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Broad Ambition - The Model


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Yesterday was not a good day, I was trying to shape the hog / keel, using a router, the problem was supporting the work against the fence when doing the second side, and starting off using the wrong router bit, still there is enough meat left in the the timber for two more goes on the other edge of the timber.





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Well that went better, I attached a wide fence to the existing fence on the router, and I now have 2 hogs roughed out, just got to cut them from the rough now.  While I was out making sawdust I got the table saw out and tried its new blade 2.5mm is about as thin as I can cut a plank. 6mm square though is a lot easier, I got a whole lot cut out for the main stringers on the frame. next job to mount the frames onto the pillars on the building board, then I can mark the cuts for the hog and stringers.









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Grendal, looking good.

The devil is in the detail and memory.

When I did Zimbi IV.1 we argued mainly over the interior (we were both) wrong.

Example, our table is not square or oblong but a rectangle with 1 corner cut off.

Try not to let it become obsessive  (too late I here you cry) but keep us all imformed about progress.


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As you say, the devil is in the detail, I took careful measurements of the deck shape (this to the inside of the top rubbing strake, ) to get the bow shape correct, as if that is wrong the model will look wrong, this was drawn up to the correct scale in CAD. I did say I might have to modify the frames slightly, this will make a former for the stringer to follow, now I need to get a steamer set up as the stringers wont follow the bend at the bow without.I might need to alter the frames to get a good fit, this is why I am doing it this way, rather than building 2 at once (at least at this stage).


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With a router, I now prefer to fix the router to a table and move the wood, it takes a long time setting up jigs etc but great for repetitive work. 

I too have a circular saw, 10" blade, it has two side tables, so I drilled one and clamped the router under the table, so it just sits there till needed, no going into the loft lol to find it.

What I will suggest for have a go Destroy It Yourselfers, or DIY'ers for short, is a dead man's switch, a foot switch that if released kills all power to the saw and router if you step back.

After a near miss with a belt sander, it was locked in the on position, I leaned over too far, and it ran up my loose "T" shirt and grabbed my arm "T" shirt and flesh went into the gap between the sander and the frame, aghhh still rotating until the belt eventually snapped. All this took less than 5 seconds. Luckily I had nothing more than a chinese burn, a bit of grazed skin, but no blood.

I also had a similar issue when my drill stand grabbed some steel and flung it around.

What it is, is simply a 13 Amp plug with a 3 metre lead going into a normally open spring loaded to be in the up position, foot switch then off to a 4 way extension. I also have a vacuum cleaner for dust extraction too, that starts up as soon as you press the foot pedal, so looks and sounds quite cool lol. You can also use it for other projects, like SDS drilling, where you lock the drill on, so you can grip the drill body for dear life when you are drilling large holes in brick etc.


Regarding the model, if by chance I ever get to see the model, and I hope I do lol, I will be there with a torch and magnifying glass looking for the Carbon Monoxide detector and smoke alarm in each cabin lol...

I think you owe it to me... I have probably spent as much time on promoting Carbon Monoxide monitors as you have spent laying down the keel lol... 

Keep up the good work, at least you won't need to put miniature toll stickers on if you finish this season lol, who knows what is in store for us next year.

 Now big question, is it likely that this model will float, and if it does will you fit radio control in it lol?


Best regards, 


My swich looks like this, very tough, got it for a few £ off ebay, list price over £50 


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Yes, the plan is a floating radio controlled model, I am still considering the internal detail, it is probable that the section for the battery will be removeable, with a detailed interior section that slots in to replace it for display.

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Grendel, If you have a 1/4 router they are a direct fit into a drill press, I find that this combination allows so many more jobs to be done easily, I got rid of my router table and find this set up much more versatile and ideal for modeling jobs.




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