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    Locks Pub

    Bet your in the Caxton Club now Howard.We,re moored at Beccles YS and I think I saw you go past us to moor. Are you on the Alpha 35 ? Alan
  2. Neil the full list is the useful information section,open that then click on webcams and you will see the full list Alan
  3. Go to the NBN Webcam list page and its on there
  4. Just noticed Oulton Broad webcam is back up and running Boycee
  5. Clifford Allen Coltishall, Loynes Wroxham,Ferry Boatyard Horning,Sanderson's Reedham,Sutton Staithe Boatyard Boycee
  6. I was talking about both ECIPA as there did not appear to be any No mooring signs on the Old Burgh Castle moorings
  7. According to a friend of ours Dave, who has just moved his boat there from Reedham, that is the case and when we passed the moorings on our way back North a week ago all the moorings appeared to be open but the electric posts were still covered up and I am led to believe they will now be responsible for them Boycee
  8. boycee


    No they didn't ta but as a Lancashire lad myself I totally agree with you
  9. boycee


    No problem fully understand. They were hard at before 9 this morning Boycee
  10. boycee


    Thanks Grendel good to meet you yesterday Boycee
  11. If it is Barracuda it was Langford Gillings personal boat and it certainly looks like her. As most people know he was the origonal owner of Alphacraft which he passed onto his sons and we all know the result of that. Nice boat owned formely by a great Broadsman Boycee
  12. Thank you. I check them daily and the sites I've listed have been off line for some time Boycee
  13. Thanks Grendel-spot on.There are several others that appear obsolete and perhaps should be deleted ie Southwold Pier, Hickling webcam, and Norwich Peregrines(not the 2018 version).It also appears that only Salthouse Harbour Hotel Ipswich is the only camera of Norfolk Live that works.All others are either page not found or blank including Oulton Broad Boycee
  14. boycee


    First egg laid this morning Boycee
  15. Thanks Grendel only mentioned Alan as he changed the Norwich Falcon site last year. Maybe one of the other sites that cover the staithe may be easier Alan
  16. This is really for Alan AKA Ranworth Breeze. The Burnham Overy webcam listed has not worked with our link for 2 years. Having googled Burton Overy Staithe there are 3 possible replacements the best one of which is www.camsecure.co.uk.Is it possible you could delete the existing one and replace it with the one I would recomend. Did send you a pm last week but did not get a reply so it mustn't have got through the ether Cheers Alan
  17. I'll show Sandy the picture next time I see him even though it was 46 years ago Alan
  18. Great story David. Is that you in the second picture as it bears an uncanny resemblence to Steve Sanderson the younger of the Sanderson brothers who both worked on the yard at that time and is a friend of ours? Incidentally there is one of the Sanderling class on the bank at the boatyard at the end of the Chet on the right which I believe is owned by Bill Maxted , part of the hire fleet which used to run from there Boycee
  19. Our sincere condolences to Clive & his family Alan & Mags - Sandpiper
  20. Another vote for Tony Urwin been using him since the BSS was introduced Boycee
  21. Ring Rob Frearson at Sutton Staithe Boatyard 01692 581653 and get a quote. It will be competitive and he will do a good job Boycee
  22. Had an Alpha 35 centre cockpit for 23 years now, excellent all round broads boat. Roof lowered 6ft 6" headroom roof up 8ft 6" headroom no probs under any bridges except Potter which used to be possible but very rarely now as time & tides have changed Boycee
  23. Alan so sorry to hear such devastating news please accept our sincere condolences Alan & Mags
  24. I know where you & Elaine are because you told me. Don' t worry your secrets safe with me Boycee
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