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Russet Retreat

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Don't do blogs leave that to the pro's

Taylors two week holiday 2016 


almost two weeks aboard our safe haven as work commitments were  getting in the way.

headed south for the first time on Russet.

moored at bramerton and bumped into  captain dread and his friend, who gave our kids teddy bears .what  a kind gesture.

we have a twelve year old German Shepard who nearly always gets, that a gorgeous dog how old ,really he looks well.thank you

moored at the Waveney centre had a swim and kids played on the park . It was so nice we returned for another night and a swim( thanks to the girls working in the pool area) . Highly recommended.

the couple who were camping and saw my three year Charlie  old peeking through the wind break . Spent ten minutes with Charlie allowing him to stroke two choc labs crunchie and twix ,thank you .He loves dogs.

kids playing in the water fountains at Lowestoft.

the kebab at oulton broad it's a yearly thing.

salhouse broad where we had a game of football , kids v adults .the adults won. Thanks to the family from Grimsby .

sailing from the Waveney centre to Yarmouth at six o'clock to catch slack water . A quiet and peaceful sail. (Kids were in bed)

Russ  sam and Oliver thanks for spending the time to show me how to fish . I caught   three sharks well they were as big as a shark :naughty: when the kids get older I will be taking it up .

weather even tho it woke Charlie up at seven most mornings.

returning home chilled out.

crossing Brendon and seeing a seal swim past.

sitting on ran worth island at dusk and watching what I thought was a otter running past.

watching the kids jump off the boat and play with the other kids for hours on end.

kids meeting up with their broads friends. Seeing the glow in the girls faces  when they spotted them.

visited rock land st Mary and the guy was cutting the grass in the heat .well done that man always looks well .

At Loddon a mr was throwing a stick in the river for his shep as it had been a hot day. Charlie spotted  the shep and was shouting at him. The Mr then bought his shep round to us to introduce him . Charlie straight over to pat him :kiss. Thank you for your time.

having ice cream while mud weighting at Womack staithe

Few negatives but to many positives to out weigh them :wave

roll on next weekend for my big forty on the broads .








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