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The Ten Most Common Errors


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Ok, this post is rather a result of another thread that's drifted on to Bow Thrusters and their value. Link that with the number of times we are asked by novices how to do things and we come to this point.

It was mentioned that some people try to steer their boat by using the bow thruster. It wouldn't be unreasonable for a novice to think it a perfectly reasonable thing to do..... until  he finds it doesn't work and rams Broad Ambition, making Griff cross!

So one contender for the top ten could be "Trying to steer using the bow thruster."

I'm trying to avoid things like "Going too fast past moored boats" because although it shouldn't happen that's down to thoughtlesness rather than an error,  whilst tossing in the mudweight without tying it to the boat first although an error wouldn't help the novice because it's too obvious.

Being moored on a linier mooring and trying to leave it by just steering into the river, not realising that it won't work because the stern keeps pushing the bow back in is more the thing I'm after. We may end up with several lists ranging from the "Doh" moments to the " Well well well, I never knew that" ones.

Not only might these lists help newbies to boating, they might also raise a bit of a laugh with old hands remembering the damned fool things they've done.

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1.Trying to moor up with the tide and a force 5 behind you.

2. Tying the bow so tight you wonder why the stern will not come along side even with all the crew pulling on the warp.

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Have to say I did that recently. Have to say that was the first time. 

Have seen many times,the person  at the wheel trying to moor on there own.Thats okay however rope in hand the boat still going  forward jump off and try to stop  the  boat.Then the crew appear.Captain jumps back on the boat crew jump  off to moor.Why not get the crew  to stand  by in the  first place?


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Leaving the drive in gear whilst having hopped off to attend to the mooring lines

Stepping onboard after a good DTS with tooooooo much confidence and bravado

Cast off then checked and realised you have a crew member short

Cast off only to find you have one crew member extra!

Cast off then checked and realised one's dog is still on the bank

Cast off then realised you are going in the totally wrong direction


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"I'm trying to avoid things like "Going too fast past moored boats" because although it shouldn't happen that's down to thoughtlesness rather than an error."
Mostly I would agree with that but I see far too many 'helmspersons' who seem totally unaware of the wash they are creating with their speed. That goes for private and hire. IMO going too fast has to be included as the more it gets mentioned the more it will be taken on board :hardhat: surely?? Maybe something along the lines of 'being unaware of the boats you've washed onto the quayside because you're going too fast'. 
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Ok, Try this for size.

Imagine a sheet of A4, on the first side is a list of the top ten mistakes easily made whilst on the back just one paragraph on each mistake and the reason it's wrong.

A second sheet has the top ten 'Don'ts' and again on the back of the sheet the 'why not's'

The third sheet could have the more obvious pitfalls, and the forth the top ten tips.

If this was formatted carefully, it could be printed out in a manner where the user (or even the hirefleet) could keep it to hand for novices. It could be kept on the forum in a place easily found. The trick is to make it very concise and clear, perhaps even illustrated with cartoons. The overall format might not be as I have just suggested, but the concept is I believe possibly useful. pointing out to novices what mistakes other people make. :)

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