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    After berating me being a chicken when MTB102 was up in Yarmouth, just thought I would share a few pictures of us last week on the way back from Wells Next the Sea.

It was getting dark as we approached GY as you can see off the wind farm and then had a play at wake riding to get some nice shots.

The wife was not too happy with the splashy one:hardhat:

Pictures taken by a friend on the back of a boat at about 22knts with me doing about 25knts over the wake. 

ps. he is a professional photographer if anyone wants some good photos taken.


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Brilliant Pictures Mark! That certainly looks like a lot of fun! Not quite sure I would (and can) do that in Autonomy.  Brilliant though.. nice to see some pics and good to see you getting a lot of fun out the boat!!!


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:) I don't think we have the boat to do a flying over the waves picture like that.  This broom is a slow heavy old girl that needs an easy (but active) retirement. I also can't get out my berth if it's too windy! But I'm sure we have some rough old days so I'm sure I'll get some pics one day... It's a really good picture though.. Probably pretty unusual for a Broads resident boat to have a run like that so top marks!

(How much was your fuel bill? We've done 20 hours for about £100 so far!! Slowly slowly see! ;) ) 

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Alan lets just say it's a good reason I don't do it every weekend - 460 litres of diesel!!!! I wont say what words I used when I had to pay!!! That might be it for this year!!

She was at the wrong speed to be honest (too slow) and there was a lot of slowing down and speeding up which didn't help. Still didn't expect to drink that much though.:facepalm:

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30 minutes ago, Baitrunner said:

Still didn't expect to drink that much though.:facepalm:

Ah ha that's where you went wrong, Mark, you are supposed to burn it , not drink it !:naughty: Alan's way is far more economical, see he burns it AND gets a sun tan !:naughty:


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It took about 3hrs at about 18knts. 

We had to slow right down at one point for about 20 mins on the way up as one of the boats had an engine problem. 

Better on the way back. The swell was a bit of a problem at times which made it a little uncomfortable so meant going a little slower. 

Still found time to have a play though. I still think we used a lot more fuel than we should have though so will be good to see what a run at 22knts would deliver. 

We actual found it a bit monotonous after an hour as there isnt much to see at sea!!! And I couldn't persuade any of the crew to take over. The point where I shouted "hang on" closely followed by "oh ****" when we got caught really bad may have had an affect on them!! 

And then there is trying to use the facilities which is interesting. Well it was for the crew, I just had to cross my legs!!

Being on legs we don't handle the rough as well as the shafties and it is noticeable. 

Would still do it again though and now we have done wells going in again isn't so daunting. And there is something about sitting on your boat sipping a drink in the sun watching all the tourists!! Because obviously we aren't !!!!

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