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Blakes 2010 Brochure


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Whatho Folks!

Recently got hold of the new 2010 Blakes brochure and thought it would be interesting to see what everyone thought.

It looks quite an improvement, with many of the grainy, old pictures replaced with recent, digital ones that are much larger and clearer. There's also a mass of interior pictures for the large fleets, but the smaller fleets dont seem to be as well represented on that for some reason.

As ever, it seems quite catalogue like in its layout - it doesn't seem like much design has gone into the layout (3 boats per page in a list type format etc), but there are some nice larger shots of the area inbetween etc, and overall it's much better, quite good really and now gives you, in most cases enough informayion & confidence to make a selection. Good to see Blakes stepping up their effort I thought.

I was suprised that given the success of the 2009 season that there seemed a shortage of brand new boats for 2010. Interestingly Barnes Brinkcraft appear to have bought a batch of 29ft dual steer Connoisseur FB models, have upgraded them slightly and are running them as "Brinks Jazz class"

Also good to see DRL Marine featured, after just being on the website this year due to forming their fleet after the brochure had been done.

Interestingly, the European fleets seem to have disappeared - so I guess that must be a seperate brochure now?

What does everyone else make of theirs?


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Hi Dan, mine fell onto my doormat yesterday morning, quite bright and shiny, but i agree that it does rather feel like your looking through an 'Argos' type catalogue as you flick through the pages, and there are a few shots that have obviously been stretched in height so much that they are totally out of proportion with reality:)

Someone has also managed to make a big boo-boo with the picture of the Coltishal pubs and moorings, labeling them as The Swan , Horning :o:naughty:

Julz :wave

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Hi Dan and Jukz

Thanks for pointing out the addition of Brinks Jazz. We weren't aware of the Connoisseur 29 FB. A clever little boat if ever we saw one.

We thought that the brochure was very good quality, apart from the typo errors, that is.

As well as the Swan Inn error that Julz found, we noticed that on the map on page 19 Blakes have moved the Air Defence Radar Mueum from the northern side of the Bure to the southern edge of Ranworth Broad.! Huh.? It's great that Blakes should offer information on local places of interest, especially the Radar Museum, but unsuspecting hirers will turn up at Ranworth instead of mooring at Horning. Doh.!

Pete and Susanne

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