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Richardsons RC45 and RC35

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Hello everyone,

We are very proud and excited to introduce the next new boats to enter the Richardsons Fleets, initially the Richardsons 45' centre cockpit (RC45) will be built then soon after there will be a 35' version (RC35) Both boats will have a 12'6" beam and are designed to pass Potter heigham bridge at about 6'6" but we will see if that happens. both are aslo designed to accomodate rear engines as well as a few other ideas which will be announced nearer the time.

there are a few more tweeks to be done to the superstructure but the pictures are pretty accurate.

We hope to have the first boats in the fleet for 2011.

although we have not yet started the builds the plans will soon be drawn up for the sedan version which is looking fantastic and a dual steer flybridge.



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Hi Clive

now they look sweet the RC45 suits me

couple of questions

have you decided on birth & layout?

i would love to see a sedan version :naughty::naughty:

We hope to have the first boats in the fleet for 2011.

heres to 2011 cheersbarcheersbarcheersbar

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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Jonny, the 45' will be a 6 berth or whatever extra we decide and the 35' a 4 berth.

David, 'bit flash'? must be that blue hull :naughty:

Howard, we are having it designed from scratch, we are building the plug at Stalham and also laying up the mould, making the mouldings and fitting them out ourselves :grin:

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Brilliant! A Richardson's special! I await Dan's comments!

Dan's busy having his heart re-started after reading Clive's post. He'll be along in a little while I'm sure. :lol:

Clive, they do look rather nice but it always makes me chuckle at these slick sporty lines so beautifully crafted into the boat - only to stick a 40hp Nanni in the back! :lol:

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Hi Howard

I think as its one of Richo's own build i think they might make them realy smart inside LED lighting inside posh SS sinks nice fridges.

cant wait to see what there like when there completed if the drawing is anything to go by shame there isn't going to be a version with a higher birthing.

Clive if its not to prudent to ask will you be doing a step by step build blog on here for us all i would be interested :grin::grin:

what engines are you going to put in them Clive 2.2 Nanni?

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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hello all,

The design was by John Moxam,

they look sleek so they 'glide' along the water not so they go fast ;)

we are hoping that even if the water levels rise and she cant pass Potter she will still have a fighting chance with Wroxham in 20 or 30 years time.

Jonny, our new boats do have LED lights, SS sinks and nice fridges so do some of the 'old' ones :)

she will probably have the 50hp Nanni.


I suspect Dan is still upset that the Calypso wont have brown vinyl on the seats :lol:

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Great stuff Clive!

Good to see a new design launch, and has been said, designed for the Broads combining sleek lines with good air draft. I think the 35ft is especially appealing as many centre sliding cockpits of late seem to have been towards the full length end, and centre sliding canopy models are great holiday boats for the Broads.

I was hoping they might sneak in for the 2010 season, but can appreciate that'd be a tall order when developing from scratch. Will she be made available to your most loyal hirers for a couple of trips to test her out in 2010?! :naughty:

With some closures and cut backs in local production over the last couple of years it's great to see a new team setting up and skilled jobs created cheersbar


P.S Orange vinyl for the Calypso.... you know it makes sense ;)

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Hi Clive

VERY interested to see the new designs.

We have always wondered why designers favour the high superstructure of dual steering boats in recent years, limiting where hirers can go in the Broads. We have hired one of these and, although luxurious and accommodating, we found it frustrating to have to be very careful in areas such as the mouth of the Bure and also St Olaves.

So it's great to see that you are producing a design going back to a more appropriate height, using a centre-cockpit configuration.

With the closure of Aquafibre, your investment in the future is to be applauded and we await further news about the development of these craft with baited breath.!

Pete and Susanne

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I spend a huge amount of my time telling people to slow down including Richardsons boats, when its bad enough to stop the hirer and speak with them, they usually they have a rev counter, which is usually calibrated incorrectly.

So I fill in a report, stateing the problem, a copy goes to the hire firm.

Then the following week the same boat comes out, has it been recalibrated, probably not.

So why not put on a GPS, how much extra would it cost on top of a hundred thousand pound build, problem solved.

Then when the on the spot fine system comes in, your customers will never be stopped, or if they are, there will be no excuse. :wave

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Very valid point AJB - they can afford state of the art TV aerials so why not accurate speed measurement.

I don't think the hire companies care about speed one bit - if as you say reports on speeding boats are sent to the hire yards, I would suggest these are filed in the bin and rev counters are NEVER recalibrated?

Any comments Clive?

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Hi Clive...

Great looking boats these...Nearly as good as one I've seen in the Ponderosa ;)

Joking apart I look forward to the development of these superb looking craft...Proper Broads Design... and if the hull colour is to be adopted as in the drawings, will really stand out as something special in the Hire sector... :clap

Could we possibly see a resurrection of classic names again on the Broads...BROADSVENTURE , BROADLANDER and BROADWAY sound very good to me cheersbar

Now to start saving for 2011...I'll have a 45 and my daughter will definitely want a 35...Can't wait

All the Best

Terry :Stinky

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