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Not A Boat : A Camper Van!


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Susie and I are looking to up-date our old camper van (well known to regulars of the Buck in Thorpe), but with the lamentable state of the Pound just now, I am going to try and find one in England.

Out here we have a site called "le bon coin" where everyone sells everything, from satellite dishes to septic tanks, which is how we found our present van.

It will need to be of French make and left hand drive, for ease of re-registration in France. Can anyone tell me the websites that I should be looking at, and the names of any dealers in the Norfolk area who may have something suitable?

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Vaughan, there are few on here - http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/list/3532/camper-vans.html?keyword=left+hand+drive

My outlaws have just bought a new van and most of the dealers they went to - both local and afar - seem to mainly have RHD models. I think you will have to hunt around quite a bit to get what you want in a left hooker.

I remember years ago they used to sell old VW camper vans down on the Southbank opposite Waterloo station. The Ozzie students used to come over and buy one, tour round for a few months and then sell it on before they went home. Guess it was cheaper than using public transport/taxis and hostels/hotels while they were here. It was mad seeing a street full of camper vans for sale.

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The Ashby Passion Wagon will be sorely missed at The Buck. It was a bit like the flag flown at a royal palace when her Majesty was in residence.

The new vehicle, I trust, will be in keeping with tradition, nothing too ostentatious, in keeping with the iconic skip we have all known as part of Thorpe St Andrews legacy.

Old Wussername.


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So here it is!








I have just got back here, having left Monday by train, met the broker on Tuesday afternoon, bought it, caught the ferry from Newhaven on Wednesday morning and got back here yesterday, just after lunch. It already has 1200 km on the clock since I bought it.

My grateful thanks to all of you who suggested websites I could look at, and the prize goes to Broadscot! His suggestion led me on to Motorhomes.com, which is a brokerage, not a dealer, which means you can buy from a private owner, but with the assistance and advice of a broker.

I can recommend it!

Look out for this thing when you pass the Buck in Thorpe this December, and come and join me for a pint!

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Thank you all very much for your good wishes. They are very much like boats and in fact, boatbuilders have always had a keen interest in camper vans, as they are so good at using every little space for something. In boats there is usually more room so we get a bit lazy about building the furniture.

It is also important to get one with a turbo engine as they are very heavy vehicles and it makes a great difference when pulling up long hills. I reckon it took at least 2 hours off the length of my journey on Thursday.

It is a bit older than I had planned for, but it has all the features we were looking for, especially the fixed rear bed, so there was no point in spending more. It cost less than half what we had budgeted for, so maybe my idea of buying a boat on the Broads next year now sounds a bit more likely!


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We bought a motorhome in August. Absolutely love it. It's 30 years old but done just 36,000 miles and is in good shape for her year. It has enabled our family to get away on much needed breaks over the summer holidays (and even last weekend) as running a boat hire business, we're busiest when the children are off school and with three children, it had become impossible to get any time away. Now we can just *grab* a few days here and there. 

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