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  1. Totally agree with Ray. Its our "local"as we moor at SSBY snd have done for 25 years. Seen lots of changes here over the years some bad some good but generally the place serves good beer,reasonably consistent food and has always had friendly and pleasant staff. The owner has spent quite a lot on it recently, even reinstating Sky Sports. I hope he does manage to sell it to an owner who will run it in a similar way and as Ian says tweek one or two things. How many pubs on the Broads do Happy hour 5-7 five days a week except Fri and Sat? Boycee
  2. Ian you are confusing good taste and Chelsea- Your right I have good taste about lots of things but definetly not Chelsea. I shouted Chelsea then as at the time I was unaware of your Christian name, so I used your forum name -simples Boycee
  3. The answer to D46 is yes she does and if anybody sees my boat either at Surlingham Ferry or anywhere else knock the door and you are welcome to come onboard.Anybody can arrange to meet anyone, anywhere at any time as long as it it not an officially organised NBN meet wether you are an NBN member or not, which I and my friends some of whom are NBN members,will continue to do Boycee AKA Alan
  4. Sorry Howard they were promoted 2 seasons ago and stayed up the first season but got relegated the second Boycee
  5. Steve, I had to have one in 2016 when she was 25 years old. I used Dominic Buckley from Brundal who came and did it at my mooring in Sutton Staithe. As the boat had to be out of the water for antifoul I combined the two to avoid two lift in and out charges The cost was around £350 very thorough and he produces a comprehensive paper report, a cd incl pictures and an email link to forward the report to your insurers. His phone numbers are:- 01603 712812 Home 07981 247107 Mobile Boycee
  6. You are totally correct Howard. The previous encumbents of the post berth moorings were asked to find alternatve moorings around 2 years ago so they could be used to expand capacity within the Yacht Station. Maybe next year? Boycee
  7. The posts were for private moorings but were due to be removed earlier this year to provide more moorings for the The Yacht Station but to date this has obviously not happend yet Boycee
  8. Go to the Waveney,plenty of screens and decent beer Boycee 🍺
  9. The Ferry House Surlingham and you can get breakfast there as well Boycee
  10. Labone is the Indian Restaurant in the old waiting room at the level crossing in Oulton Broad. In our opinion it is one of the best Indian Restaurants we have ever eaten in a fact shared by lots of our friends some of whom are local residents. Be sure to book as it gets very busy and it is not very big Boycee
  11. boycee

    Flood Warnings

    Your right John. The guy from the unlucky boatyard concerned took off what was left of the top screen,both side pieces and the metal behind the upper helm seat. Glad I,m not footing the bill Alan
  12. boycee

    Flood Warnings

    Reedham Quay around 12.30 today Boycee
  13. boycee

    Flood Warnings

    8ft at St Olaves at 8am on low tide. Now less than 7ft and high tide is not till 1pm. Large Ferry Marina 42ft boat was stuck he managed to get it out but has done a lot of damage to the topsides according to my friend who moors opposite The Bell Boycee
  14. I know how you feel mate it happened to me recently and believe me I gave the helm concerned some choice verbal but I feel you need to find a less offensive word to express your feelings when you post despite how angry you feel. Boycee
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