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Electrical Panels....

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For the power boaters here, and just in case you need it, I thought I'd tell you about a company that we have recently found...

On our new Sealine, the helm control panel - a bank of switches, the facia was broken and faded and looked terrible. I emailed Sealine Sales asking where they purchased the originals, and like previous emails I got no response. I understand that they do not operate a spares department anymore and direct you to their sales agents - so fair enough..

Anyway, after a couple of days searching the net (I'm getting old, and the internet is starting to get complicated to me) I eventually 'happened' across a company called KDD Power Centre and got in contact with them.

The service has been absolutely excellent, as soon as they received my panel they checked it, and corrected a couple of faults which I didn't even know existed (no charge) then replaced all the switches and the front facia panel. This is the result:-

(Having problems posting the picture - but here is the link to the same until I can get my pics working properly:- http://www.kddpowercentre.com/page13.html )

Comparing this to the sun faded white original panel it has transoformed the helms position completely.

The costs - well, perhaps a little expensive at £125 delivered, but I think its well worth while.

So, if you need a refurb, or replacement panel, take a look at http://www.kddpowercentre.com and give Brian (the owner) a ring. We spoke for about an hour in total and he is very accommodating !

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I don't think that is particularly expensive, Luke, when you consider I had a custom made dashboard, with all new switches and dials, and a new morse control earlier this year (all fitted & wired up myself) which cost £500.

Companies like this are well worth seeking out :wave

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That reminds me, I’ve got an overhead isolator switch bank to fit this weekend, must remember to take the roto zip to make a hole for it, I'd completely forgotten. :oops:

That doesn’t sound too expensive Luke, especially as they use quality components and always use my old friend fully tinned cable. I have seen some made locally with ordinary automotive cable which although just about acceptable inside in a totally fresh water environment is really poor practise and spoiling the ship for a hap’orth of tar.

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Sorry, what I meant by "a little expensive" was if you just needed a facia, then £125 would be a little expensive.

I actually needed a facia, switches and panel, so £125 was excellent value.

Anyway, it arrived back this morning and here it is:-


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