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Christmas Lights


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And there are two channels of continuous Christmas movies on the TV right now! Surely one of 'em could be dedicated to something interesting, like sailing, fishing and the broads?

17 minutes ago, Hylander said:

God help us!!!

It was all his fault in the first place!

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17 minutes ago, Gracie said:

I have just purchased my first Christmas present for the boys and got tins of sweets

Just for the pesky one's....... MERRY CHRISTMAS :naughty: :party2:xmas2 xmas6

And I didn't start it either :angel:


But, Gracie, you are the first to mention Christmas presnts, even admitting to having bought one!! It's only October 2nd!

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1 hour ago, Hylander said:

Seeing how everything but everything is changed these days,   could we have Christmas every other year please then I might , may be , might be ready for it.

No, but I do think it should be moved to the middle of the summer when the shops are not so busy.

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I liked listening to the musical Christmas lights as I walked down the corridors of the shopping centre.'.......



It was in the Shula shopping centre in Saudi Arabia, good job the locals don't know the words to the tunes!!!!

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2 hours ago, MauriceMynah said:

Seasons greetings!

Christmas lights.jpg

What came to mind on seeing this was the character who was in The Booze Cruise , he was a rather Jack the Lad who thought he was God's gift ( he should have asked for the receipt and got  a refund ) and the long suffering old chap next door ( ex George and Mildred).   It was the kind of thing he would have done.

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