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Horsey Windpump

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As members of the National Trust, i think this is good to see. I find it strange how the National trust are extremely competent at raising the funds to carry out such extensive, and expensive work, yet the BA or local councils can`t find a few thousand pounds to maintain refuse disposal sites?.

Here`s a thought, maybe we should let the entire Broads network have control taken away from the BA, and handed over to the National Trust?. Im sure if they can raise vital funds for projects such as this, they could quite esily use the MILIONS the BA recieve every year to run the Broads properly?.

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With regard to funding the National Trust receives approximately £30 million from statutory bodies per annum. This is before their fundraising, legacies etc. The Trust is a charity.

Having worked for the National Trust in the past, the main difference is management. The Trust has a clear vision of it's purpose, it's goals and objectives and how to achieve them. They are governed by acts of parliament that keep them strictly to their cause. The Trust is overseen by a board of trustees. 'The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for everything that happens at the Trust and for ensuring it meets its statutory purpose.   The Board does not manage the Trust; rather its job is to ensure the Trust is managed the way it wishes to be. The Board does this by agreeing a strategy and holding the Director-General and his/her executive team to account for its delivery. There are normally 12 Trustees on the Board but there can be up to 15. '

The Trust is  advised and supported by a dazzling array of preeminent experts and can call upon additional support from the likes of Historic England, Elite Universities and Museums as well as professional consultants, advisors and large numbers of volunteer members, who all have one goal in supporting the Trust in its objectives dictated by statute.

What the BA shares with the National Trust are highly professional hard working people in the front line, but that's where the similarities stop. The BA's' income is around £3 million. The BA is a quango. Has management accountable to no one and is actively attempting to change its statutory identity.

Incidentally I'm not BA bashing...just pointing to the bloody great elephant unicycling in the corner.



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Just seen earlier this evening a short film clip on FB of Horsey windpump with a test on the sails turning under their own power for the first time in 76 years.  It looked very smart and was nice to see.  Despite searching on Youtube I can't find it there so unfortunately not able to provide a link of the film clip - Sorry

More information here:-



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