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i am in the process of restoring my boat and i made a dining area

when it came to foam for the seats i rung round all the companies in the norfolk/suffolk area and was told that no-one stocked 4" foam

how bizarre lol but they could get it in a week later

anyway i scoured good old ebay and pm'd a chap on there with my phone number

he called me back within the hour and gave me prices there and then

it was VERY reasonably priced slightly cheaper than the cheapest quote i had locally

delivery was fixed at £4.99 for each order

so i ordered my foam

next day delivery wow was good quality and cut exactly as i asked with a 2"taper for the rear seats

lovely helpful chap

so i ordered some more for the headlining and some glue

that arrived the next day still £4.99 delivery but 2 parcels so even better value

anyway this isn't my company but i do have his number if anyone needs foam etc give me a pm and i'll let you have it


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Hi Jill, i think the good upholstry foam is called 'Reflex' foam, although the very best for that kind of use these days is made up of layers, firm base, reflex core, and 'memory' foam topper for comfort, the latter being the most expensive of all three, although its the one which moulds to the shape of the occupant and does take some time to spring back into shape after usage :)

Most modern foam mattresses are made this way, and are very comfortable, but for a solid block of foam, its the Reflex type that is best :dance

The cheap softer foams do tend to go out of shape quite quickly, and can 'Ground' you in the middle when used as a mattress, leaving a very compacted layer between a persons hips and the bed base, which is not nice and can cause aches and pains from a bad nights sleep :naughty::yawn:

Julz :wave

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The foam is a very good quality a lot better than the last lot we bought

it springs back every time

only problem we have is we bought the 4" stuff but wish i'd have gone for thicker as it tends to hurt your tailbone after a while

at least its only on the dining seats for now

when i do the main seating area i will use thicker

altho we sit on the dining all the time for now as its the only seating we have lol

i shouldn't of ripped out all the other seating lol

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I can source marine quality foam for those that might need it. One word of caution though, you should make sure the foam you buy is fire retardant to comply with current regulations, the cheap stuff is not always treated.

If you pattern funny shapes I can get the foam cut to your pattern also.


Make sure that seat cushion foam is made 1/2 " bigger all over to make the cushions look filled.



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