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Shorepower At Moorings

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Hi All


I'm pretty sure there must be information on here but I can't seem to find it. We're planning a trip up north this week and given the time of year, we're hoping to keep warm. I know most of the spots with shorepower in the south but Is there an up to date list of shorepower equiepped moorings ( both BA and others ) which includes the northern rivers?

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Hi dnks34. Thanks for posting. That's the one I had found but didn't seem to be up to date with some I know of being missing. 

Thanks Alan that seems to be a more up - to - date edition. I'm assuming it is the most recent. It seems to lump the card outlets together with the electric points. Am I reading it wrong? Do you know if every location listed is an electric point?

EDIT having re-read it seems not. For example it lists Acle Bridge but AFAIK there's not electric point there

Does anyone know of a list which is specific to electricity points and also includes private provides ?



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Hi William,

As well as the B.A. electric posts on the Southern Rivers, there are a number of private electric points or yacht station facilities.

These are all the points I know of:-

Oulton Broad at the Yacht Station

Beccles Yacht Station

Waveney River Centre

Someleyton B.A posts

Reedham B.A. posts

Loddon Staithe B.A. posts

Beauchamp Arms will provide power

Rockland St Mary Staithe B.A. posts

Coldham Hall

Ferry House Inn

Brammerton Green B.A posts

Waters Edge

Whitlingham Country Park B.A. posts

Norwich Yacht Station







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Hi Paul, 

I think you will find that all the private electric posts other than the B.A. cards are different, many have the name of the location on them but they look very similar to the B.A. cards.

Most of the electric post card readers after putting the credit on the post punch the card with 3 small pips to indicate the card is used.


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Thanks all for your help. I reckon we've enough to be going on with. If I find anything missing from the above and the links, I will post an update on our return. Might it be good to have a sticky on this subject somewhere? 


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