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What A Weekend!


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This isn’t really a holiday tale but we had such a nice weekend that I feel that I had to share it with you all. :grin:

We were going up to the boat last weekend regardless of the weather but after watching the weather reports, we were beginning to feel quite optimistic that we may actually be on Happy Jax II when the sun shines. :lol:

Friday 14th August.

Left work at 3.00 pm to go fetch the boys from mum and dad’s, obviously stopped for a coffee and a chat. On the way home did a bit of shopping, just basics as we had Shirley (Col’s mum) with us and that makes 5 peeps, 3 dogs and various bags of stuff (I don’t know how but we always manage to end up with shed loads of toot to take to the boat). :? I intended to shop at Tesco’s (Stalham) Saturday morning while Col went and bought the davits he had been hankering after for months (the bottomless pit strikes again). :naughty:

As Col was coming back from work at the normal time, 6.30pm, I decided to feed me and the kids and get Col a triple sarnie from Asda’s to eat on the way up. Arrived back from mum and dad’s around 5.30, so now in panic mode as I have to cook the pizza for the kids (and me), feed the dogs, get everyone showered and get packed before Col gets home. Just managed it, phewwwwwwww. :clap

After picking up Shirley, we were finally on the road at 6.50 pm and at about the time we got to the A47 I remembered that the sarnie I had got Col was still in the fridge at home. :( Deep down, I knew he really wanted sausage and chips. ;) After stopping for said sausage and chips we finally arrived at the boatyard at 8.45 pm. Unpacked, Shirley and I settled down for a well earned glass of wine cheers and watched a DVD with the kids while Col washed the boat. (a very fair division of labours I think).

Saturday 15th August

Wake up early on Saturday, not because we are excited but because our golden retriever, Buddy was wandering around the boat trying to get everybody up (he does this sort of low moany howl when he wants to go out but only on the boat, very strange). So after ignoring him for a while Col finally gave in and took him out at 6.30 am, after which we all decide to get up. Col and I went shopping and then Col wandered off to Wroxham to get his davits.

Now at this point I will have to say that the great weekend that had been forecast hadn’t arrived, it was overcast, windy (they got that bit right) and to cap it all it was spitting lightly. I was starting to feel miffed :cry , to say the least, but as we’d arrange to meet friends at Neatishead Staithe I put on a brave face and we set off. The spitting stopped and we had a rather breezy trip down the Ant and across Barton Broad but once we got to the staithe we were sheltered. There were 5 boats in the dyke and we managed to get up near the end, one boat down. A good place to be, as the last time we were there, we were at the start of the dyke and Col only managed a couple of hours before the stress of it all got too much for him and we left. We had arrived at 10.45ish am and by 1.00 pm the dyke was pretty much full and our friends had to raft onto us in the middle of the dyke while they waited for a place and luckily, about 3.00 pm a couple of day boats had moved off and, with a bit of boat shifting, they managed to get moored opposite us near the end of the dyke. Ahhhhhhhh, everybody happy and settled at last and finally the sun came out (if a bit patchy) and gradually the weather did improve over the course of the afternoon early evening. :dance

Col and Terry had done gone on a reccy to the pub and booked us a table for the evening, whilst I chatted to our neighbours and a nice lot they were to. The boat behind us (at the back of the dyke) had left at 3.00pm but most of the boats coming down looking for a mooring presumably couldn’t see the gap or were being told that the dyke was full (it was heaving) and consequently it never got filled, leaving a nice area for the kids off of the boats to muck around in their tenders. I chilled with a good book and the dogs snoozed in the sun. Blissful!

Set off for our evening meal at 7.00pm at the White Horse and a good meal it was too. Col, Terry, Sheila, Jay and Connor stayed to play darts and Shirley and I went back to the boat and on the way back bumped into Rod and Shirley (Flying Fortress), they had moored at Gays Staithe after being told that Neatishead Staithe was full.

When we got back there were two sailies :Sailing moored behind us (right at the back of the dyke) and one saily :Sailing in front of us. Jason, the boat that had been in front of us before we left for the pub wandered over to say that the sailies had been desperate and that he had sorted everything out and to reassure us that Happy Jax II had not suffered in any way (bless him). Shirley and I opened a bottle of wine and settled down for a nice chat. Jay and Connor eventually turned up about 10.00 pm saying that Dad was chatting to Rod (nothing unusual there then) and they had wanted to walk home on their own.

We had noticed that the evening was lovely and clear (and absolutely no mozzies) so Connor and I went and laid out on the front of the boat under a sleeping bag and watched the stars, the night was so clear and absolutely beautiful, we sat out till about 11.00 pm and spotted 5 shooting stars (never seen a shooting star before) :bow . Eventually, Connor admitted to being tired so off to bed for us (Shirley and Jay had already gone), Col turned up about 11.45 pm rather jolly (presumably, he’d enjoyed a drink or two). cheersbar

Sunday 16th August.

Buddy apparently wasn’t as desperate this morning so we got up about 9.00 am and what a glorious day it was too. Not a cloud in the sky, no wind (for the first time this year or so it seems) and lovely and warm. We had booked a table at Sutton Staithe at 1.30 pm for their carvery so we set off at about 10.00 am for a leisurely trip up the Ant. :Stinky

Got the 2 boats moored up on the green and let the dogs off for a run. Terry and Sheila have 2 golden retrievers, Barney and Snowy, who get on well with Buddy (possibly why he laid in on Sunday morning, probably shattered from playing with them on Saturday) so they were all running around with Hobbit (our Jack Russell) and Cora (Shirley’s westie) when Rod and Shirley turned up with Treacle. So there was a bit of a dog fest going on which attracted a bit of attention during the day with various people bringing their dogs over to join in the fun.

The carvery was lovely (as always), and as I had offered to drive home, Col enjoyed a few more bevies over lunch :roll: . We then returned to the boats, let all the dogs out again, Rod came over with Treacle and we spent the afternoon watching the dogs play and chatting. Basically, it was a lovely relaxed day, with good company and great weather.

We eventually made the effort (not that we wanted to) to leave Sutton staithe at about 5.00 pm and by the time we had returned to the yard, packed up and cleaned through it was 7.00ish pm (much later than we would normally leave on a Sunday). Got home about 9.00ish pm, feeling very relaxed after a lovely weekend.

And that is why we love the Norfolk Broads. ;)

I will get Col to post some piccies (if he took any in between his beers). :lol:

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