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Guest Jonny

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Hi everyone

after fifteen years of hireing with the same company for the first time looks like were going to be trying out a new company & fleet. were looking at Majestic Gem which is an Aquafibre 44 YUMMY :grin::grin::grin: or San Elena again an Aquafibre 44 YUMMY :grin::grin:

does anybody have any good points or bad points about these boats as they look good to me.

anybody have an idea of what Richo;s charge for fuel deposits & damage waver

were looking at two weeks on either boat were looking at around (G) 25th July - 29th August 2010

any pics would be great

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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I've hired San Elena before Jonny. She's an unremarkable but decent boat. We found her comfortable and well appointed, though decent rather than outstanding. She was in good working order, which cannot be said for all the hire boats I've had. There were no specific points worth commenting on really other than that the Nanni engine when we had her in 2006 was fairly new. It was remarkably quiet compared to any previous boat we've had and she was very smooth to drive. My only comment was that she was perhaps a bit under powered - she can do the speed limit well enough but she takes an age to slow down and doesn't have any oomph when manoeuvring, which is not assisted by a lack of bow thruster on a 44fter.

All in all though I seriously doubt you'll be disappointed.

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Hi Simon

shes sounds like a good boat

which is not assisted by a lack of bow thruster on a 44fter.

I am to good to need one :lol::lol::lol:

I wounder if boat yard would ever think of giving concessions to blind & persily sighted people neva thought about that before but i down if they would.

the way its looking majestic looks like the one but we can wait :grin::grin:

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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Hi Jonny,

I think Geoff has got it right, also Simon has summed San Elena fairly accurately, I was on her today, I must admit is has been a while since I was on either Majestic Gems but I am sure they are still in good nick.

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forgot to say, Have a look on them all when you are next down Jonny.. :wave

Thanks Clive i think we will take up your offer when were down once the work on Curlew has finished.

we will pop in the office on change over just to take shure its ok.

ill take some pics of them both while i am down so for future reference if anybody wishes to hire those they wont need to ask for pics with Clive's permission of course.

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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we have hired majestic gem twice now, once two years ago and again this april just gone

myself, hubby ,my 2 kids 15 and 18, my brother, his wife and there girls, 10 and 12. plenty of room for every body.

love the back well which is a fantastic sun trap.

don't know much about engines but it ran ok and didn't appear loud.

the first time we hired her there were huge gaps where the canopy fitted that we had to plug at night but the second time richardsons had solved this by suppling window cover thingys (not a particularly descriptive person me !! :lol: )

I would say go ahead jonny, we have really enjoyed our holidays on her and will book her again if we ever all go together again. i will speak to hubby or son who have the technical knowhow and if you like send you some photos

we went for two weeks in april and practically covered the whole broads paid £100 fuel deposit and needed to pay another £ 60 :o when we got back, the most we have ever had to pay, but we covered some distance and the heating was on most nights for a time

love to hear what you think of her if you do book her :)

:teddy: mandy :teddy:

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Hi Jonny...

Having worked with these 44 footers I have to admit to having a liking for them...Extremely quiet with the stern mounted engine and hydraulic drive...No vibration and simply glide along...but have to agree with Simon...A lot of boat to slow down so a bit of forward thinking needed when approaching hazards (sailies mainly :lol: ) ...failing that a superb boat with stacks of room...

Having holidayed on them Mandy is the best person to offer a true indication of their fors and againsts...

From my point of view the only downside is that the hydraulic drive does help to drink diesel...but in return you get a quiet and smooth ride....and keeping an eye on the tides helps

A Majestic for you...sorry no internals but I bet Dan has :lol:post-499-136713566725_thumb.jpg

Best regards

Terry :Stinky

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