others. He did say if you took your boat into them they would sort it out for you but it would cost and you may want to do it youself. Tel no:- 01692 581653 Boycee
  5. No idea sorry the only thing that drips is my stern gland which gets tightened once a year when Mark does our annual service Boycee
  6. boycee

    Mooring Advice

    No it is next to it before the New Cut Boycee
  7. Ian dont forget that its the Yare navigation Race from Brundal to Breydon & back on Sat 7th Sept. Lots if flappy things around all that day from early morning dependent on the tides
  8. Yes Ian from about the 6th for 3 weeks but we will be south most of that time. In fairness it was never a 4-0 game but we took our chances and you hit the post twice but as they say thats football, not worth getting depressed about it was just one game Alan
  9. If we"re lucky but you never know. Will be down in Sept if you see Sandpiper give us a wave or call in for a beer
  10. Fair enough have a good season Im sure it will be better than ours but remember The only ship thats never sailed into Liverpool is the Premiership
  11. I never knock any other team infact my other half is a Liverpool supporter as are a lot of my mates. I class myself as a fan of football and fail to see the reason for being derogatory to other teams because I am fully aware that all teams have there good periods and bad periods. Now it is City and Liverpools turn to be top dogs as it was Uniteds in the last decade and maybe sometime in the future it will be again but I can assure you that I dont have a "Manc inferiority" to Liverpool as you suggest but you seem to have some sort of dislike of Man Utd
  12. Didn't answer the question though did you,?
  13. Still laughing Jay?. Proud to say that I am a born & bred Mancunian and have been a United supporter since 1953 unlike a lot of others and indeed a lot of my mates are plastic scousers which I suspect you might be unless you were born & bred in Liverpool Boycee
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