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Found 45 results

  1. I cant remember who it was but I was asked could I show how to make a good scotch egg , so here you go I hope you enjoy it ...
  2. So here is our one year Anniversary Vlog , Braised Steak this is one to try you will not be disappointed as the meat just melts in your mouth you wont even need a knife to cut with ...
  3. So this week is pea and ham soup really delicious and easy to make ..
  4. So Happy New Year we are back after Christmas and the first Vlog for 2018 is a fantastic Potato Soup give it a go its easy and very tasty ...
  5. Hello all i would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas also all the best for 2018 , there will be no vlogs till after the holiday sorry but January it all starts again . Have a great Christmas ... Kind Regards ...
  6. This as promised I show you how to make the delicious dumplings please give them a go and leave me some feedback enjoy ....
  7. So this week a quick and easy starter Garlic mushrooms these are so easy and delicious you will be amazed ...
  8. So over the next few week I am going to try to give you some useful hints and tips for your Christmas dinner this week is my own home made Sausage Meat Stuffing yum yum yum ...
  9. Hey there guy's this week I am sticking to simple but tasty and stuff you might have in your store cupboard so I am making a Corned Beef Hash / Stew please give it a go it is so easy but very tasty good luck ...
  10. So people fishcakes delicious but these are fishcakes are from ingredient you can find in your store / cupboard ideal for cooking on a boat and they are so tasty you will be making the all the time enjoy ...
  11. This week I attempt to do a Vlog on my own , that's wright my own no one on the camera so lets see how it go's Chicken Curry in a hurry hope you enjoy the Vlog ...
  12. It is a wee bit different this week as I am doing the vlog at home , this week I a making Bubble & Squeak but I am putting my own twist on it as always so please enjoy and I hope you give it a go thanks ...
  13. This weeks vlog shows you how to pan fry the perfect Pork Chop , follow these simple steps and you will never have a dried up horrid offering again , plus I make a delicious Sauce to go with it so please enjoy and give it a go you wont regret it , sorry the video gets a bit dark towards the end should not have used my GoPro Hero 5 Black there not to good if there is not enough light ... I WILL ADD THE VIDEO WHEN IT UPLOADS
  14. This is a must watch episode first you get a walk round Simpsons Boat Yard as we pick up The Corsican after five weeks of work being carried out there , then you get the French Onion Soup , then as a treat I show my quick and easy Potato Salad that is like three vlogs in one ...
  15. This week is Kedgeree what more can I say but there is a little something extra for your enjoyment ...
  16. So this week we are making Spaghetti Bolognese but not just a bog standard one this is a super recipe give it a go you want be disappointed I can assure you ...
  17. This week I show you guy's how to make the most delicious Italian Tomato Sauce , I always say it but here we go , you must try this one it is just the dogs you know what so go on let me know how you get on guy's ...
  18. Good evening all! I have made a video of my time on the Norfolk Broads showcasing Great Yarmouth, Horning, Wroxham and Stokesby! Along with many cinematic videos in between and other footage! I would be greatful if you all gave it a watch as it took me hours to edit and I am very proud of it overall! Thank You all so much for your generosity!! Many thanks, Ben Armstrong
  19. This week we make a delicious Chicken Kebab authentic Turkish recipe will blow you away if you give it a go but you want know unless you try it so go on ...
  20. This week I will show you how to make one of my most favourite dips ,,, Tzatziki fantastic please give it a go you will love it ...
  21. This week we are making a delicious potato salad so give it a go it's so much nicer than the old cr*p you get in the supermarket ...
  22. Really its leftovers but it bloody lovely so give it a go .............
  23. This weeks vlog is how to make delicious Gratin Dauphinois ...
  24. This week I an making the most delicious Coleslaw once you have made this you will never buy it from the supermarket again ...
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