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protect your instruments

Guest chriscraft

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Guest chriscraft

i ve recently bought a new boat and was apalled by the sun damage to some of the instruments,just a bit of a reminder ,cover your insruments when you leave the boat!!post-1-136713567093_thumb.jpg

click for large gory details

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The sun can indeed do a lot of damage to some materials.

When I'm over in Australia (visiting my daughter), I note that the majority of cars have a 'tailor made' carpet like cover, that lays on top of the dashboard.

Intrigued by this, I asked why this was, and was told that the stength of the sun through the windscreen, can be very destructive to the plastic material. Even causing it to split and crack.

So, your 'words of warning' are well placed.


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:cry Yes and if your not carefull and do what I did you can blow your windscreen out, I was working on a no smoking site and without thinking left my tobacco tin with the lighter inside the tin,, when I came back a few hours later my windscreen was all cracked, there was tobacco and bits of lighter everywhere and a great big hump in the lid of the tin, the heat from the sun had exploded the lighter in the tin,, :norty:


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Dont have teknical fings loike that on moi but. :naughty::naughty: Rod

No Rod but the ones on your day job ships look like the bridge on the Starship Enterprise :naughty: . Seriously this is a salutary reminder and one of the reasons that boats in hot climates have external window covers. The sun can do all sorts of damage from as little as bleaching your upholstery right up to burning your ship to the waterline. :o:o

BTW, looks like an old CRT Radar display, but you knew that Rod :naughty:

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