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P&S Upgrade


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My trusty 1D Mk111 (the non focusing issue version ;) ) is great for dedicated photography mainly fast moving but for boating and general day to day a Ixus has been my chosen weapon which does what it says on the tin. However over the last year shots that could have been better with a bit more manual intervention had got me thinking about an upgrade.

After research I have gone for the new Canon G11. Robust and with plenty of scope for more creativity a shiny package arrived yesterday :teddy:

I have not had much time to get used to it but a quick stroll today had me loading this to my pocket.

So far I am very impressed with the ease of use and image quality. I am interested to see that the pixel count has actually gone backwards on this model from the G10 to reduce higher ISO noise. This has been an area I always thought would be an issue for manufacturers in the ever increasing chase to higher pixel counts. The logic of Algorithms says that noise will increase as pixel count goes up with the rider the bigger the sensor the less effect it will have.

Anyway the G11 has in relation to FF sensor models a small sensor but for a P&S this ticks the boxes for me.

I will report more when I have had a better opportunity to use it but a couple of snaps from today.






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Having been watching the G11 with interest Perry as we previously discussed. I will certainly be interested in how you get on. Trouble is these days I use the SLR so much there is little justification for buying a P&S and when I do need one Susan's little pocket one generally does the trick.

My old Sony V1 from the days when Sony made compacts for enthusiasts is still soldiering on as well and, frankly, its meagre 5MP is more than enough for the work I give it (and IQ wise it beats the socks off Susan's Sony W120 which itself one the budget P&S group challenge at DPR) but you do see quite a difference when you ramp up the ISO. I think the manufacturers have made quite a bit of progress there since it came out in 2003.

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Thanks SB exactly the reason I have a P&S. It is the difference between getting a shot on the boat and not.

For dedicated Photo sessions it is the 1DMk111 for me but general boating etc it is the P&S as around 3kgs of camera and lens is a bit to much to manage helming :?

The colours on the Mallard are fine but as you will see the shutter speed was too low, all part of getting used to a new camera.

I colleague of mine swears by his G9.

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