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Gliding This Morning


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Thanks to Nicola I went gliding  this morning.It was my first  time  may not be my last.Really was great the instructor  let me have a go,she said I did a very good turn.

A couple  of pics. The glider was borrowed from Norfolk. It's a bit haze in the distance is the coast. If you have not done it give it a go.





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I did an air experience flight back at the end of the 80s. I`d always wanted to have a go when i was younger, and living in Mid Kent at the time, drove up to Challock where the club is based, and did it there and then. I had an air tow to 1,500ft, and when the pilot released the tow cable, if felt like we going to come to a standstill and fall out of the sky. When the pilot told me that was normal and there`s no need to worry, i settled down and enjoyed the view, and took control for a couple of turns. It was an amazing experience, and one i`d recommend anyone to do. 

Before i climbed into the cockpit, he told me to "strap this on" which was a parachute, but at no time did iget ANY instruction on how to use it, something i think has changed now though.

We have a gliding club down here in Dorset not far from bovington tank museum, and our site services manager at work has his own glider there and flies regularly. I might ask him if they do these air experience flights there, as i would`nt mind another go.

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Ian glad you enjoyed it. Did mine back in Feb and the pilot wouldn't let me have my phone or go pro to hand in case I dropped them and they jammed the pedals!!

had a day like yours which was amazing as before and after the weather was rubbish. 

Stuart they do get warm, but there are plenty of drafts to keep you fresh. Even in Feb I wasnt cold but that may have been adrenaline!!

the parachute was a scare. I did get some instruction, but getting out in the first place might have meant going down with the glider!!!

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I’m  pleased that you enjoyed your flight.


A glider is safer that a powered aircraft … If you don’t have an engine then it cannot fail!


The Dorset gliding club does do trial lessons (see: http://www.dorsetglidingclub.co.uk/dgc/). Give it another go!


It’s not so much that the pedals may jam, but there are several control rods running under or adjacent to the seats, and quite often the control column (or “stick”) disappears through a smallish hole in the floor ahead of you, where loose articles could easily drop and cause a problem.  There is also the possibility that a heavy object could get thrown about if it is at all turbulent. That might injure you or damage the Perspex (costing many hundreds of pounds!).

Finally the parachute:  It is there to save your life in very exceptional circumstances.  The seats are sculpted to allow for a parachute, so the space would have to be filled with a big cushion if you didn’t wear one.  If you did need to use it then it is unlikely that the glider would be flying straight and level, so “getting out” may not be difficult!


As Baitrunner said, there are usually several fresh air vents which can be opened if required.  A more common problem on longer flights is being too cold because it (usually) gets colder as you go higher at a rate of about 1.5 or 2 degrees C per thousand feet.

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Not true!  The engine is normally active in flight and it contains lots of "bits" that can go wrong.  So there is a significant potential for failure and most powered aircraft do not glide particularly well.  A glider is designed to fly without the engine.  It  is designed to land in fields and (you hope) the pilot is well practised at landing without the help of an engine.  Most power pilots will have had a go at "practice forced landings" but will probably never have done one for real.

A parachute is like a life jacket:  Most of the time it would appear to be unnecessary, but when you need it you will be glad that you have one!

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8 hours ago, Wildfuzz said:

I might have to give this here lark a try, I have done micro light and powered in the past, even jumped out of one (for charity) so this goes on the bucket list........

Lunatic.  Anybody who jumps out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft, and relying on little more than a bedsheet,for fun is barking mad.

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10 hours ago, MauriceMynah said:

You mean like those who turn off a perfectly serviceable angine and use the bedsheet for propulsion instead.

I have to admit John, i do like sailing, but in open waters around the coast. I`d be completely knackered if tacking a million times going from Gt Yarmouth to Thurne mouth, and also having to lower the mast and restep it for Acle bridge?, not now, i`ve got an engine to do all the work lol.

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I had done my gliding lesson at the same place of Kent Gliding,  2 years ago and it was a great experience. 

My little legs made it hard to get in and out of the glider and even Ian (Chelsea14Ian) has long legs and it was fun for him.

It is fun and I would recommend to give it a go :hardhat:.


Marina :Stinky


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Stuart yes there are vents  for me it was not hot still a life time in kitchens  helps.I was told and shown how to use the hanky. It was a great feeling will have another  go. Next  up thanks to Alan fixed wing on the 15th  next month

We try not to get the flying bug!

Ian(tally ho)

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