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well i fitted the headlining last week

best advice i could of given was ' get someone else to do it'

it cost me around £50 for everything which is really cheap (birchwood 33) so quite a large boat

i had enough to do the whole boat forward cabin, wheelhouse and after cabin

1/4" thick foam and cream leatherette pvc looked lovely when i bought it

spent a day getting glue everywhere

when i say everywhere i mean everywhere

its a spray glue you use and you spray it on the ceiling and it lands on the floor, windows, cooker, units

everywhere as well as where u wanted it lol

i was covered in my hair on my hands (i roll my own ciggies and trying to roll i had more tobacco stuck to my fingers than actually in the cig)

you can imagine it

well the ceiling was ply lined first with electrics for the lights

i was hoping that the foam covered it all up and when i finished i stood back took a look and went mmmmm

i'm not a perfectionist by any means but this looked ok lol

i picked the wifey up from work and said' are you in a good mood'

as there's glue everywhere and you've a lot of cleaning to do lol

bless her she's a good girl although i had to clean it anyway because she refused

so we looked at this ceiling and she said it looks ok hun

but my opinion it looked horrid

so the next day i set to it again

rather than rip it off and wreck even more of what was there i put then new layer on top of the old

i did a test piece to make sure the foam would stick to the nice side of the pvc etc

so what i have now is ply lined

1st layer of foam

layer of pvc

layer of foam

and another layer of pvc


sounds a right pickle but it looks absolutely brilliant

she came home the next day and agreed brill

even i'm happy with it

so my new advice is

put 2 layers of foam if you have any imperfections as 1 won't cover it

and the second time i had previous knowledge on how to do it

i wore a hat and disposable rubber gloves

ciggies had tobacco in them that day woo hoo

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i was covered in my hair on my hands (i roll my own ciggies and trying to roll i had more tobacco stuck to my fingers than actually in the cig)


Hi Steve you should have took some photos :lol::lol::lol: of the work

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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Trouble is with all those headlinings they are reduced to moving round the boat on their knees :grin:

Just what I was going to say Steve !!! AT least it won't hurt if you walk into a covered beam lol !!!

Lets see some pictures though !!!!

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