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Tri-icicle Race 23 Oct 2016


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Ladies and Gentlemen we have another sailing event that you may wish to enter, watch or avoid.

Snowflake Sailing Clubs' Tri Icicle Race 23 October 2016.

Described as a mini 3 Rivers race, it is arranged  for the Sunday and only during daylight hours. The most crowded point will be the start with up to 50 boats in several fleets at 5 minute intervals.

 It should start at Horning sailing club at 10 o'clock, racing to turning points at somewhere before Acle Bridge and Potter Heigham Bridge  then back to the club. It is likely however, unless the wind is absolutely perfect, that the turning points will be somewhat shorter at Oby mill And the dyke to Womack staithe.

For those who wish to view by land, then the only places are the Pubs in Horning,  Horning Church and Waterworks staithes, Thurne Lion Dyke and the long walk across to St Benets moorings.

 For those who wish to view by boat, then any of the ever reducing mooring points on route.

For those wishing to avoid the race by boat, then From HSC and down river for the first hour would be the most crowded points, after that the fleet does get split up and you shouldn't have too much problem.

For those wishing to enter then the entry form is attached


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Just a little bump to allow anyone to watch /avoid/ join in, next weekend.

Current forecast 21-28mph easterly, which is on the upper limit for running the race. Sunshine scattered clouds,

Low water 13:17 (Horning,) so the tide is amost perfect.

Start times and place to be announced at the race briefing, (09:30) but likey with this forecast to be at the club at 10:00 to 10:30

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I seem to remember from the prize giving that a certain CRicko was in the top 5 finishers.

Unfortunately for ourselves,  we didn't do as well as last year when we won our class, this time we were 3rd in class, after a coming together during the race, which dragged Us well past a bouy and three Yeoman passed at that time dropping us to 5th in class for a while. During that problem a lot of other boats that we had already passed getting back in front of us again meaning more work to catch up with the others.

This year there were 45 competitors but it seemed many more, I think due to the lack of wind and shortened course it was very crowded at times.


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31 minutes ago, TheQ said:

it was very crowded at times

It surely was!!

I would also like to thank the majority of other vessels - both hire and private - who were generally calm and good-natured in their avoiding actions when confronted with wall of sails along The Street all pointing in different directions and going nowhere fast.

A cracking day out and congratulations to the Snowflake SC for a great event

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I agree, Ladybird did pass us, we did see the incident The Q mentioned and hope he is alright. It was not Team Chalkhill conditions today, that is not enough wind, the total opposite but a lovely race.  I never take my phone on the white boat but there were so many great photo opportunities missed.  Meeting two wherries, catching up a mass of tacking boats and the number of hire cruisers out was ..... luckily we only saw one of the 40 boats on hire with Herbert Woods from Steyning College unlike a previous year when they just kept coming

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We saw two of the Steyning collage boats but they didn't inconvienence us.

We didn't suffer any damage that we know of, I think when they pass another boat they'll leave a bit more room in future.

You can see the forecast we got in my previous posting,  I arrived at the club for find drizzle and no wind. Thats the way it stayed, the briefing at 09:30 was a postponement, the wind? it started after 10:00 and a briefing at about 10:15 stated that we would start at the Horning waterworks at 11:00.
So we all paddled out to grab a tow to the waterworks(thanks to the Scouts for ours, but due to various problems, such as a sailing cruiser with another strapped alongside and towing a couple of keelboats had it's outboard cut out for a while. The preparitory signal was at 11:00 and the first of I think 9 starts was 11:10. By this time no Drizzle and it was brightening up into a nice day!!
Due to the very light wind with a late start, the bouy down river was just round the corner at the far end of the straight from Thurne Mouth, and the Up river bouy on the Thurne was just round the corner past the Thurne Lion dyke.

The lack of wind and shortended  race meant that it was actually very crowded, it's a good job we don't use the Ant for the Tri-Icicle.

Strangely there was A hire cruiser of 35 to 40ft moored stern on in the bushes halfway up the straight between the corner up river of Horning church and the next corning most odd and inconvienent!!

So appologies for all those we inconvienenced during the race.

During the way back through the trees often we were only going forward with the tide. 

Sorry about the strange formatting I don't know what has just happened

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