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Found 1 result

  1. Saturday 1st July The day after Mam’s funeral, held in Holyhead. Not such a sad event; more a celebration of a long and mostly happy life, and very well attended as my Mam had such an extensive network of friends. We had travelled back home to Milton Keynes late afternoon/evening of Friday. Fortunately, we had packed most of our stuff for Norfolk before travelling up to Anglesey. We had intended to start off by 7am, but were a bit slow in getting up and packing the car, despite getting up at 6. We had our usual brekkie stop at Caxton Gibbet Costa’s and arrived at Hoveton just before 11. Harry and I went off to Roy’s and the butchers to buy ‘fresh’ provisions whilst Graham took Seren for a walk along the river. We then went on our way to Ludham and had lunch at Alfresco Tea Rooms (Coronation Chicken Sandwiches for Graham and I, Norfolk Pie and Salad for Harry, all washed down with Norfolk blend Tea). We got to Hunter’s Yard shortly after 1pm and checked in with Vikki. We have messed the Yard about this year, and they have been very good and understanding about it. We had originally booked four-berth Luna for this week, but changed the booking to the three-berth Wood Violet for the previous week when my Mam’s residential respite booking got changed to nursing respite care. A few weeks ago I phoned Vikki to warn her that we might have to cancel altogether, but subsequently changed the booking back to this week once we had confirmation of the funeral arrangements. We also switched from Luna to Lullaby on Harry’s request. He had watched the DVD of ‘The Coot Club’ and knew that Lullaby had taken the part of Mrs Barrable’s yacht ‘Teasel’ in that series. We were also slow getting our stuff packed onto Lullaby, so slow that Phil came along in a dinghy and started to varnish the starboard side and stern of Lullaby. The first thing that Harry did once we had unpacked was to hoist our Ddraig Goch (Welsh flag). Just before we started quanting to the area at the entrance of the dyke reserved for raising sails a fellow sailor gave Harry the hint that it would be best to just quant from the stern rather than along the side due to the direction of the wind, so that made things easier for us. Graham walked along the bank whilst I took the tiller. Seren was a bit of a pain though. She was in the well with me but started barking like mad at the dinghy. She was even worse when she saw a lad going past in a canoe. Once we moored at the entrance to the dyke I left Graham and Harry to sort out the sails (one reef) and walked along the dyke with Seren to try to distract her. She first took a dislike to dinghies when we were on the Broads in May, and has disliked swans since one hissed at her when she was quite small. Not sure why she barks at canoes though – perhaps she thinks they are large swans. We got on our way around 3.30pm with a fair wind and made for Potter Heigham. We managed without tacking though shedsville, though our progress was slower along that stretch as the wind was a bit fluky, as it usually is there. Before coming in to moor at the de-masting area we tied one of Seren’s leads to the ladder amidships, so that she had enough slack to lie down in either cabin, but couldn’t get into the well to get under our feet or tangled up with the main sheet. We did this quite frequently during the week so that we wouldn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on her when we were trying to tack or if there was any risk of a gybe (were the boom swings across from one side to another suddenly). She whined a bit to start but soon settled down. Got through the bridge around 5.15pm, which was just in the nick of time as we only had about 1cm clearance (low tide had been around 1.30pm). Since the wind appeared to be dropping we decided to moor overnight along the stretch just beyond the bridge (the Martham Bank moorings). Not ideal due to the traffic noise, but we all felt very tired. Graham got the BBQ going (we had brought our portable BBQ with us) and we had large and juicy angus steak-burgers (bought from the Hoveton butcher). Harry also had a chicken drumstick, but Graham and I were too full of burger to eat ours. Apart from the road noise we had a quietish evening sitting in the well in the evening sunshine, Graham was listening to a podcast of The Archers whilst I was reading. Very pleasant. Harry took the dinghy along the river for a short sail… We turned in early around 9pm. Graham, Harry and Seren went off to sleep quite quickly. Seren slept in the fore cabin with Harry. As a precaution, we had taken the mattress off one of the beds and left it in the Yard so that we could put Seren’s bed on that bunk. I took longer to get to sleep, finding the road noise more intrusive as the light faded. In the information pack that came with the boat I found a facsimile of a log from the first voyage of Lullaby, dating from May 1932, which was fascinating. I know this sounds silly, but it brought a few tears to my eyes. Their breakfast included ‘Post Toasties’ (one of the first brands of cornflakes in the UK) and I recall my Mam telling me that she used to have Post Toasties for breakfast. I guess cereal was a novelty in the 1930s (Mam would have been aged six in 1932). Once I did drop off I slept soundly.
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