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What Hire Craft Are Ok To Go Under Potter Heigham


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I am looking to hire a small hire craft to give me a chance of going under potter heigham. In simple terms what height has the bridge got to be for example (brink of joy to get through)? 

This can then give me a fighting chance to check recent levels/clearances and do a late booking as I wish to go up towards Hickling. Thanks, woodsafloat 

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Hi Woodsafloat,

Welcome tothe NBN Forum :wave

A surprise boat would you believe is one of the ex Porter & Haylett now at Herbert Woods, big as they are, they often get through that hole! Not me saying this, the Ex Pilot !

If however you intend to book with Brinkscraft, then possibly Brinks Airies may make the passage through. Failing that, phone the Bridge Pilot for his thoughts.


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What Hire Craft Are Ok To Go Under Potter Heigham?

The easy answer is -  any that has sufficient airdraft - many that can do it will be snookered if the river levels are high, pretty difficult question to answer accurately.  'B.A' has and can do it but not always, it'll be the same for many boats hired and private.  Some of course will never do it in a month of Sundays.  Oh and Welcome BTW


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There are a few boats with a low airdraft. We got through last year on Sweet Freedom from Freedom Boats and I believe that Maffetts Merlin is also good at getting through, but both of these are from the Southern Broads. One of the Moonlight boats went through at the same time as us. There are others but at times very little will get through. Sweet Freedom showed 6' 3" on the boat and the Pilot had it down as the same.

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Hi Woodsafloat, have taken Silver Symphony and Silver Harmony through both based on the Southern Broads but there are similar craft available on the Northern waters. Do check with the boatyard though as although boats can look the same they can be ballasted differently resulting in different air drafts.


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