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Found 3 results

  1. As regular members will be aware, in July Charlie Griffin had organised a trip out to sea with Broad Ambition which would join with HMS Explorer and Trumpeter (HMS Explorer being the last craft Charlie served on in the Navy). further, MTB 102 was to take part too and so this was then advertised on here for members wishing to take a trip on board this historic craft could pay a small amount to be put towards her fuel costs and upkeep. Come the day BBC Radio Norfolk did a live interview with the skippers of the various craft, along with ITV Anglia News having a film crew on Broad Ambition - it certainly was a day to remember with calm seas, and hot sunshine. Now comes the time to share with the wider world a Captain's Blog Special of that special day - this short film charts the progress from our departure at own House Quay in Great Yarmouth, to our maneuvers with the Navy and MTB 102 off the coast of Great Yarmouth and then, taking Broad Ambition down the coast to Lowestoft. Beyond the Harbour
  2. Odd things have been happening.... Act 1 Firstly, I got up yesterday to see that our valuable gangplank wasn't there. it had left Brilliant, sandwiched as she was between two other boats on a calm night, and vanished entirely. i had spared no expense making this item from an old bookshelf and the remnants of a tin of varnish; indeed, the budgie grit in the last coat has been known to attract the odd seagull, it is a work of art. Act 2 Broad Ambition to the rescue, did I mention that Griff was moored nearby? He kindly offered to check the margins out on his way to Wroxham and later Griff texted to say he had found the item at the end of the broad, sticking out from the reeds and that it was aboard. I think he thought we were headed for Acle, but we weren't... :) Act 3 The plank returns. Moonlight Shadow on her northern progress took the plank aboard at Acle and delivered it it me in the Whimp in the middle of Malthouse Broad, Keith and Lisa then set off in a balletic manner pirouetting up Ranworth Dam. Was it relief at a treasure restored? Is it a new stinky fashion to wreak vengeance on ziggy zaggy sailies? As I said.....odd, very odd.
  3. So, Forum you fellow boat loving, river explorers - I’ve got some big news, news that I have had to sit on for some weeks and now. You see, some people have a dream, a real sincere passion within them to reach a goal or achieve something – perhaps it may be a career, a location to move to, or a sporting achievement you name it but the one thing in common is it will not fade and one will not give up that wish to one day make your own dream come true. For me the fire that brought my own dream to life began as an 8 year old being brought on the Norfolk Broads aboard Saucy Gem 5 from Richardson’s. This was not the first time I had been afloat on the Broads, I had previously been on the Broads as a baby and toddler but that around Hickling and on many a day boat but Saucy Gem was a boat you could live on and while compared to today’s standards it was sparse with a ‘thunder box’ as the loo, a black and white television that might last a couple of hours on batteries it was simply so exciting to be on the boat. Therein began often yearly trips to the Broads with a build up to them that brought such excitement and much pestering of my family to choose the Broads to holiday on than anywhere else. I remember saying to my mum at Potter Heigham one day “I want to have a boat and one of those chalets one day”... By the time I was 21 I treated us all to Westminster Bridge from Bridge Craft at Acle – and then strangely that was that – I began to explore Europe and generally experience the world as a twenty something. Despite the time passing without going on the Broads my original dream still was within me and by 2011 I was back and with vengeance – 4 boats in 2011 alone and on it went, joining forums, meeting people, making new friends and of course recoding more episodes for the Captain’s Blog but now I was looking at boats on brokers websites, costing things, working out what one could do to boats mechanically and cosmetically spending hours on chandlers websites and learning ‘all things boat’. My dad and I then got seriously talking about buying a boat and going 50/50 on the costs and how we could enjoy such especially since he was due for retirement last April, with 3 weeks before his retirement he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and all focus then was on treatment and he has kept working part time in order to retain his private medical cover and provision of drugs not available on the NHS. In May I got a phone call from Charlie Griffin asking a couple of things the first was about carrying out work on my dad’s house in the Cambridgeshire Fens, the second point blew me away – would I be interested in buying a 1/5th share in Broad Ambition? We suffice to say in less than 24hrs the answer was yes and then the formalities of the agreement and signing the same, along with payment to the syndicate member selling their share began. And so here we are 1st July 2015 some 28 years on from when I my dream originally began to own a boat on the Broads, I can finally say I do. I guess now I need to think about a chalet at Potter Heigham lol. Many members of this Forum have met me, or seen me on the water and in videos and so it is only fit that I share with you and the wider world my dream – with a video special featuring some time cruising on Broad Ambition and naturally a full video tour of this true classic of the Norfolk Broads now in her 49th year afloat. As for the Captain’s Blogs and hiring and boat reviews – watch this space, as I enjoy making them and my relationship with viewers and businesses means a lot so you can expect those at times, but also look forward to some new videos from the grand old lady herself, Broad Ambition Broad Ambition Special
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