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  1. boycee

    A Summer's Tale

    Hi Howard The Crown was closed for a few weeks while the new Landlady Linda got the place sorted out. It re-opened late May and we have been in a couple of times. Beer was good and would be to your taste, food being served looked good and she had almost finished refurbing the Restaurant. Plans to have live music nights and appears to be well supported by the locals. Linda and her husband used to have The Crown at Trunch until he sadly died, and until she took The Crown at Smallburgh she worked for Sonia at The Ferry House Surlingham. She's a nice lady and runs a good pub Boycee
  2. boycee

    The Good Old Days

    Jono that is quite uncanny. In 1966 I hired Sandpiper 6 N331 from Sandersons at Reedham when it was just 6 weeks old and my own boat I named Sandpiper after the Sanderson boat. Way back in 1996 I met Steve Sanderson who is still a friend today and one of the two brothers who took over the business when their father retired, after working for him at Sanderson Marine. Steve actally gave me the original letters and numbers from Sandpiper 6 which are mounted on polished wood and hang in the lounge of Sandpiper. Sandpiper 6 N331 is still on the river and has been modified and restored fully, I came across it twice on my recent visit to the Broads.Colin Sanderson, Steve's brother is now sole owner of Sanderson Marine,which still operates as a hire boat yard Boycee
  3. boycee

    The Good Old Days

    Hi Jono Having just read of your first visit to the Broads in 1964 on Broadwave, I cannot believe the parallels to my first visit to the Broads in May 1964. I lived in Blackpool at the time and together with 2 friends we caught the bus to Lower Moseley St bus station in Manchester and like you took the overnight Robinsons coach to Wroxham arriving at circa 6am. We couldnt afford a taxi so we walked to Coltishall suitcases and all. As we arrived a man dressed in nautical gear together with hat and pipe was walking down the road. We asked the way to Clfford E Allen's boatyard and he replied I'm Cliff Allen follow me.When we arrived he asked which boat we had hired,we replied Broadwave 1, That should be ready as it was not hired last week, Cliff said so after our instuction and do,s and dont,s we set off on our first Broads adventure- The time was 8.15 am and all we had to eat was what we had brought-tinned salmon & peaches and cream, sat on the deck and cruising down what in my opinion is still the most beautiful stretch of river on the Broads. I vowed then if I could ever afford it I would buy a boat and in 1995 I was lucky enough to purchase a 4 year old Alpha 35 centre cockpit cruiser I named Sandpiper which I still have 23 years later. I have watched Broadwave's restoration over the years but will never forget that first Broads holiday on her which lead to my love of the Broads Boycee
  4. boycee

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Knowing you I bet that was interesting Boycee
  5. boycee

    You All Know Where This Is

    Sutton Staithe from the Sutton Staithe Hotel Boycee
  6. boycee

    Bit Of A Stretch

    Surlingham Broad or Bradgate if you prefer Boycee
  7. boycee

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    Just spoke to Robert at Sutton Staithe and his diesel is £1.15 and not £1.20 as has been previously reported Boycee
  8. boycee

    Bow Thrusters

    Ring Robert at Sutton Staithe boatyard and he will give you a quote for a bowthruster for your Hampton. Tel:- 01692 581653 Boycee
  9. boycee

    Petite Magnum

    The boat you saw at Stalham is almost certainly Kiedra which was owned by some friends of ours and moored at Sutton Staithe boatyard for over 10 years until they sold it via Wayford earlier this year.On Craig's website of Broads boat they are described as Bounty 37s Boycee
  10. boycee

    Rare Hampton Mk Iv

    Its on the NYA website ex Brundall and is marked as SOLD Boycee
  11. boycee

    What's Your Personality?

    Executive for me too Griff so it says Boycee
  12. boycee


    Ian its Boycee and as for being a Chelsea fan- wrong city, wrong colour, wrong everything
  13. boycee

    It Is My Sad Duty

    Really sad news our sincere condolences go to his wife & family Alan & Mags
  14. boycee

    A Spring Tale

    Met your daughter and her hubby in The Ferry House on Sunday Paul. Drove over by car from Sutton to meet some friends Alan
  15. boycee


    Sorry Vaughan my mistake, always thought that he was her brother Boycee

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