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Bridgestones Of Potter

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Had a great meal at Bridgestones On 24th September 

2 of us had fish & chips, the portions were large and cooked to order and were really lovely 

1 only wanted a sandwich which was really tasty and came with salad

The staff were really friendly and attentive.

My fish broke on the plate (it was so large) when it was put down in front of me. The waiter who turned out to be the owners son wanted to do another....... I declined the offer with thanks, I was going to cut it up and eat it anyway but it was nice to see the attention to detail.

the prices were very reasonable, around £27.00 for the above plus drinks.

A nice start to our holiday.

Highly recommended.

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I am pleased that Potter Heigham has something more to offer, it should attract more people, hopefully the rest of the area can now be developed. 

Lathams attracts loads of visitors by car, so what is Potter Heigham missing now? An evening venue for drinks and food maybe,  but the problem is, there are a limited amount of customers from the moored boats. After 6:00 pm Potter is like a ghost town. Some walk the 10-15 minutes to the Falgate, no wonder the Broads Tavern has struggled in the past. 

What is to become of the Tavern? if it is to remain a pub, it has to attract customers from further afield. 

Am I right in thinking there is no overnight accomodation in Potter, maybe a couple of B&B's if you search hard.

What if they illuminated the bridge at night from the bypass side, make it look open for business, passers by will soon take the detour to have a look. So bring on a new pub, (from the ground up). lol

Do the owners of the car parks in Potter, allow casual parking after 6:00 pm ?

Potter has a lot going for it, but it needs more investment to thrive. 


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Knowing how cash strapped the local authority is, I don't think you will see this happen in our lifetime, but... if there was a meter a £1 for a couple of hours illumination, I would gladly contribute to that, as we would be one of a few that would get through the bridge to see it lol...

I really think it would work, especially with cheap to run LED lighting.

Warm white to a yellow light would enhance the stonework.

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I absolutely love Potter, we always spend time there, having a good look round Lathams, even that little old bridge is stunning, a decent pub on the river there would be the icing on the cake (oh lordy, did I mention the cake)

We moored in HW for water and supplies and had lunch at Bridgestones, the food was lovely as was the staff and surroundings, the cake, we took some away to have on the boat with a coffee later, wow, trying to do my jeans up later was a bit of a struggle lol, all home made and to die for

As for the run up to HW with the little chalets and gardens, lovely, what's not to like about Potter



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Oh deary me, the Pesky one is back, thank goodness :kissI have missed you

Clambering on and off a boat in a mini skirt is not very lady like or becoming, I once got off the boat and into a dinghy at Ranworth to row over to the pub, wearing a little summer dress, never again, getting back on the boat was even worse but after a couple of glasses I didn't care so much :facepalm:certainly not lady like and yes im indoors took some photos and no I'm not showing any of you lot lol

Alan, the last time we used that chippy was literally the last time, a bit yukky to say the least


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