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What's one of these called......

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I need a little help. I have spent the last hour searching the net for a couple of these.

They are the door lock covers which hinge upwards allowing the square peg to unlock the door - I think they are called "escutcheon's" but can't find any in white, or just off white colour.

These particular ones are 40mm wide and 50mm tall.

Here is a picture - ignore the pen sticking out, I did this just to show how it works..


I'm really stuck on this and would really appreciate it if anyone knew where I could get them preferably on the net.

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Good idea Dave but Sealine don't actually know what they used mate !!!

Had this problem before with parts and all they do is refer you to a Sealine Dealer. Sealine dealers don't know what the non-major parts are ! As far as I am aware there isn't one big book with all the parts used for each range of boats they produce.

For instance, I sent them an email last week enquiring about retro-fit teak floor - and they haven't got a clue !! All I wanted to know was who they used !

Is so annoying, I have seen these lock covers so many times before, and normally I can put my finger on the right internet page within a minute or two for anything we are trying to find, well, at least Claire can ! lol ! but not this time.....

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Thanks for your help donnygeoff, but I really am after a driect replacement. Where they are situated means they can't stick out any further than the originals as they will be caught.

However, what a brilliant site you have found. I have bookmarked it for future reference !! Thank you !!

Senator - I am already in contact with Nick at Seabridge over a couple of other things, so I will add it onto the list and see if he comes up with anything !! Thank you too !!

I completely forgot how much hard work (and money) it costs to bring a boat back to 'near' perfect, we are well on course now and she is looking rather good - just a few more bits and bobs to make her truely ours !!

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Just a quick update. As shown above these items ARE available in Black, but for the life of me I can't find them in WHITE !!!

So, if any of you kind ladies and gentlemen happen to spot them out on your travels, please let me know !! I need at least five !!!

The search continues !!

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Very good point !! Actually get 20 or 30 and put some on eBay. I know Sealine used these for a number of years, and of course they are water-proof, but they do tend to go off colour and look very grubby.

We have tried scrubbing them, even putting them in the dishwasher to no avail !!

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Exactly the same for me Suzanne (Great meeting you the other day by the way !!)

Nick seems to come with some great recommendations, but unfortunetly as yet he hasn't found anything that I've been looking for. When I emailed him sometime ago about teak decking, he said he would look into it - never heard any more and I emailed him the other day about something and still no reply.

I also need to replace the Sealine metal logos on either side, so perhaps I'll try again....

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